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Every serious online advertiser understands the need for tracking the performance of his promotions for an every day basis to find Success With Banner Ads.
Your ability to succeed with banner advertising isn’t yet confirmed just by using a great looking advertising and posting everything over internet for optimum exposure and clicks.
In the world of online advertising, most banner ads show an average CTR (click-through-rate) of about 4%-5%.
Evaluate your ads for maximum return rather than just evaluating them for maximum click-through-rate (CTR). Internet technology has brought a tremendous change in marketing and advertising strategies employed by companies both big and small just as it has impacted other areas of business world. Importance of advertising has acquired new dimensions today because the world we live in has very short attention span.
With economy in doldrums world over, high cost of advertising can prove detrimental to any business.
In today’s world, working smart is nudging out working hard faster than most of us realize. While ads on these newspapers and magazines reach only to restricted number of people for a short period of time, online ads are timeless and valid as long as a product or services is there.
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Cassandra BautistaHollywood Small Business ExaminerCassandra Bautista is currently a freelance writer on Hollywood's music scene, fashion industry, small businesses, and dining in Hollywood. Colossal data breach of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail: Culprit brags on hacker forumsA data breach on Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has millions of users’ passwords and usernames in the wrong hands.
World Naked Gardening Day: Get in touch with your inner hippy this SaturdayThis weekend is the best time to get in touch with your inner hippy because May 7 is the 12th Annual World Naked Gardening Day.
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Cassandra works in entertainment, volunteers at KPFK Los Angeles radio station, is a moderator of family, relationship, and ethnic online groups.
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Currently Cassandra is a legal studies student, coordinating a fashion show, and is managing upcoming music artists. If the results are not up to your expectations within this time frame, discard the original ad and begin with a new version of it.
Exit Traffic Tool When a user leaves your site, pop up our Exit Traffic tool and ask your user to register to win a prize. She is a recipient of over 18 scholarships that include the Black Woman's Task Force, Asian and Pacific Islander Association, Hispanic Honor Society, and the Arizona Republic Newspaper.
Cassandra enjoys church, writing poetry, dancing, singing, traveling, meeting new friends and spending time with her daughter.
Cassandra has worked for the AZ Attorney General as a Civil Rights Compliance Officer, active in her community, and dedicated to her past students and clients.

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