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For one of the nation's largest banks and a leading issuer of consumer credit, we produced many control packages through a process of repackaging their presentations and renaming their products.
When Barron's launched a redesigned format, they retained us to introduce the magazine's cleaner, crisper look. The Financial Times is one of the world's most trusted and authoritative sources of business information. This internet-based provider of term life insurance came to First Looks to create a stream of 14 different emails to "touch" leads who had requested a rate quote but had not yet applied. The Journal had tested, tested, tested against a control that just kept winning, winning and winning.
As one of the worlda€™s largest and most respected media publishers, Conde Nast attracts 95 million readers to their print and digital brands. As an international leader in mobile marketing solutions, Amdoc's entry in the American market was to promote itself via partnership with established service providers. Bank One was the fourth largest automotive finance company in the USA, providing commercial credit for dealers and retail credit for customers either buying or leasing a car.
When Browne was ready to bring their new print-on-demand capability to market, they wanted a creative execution that demonstrated how highly personalized communication could be integrated with pre-printed educational material, fact sheets and enrollment forms. What better way to motivate company employees to attend a series of 401(k) investment seminars than to cut through the typical solemnitya€”and have some fun with it! For Mainstay Investments, part of New York Life, we developed major new marketing programs for their Simple IRA product. As the nation's leading victim assistance organization, Safe Horizon serves more than 350,000 people each year. The strength and success of the Trump Brand extends itself to his private golf clubs throughout America. Extending one of America's strongest brands into select markets within the education, hospitality and corporate America sectors, First Looks helps with both direct and non-direct programs.
Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind range hood masterpieces define the artisan products of this New Jersey manufacturer. For the fastest-growing motorcycle insurance company in America, First Looks re-branded this forty-year-old institution. Capitalizing on its 100th anniversary, Carrier Clinic, the largest private mental health system in New jersey, chose First Looks. Creditek, the country's leading accounts receivable outsourcing firm, wanted to "go public." First we gave them a new corporate identity, then created a national advertising campaign backed by extensive collateral, website content, multimedia presentations, and trade show booth design and sales materials. For one of the largest commercial painting and flooring companies in the Northeast, First Looks has helped Fromkin enter the online environment to market their specialized services to the healthcare, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries in the tri-state area. Addressing a new market for specialized services within the real estate industry, we helped launch a new company into this new business sector. Integrated marketing helps LLOYD's retain its position as one of the strongest independent retail furniture business in New Jersey.
As one of the leading millwork facilities in the tri-state area, New Jersey Hardwoods has catered to the weathy consumer and business clientele for over 25 years. One of New Jersey's highest-ranking golf clubs is continuing to strengthen its marketing profile in both the highly competitive private and public golf enviorments. A New Jersey institution for more than 45 years, The Bethwood banquet facility retained First Looks to completely repackage their marketing and communication programs. Central Jersey's newest banquet and conference center is a combination of strengths from the Janus Corporation in Columbus, Ohio and the RHD Development Company in South Plainfield. As part of Carrier Clinic, the largest behavioral healthcare system in New Jersey, Blake Recovery Center needed a separate brand to better position itself to those suffering from drug and alcohol issues. With two locations in central New Jersey, and a rich heritage of over 40 years of service, Britlanda€™s re-branding program served as a small business success story for First Looks.
Ever gaze at the construction of those theme cakes and wonder, "how did they do that?" These answers and more are found at Haute So Sweet.

One of America's most beloved seashore cities is continuing its impressive renaissance with the work of aggressive city and community leaders, aided with award-winning marketing programs from First Looks. Combining the communications needs of the Mayor's Office, the Department of Services and the Board of Education, a yearly calendar becomes much more than a listing of weeks and months.
New housing, new businesses, new parks, new schools and improved infrastructure are all helping turn Americaa€™s first seaside resort into an exciting year-round city. A central New Jersey city is rejuvenating and reinvigorating itself by increasing the membership in its Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) programa€”by sponsoring special events that generate additional revenue for city businessesa€”and marketing itself to new retail and business prospects. As one of the fastest growing cities in New Jersey, Passaic now boasts a 50% increase in retail sales, due in large part to successful initatives from an active UEZ department and targeted marketing projects produced by First Looks.
A rich heritage mixed with exciting new Cuban and Latino influences is re-defining what an old New Jersey industrial town can be. A music festival structured around an economic stimulus for area business now has become an annual event in Orange, NJ. As one of New Jerseya€™s preeminent hospitals, Overlooka€™s One Hundred Centennial was an occasion needing a separate marketing effort.
The introduction to an American audience of a new furniture line from Great Britain greeted selected patrons during the private evening affair.
Combining the artistic attractions of three of Monmouth County's coastal communities, First Looks produced the premier presentation of the TriCity Arts Tour.
Our current control has not only won in pure response, but also by more that 13% on a cost per booked account basis. With Barron's readers already consistently beating the major indices, our mailing focused on how the new and better Barron's could help subscribers even more.
FT turned to us to create sophisticated direct mail that dramatized howa€”unlike other publications that are widening their content with something for everybodya€”FT narrows in on the news and intelligence discriminating readers need to make informed, educated decisions. By marketing their full line of Italian coffee and state-of-the-art espresso machines, we are helping promote their home delivery program throughout America.
Each successive message built on the one before, reinforcing the importance of acting quickly to lock in the lowest rate possible.
Back to basicsa€” first time out we developed a simple #10 "Check" package with a valuable safety paper look and the promise of major saving. First Looks creates many successful email programs that help to increase response rates for many different activities from initial subscription to online payments. First Looks helped package this program aimed at penetrating the young urban achiever market by using multiple variables of content downloads, area and zip codes. We developed their first national advertising campaign, then supported it with sales collateral, direct mail, trade show exhibits and dealer-directed promotions. Working with Bowne and Xerox Technology, we developed a product that showed the country's leading providers of defined contribution plans just how persuasivelya€”and personallya€”investment opportunities could be presented to company employees. Department of Transportation, NTI is chartered with the important task of educating and training America's transit workers. A large part of their success is partnering with American corporate giants to address the issue of domestic violence in the workplace. His crown jewel, Trump National, had First Looks help in re-positioning the club from a "clubby-male" platform into a "family-centric" platforma€”thus increasing its appeal to female target groups.
This includes print, web and collateral communications promoting both the print and online products. A corporate identity, a website and a direct package have now positioned this new offspring as a valuable resource to the growing population of homeowners defaulting on mortgage payments. Ongoing print advertising (magazine and newspaper) is complimented by cable television, radio, eCommerce website, outdoor boards, direct mail and special events. Samples of their "works of art" and services can now be appreciated by the consumers who visit their recently finished website.
First looks created a new corporate positioning for Royce Brook, supported by an extremely active web site, new print campaigns and direct maila€”making Royce Brook the club to join in central New Jersey!

Activities include: upgrading their image, maximizing profit centers and expanding their target audiences.
With contemporary sophistication and elegance, The Imperia is now enjoying its entrance into competitive marketing with a program utilizing collateral and offline advertising. Starting with a new logo and a new website, First Looks added a homepage film, plus a full collection of informative and educational online videos.
Activities included: new outdoor campaign, new cable commercials, new print collateral and a new website. With a roll-out marketing program aimed for New York City, this custom cake bakery soon enjoyed page one rankings on Google and enjoyed winning awards for both their new custom logo and tasty new website. Projects include print campaigns, outdoor, collateral, direct mail and internal activities. This "tool" is helping different administrations save money year after year by combining several different publications into one. First Looks initial job was to package this unprecedented success story into a marketable message aimed at new business leaders throughout the northeast. First Looks is helping to capitalize and package this exciting momentum, producing projects that include cable TV, outdoor signage, collateral and a totally new bilingual website. With national marque stars draw for the citizens, First Looks named and packaged the event using cable TV, radio, outdoor advertising, the web, direct mail and print advertising both to solidify business enrollment and consumer attendance. First Looks provided the initial logo representation of the event, plus the accompanying support materials to communicate effectively to the targeted community. With Paul Burrel, personal butler and confidant to Princess Diana as the eveninga€™s main attraction, First looks promoted this private affair via conventional direct mail and personalized email by its sponsor, LLOYDa€™S Home Furnishings.
From initial marketing of sponsorship sign-ups, internal online and offline public relations, to broad-based communications via web and newspapera€”the cities of Asbury Park, Long Branch and Red Bank solidified themselves as serious players in the performing arts in New Jersey. The strategy was to create direct mail programs with a new look and energy that captured modern people in their prime. The email campaign was supported by complementary direct mail, telemarketing and internet banner advertising. With different formats that each dramatized why The Hartford was AARP's educated choice for value and dependability, our client succeeded with back-to-back new controls. When this S&P 500 company decided to reinvent its marketing efforts to persuade members to fill their maintenance prescriptions through the mail rather than at retail, they chose First Looks to create new direct mail that dramatized saving, convenience and accuracy. Employees were invited to attend the red-hot seminars, performing smash hits like "Money, Money, Money!" and "Match Me Up!" The series, produced nationwide, "played" to standing-room-only audiences.
Bus, rail, subway and ferry employees are trained via seminars and conferences held around the country. Our communication programs positioned them to Fortune 500 CEOs to help promote the cause, address the need, and lead initiatives to educate their employees in domestic violence as it affects their workplace. The core, being a new website, then expanded to cable, radio, outdoor, transit, print and internet. And with advertising for the new "French Shop", LLOYD's family of successful retail establishments is about to add another jewel.
Another perfect example of what our First Looks Business Signature services does and what it can achieve.
First Looks helps with the preparation of the collateral material used and the packaging of its original material.
Collateral and trade show components help promote their substance abuse treatment center as well as their adolescent school and hospital.

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