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Banner advertising over the internet is one of the effective ways of marketing your product. Banner ads are nothing but an integration of media with your messages to attract the customers towards your website and make a conversion. After a marketer has placed his banner ads over a website the traffic that the site receives will watch the banner ads. These animation effects can instantly grab the attention of the visitor therefore increasing the chances of conversions. If the banner ad that had placed is impressive and interesting enough to attract the viewers then they will click on it to know more about the offer that you are promoting over your banner.

Though the animation is necessary in banner ads it is not more important than the content present over the banner.
Through this way the viewers will be redirected towards your site and they will try to make a purchase if you provide them with further details about the product or the offer that was being made. Generally, the web sites that has high number of traffic, allow some of their web spaces for displaying ads.
Marketers who wish to grab some of the traffic from the website will try to compete with other people to place their banner over these high traffic receiving sites. Try to place your banner always above the old of the page (the fold is the section of the website that is visible without scrolling down).

Once your banner is placed over these sites you will have some of that traffic diverted towards your website and thus increasing the sale of your product.

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