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First and foremost, like all business and marketing tools, a landing page is all about giving the exact precise information a potential client may need combined with effective and attractive design. Landing pages should effectively grab the attention of the user and provide a good user experience so the visitors don’t shy away from the click of a button or misleading or incorrect information. This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. Below are some best design pay per view (PPV) and pay per click (PPC) landing page design to boost your marketing campaign with quality leads and sales. If you want to achieve maximum conversion then you need to select a great ppv landing page design to promote your campaign and give it a good feel.
You can use our PPV landing page design to promote your offer, drive traffic to your website and gain conversion. Discount is valid on Landing Page Design, Responsive Landing Page Design, PPV Landing Page Design, Website Template PSD as well asHTML Website Template. 45+ Creative Landing Page Templates Home RSS Site Map Home blogs books design Developer development fonts freebies inspiration resources Technology Tools Ultils Uncategory web design wordpress 45+ Creative Landing Page Templates Posted by: member Jan 13, 2014 in design A landing page, in online marketing, is a single web page appearing after an internet user clicks an online advertisement or a search engine optimized search result.
A sponsorship graphic or banner ad, to the landing page designed specifically in addressing your target audience. A sidebar or blog post link to the page pre-selling affiliate products or encouraging internet visitors to opt in to your email list.
Those looking for responsive templates usually use this because they are able to have more traffic from the millions of users who use mobile devices. You will love this because it comes with PSD files which enable you to create a customized landing page. This is one of the best responsive templates, in addition to having an extra inner page with menu and sidebar. In addition to having a good responsive layout, this template has 3 colors that can be set up without any problem.
You will always increase your online sales through this creative landing page because it comes with various colors, making it to be ideal for corporate sites.
In addition to being viewed easily through desktop computers, this can be used as a mobile landing page. This is a landing page with a professional-looking one-page, smooth-scrolling layout that makes it possible for your visitors to reading your content without having problem with mouse clicks.
If you need responsive templates, you should use this, and with the PSD files included, you can always create a customized website with your company logo and other things which distinguish you.
This has menu for inner pages and filterable portfolio with lightbox, making it to be one of the most downloaded mobile landing pages in the world. Those who need responsive templates always choose this because they can easily get more traffic from mobile users.. Those who need responsive templates always choose this because the design is based on the ZURB Foundation framework. In addition to the HTML5 and CSS3 coding, this is the right mobile landing page for anybody who wants to makes more sales and leads within a short time, and easily.
Super Agency is one of the best landing page templates because there are 3 pages included for you. The responsive layout of this creative landing template is one of the things which make some people to regard it as the best in the world. This is a professional landing page that will meet your needs, thanks to the jQuery full-screen slider and the CSS3 and HTML5 code.

The CSS transition slideshow really makes this template to stand out when promoting your products online. This HTML landing template makes it possible for you to create a custom landing page, thanks to the PSD files attached. With the 12 color schemes of this template, you can easily create the type of landing page you want. This responsive template comes with a lot of features like pricing tables, custom accordion and 16 color variations for designing your page. This template is compatible with browsers starting from IE8, in addition to the layered elements PSD file for creating a unique page. Most people love this because of the responsive design, and comes with a working contact form to enable you to receive feedback from your potential customers. With this template, you will enjoy a simple email signup form, high-converting layout, jQuery image slider and W3C valid code. This is a full-screen landing page template that will help you to easily sell your products. With this HTML landing template, you will enjoy an attractive jQuery slider, with LightBox 2 enabled. There are two types of sliders with this template, and your visitors will still enjoy smooth navigation. This gives you some cool CSS3 fade effects and some call-to-action buttons to improve sales. This is a creative landing template because it comes with pricing tables and a custom jQuery slider. In addition to the testimonial cycling, this template comes with 12 HTML files, valid HTML code and Cufon font replacement.
This is one of the best landing page templates because it has interactive rollover buttons, images with lightbox and integrated social icons. Those are the best landing page templates for you, as they provide the customized sales pitch for your visitor, after you have considered who the person is and where he is from.
UI Kits, Templates and Snippets, built with Bootstrap, that will speed up your front-end development. We have put together a list of useful free bootstrap landing pages templates for you to choose from.
Outline free HTML5 bootstrap template is a ready-to-use one-page template perfect for landing pages but you can actually customize it to suit your needs. Amoeba is one-page site template built from Bootstrap 3 with modern flat style also coming with a lot of ‘premium’ features. This bootstrap is nice and this information i got is really shows a unique and preliminary information with latest advanced technologies.
Therefore, all the principles of design come into play here: the use of negative or blank space, colour, contrast, typography, arrows, pathways and other symbols, bold and catchy designs and photography etc. This page helps in displaying a sales copy which is directed – doing this as a logical extension of the search result, link or advertisement. This is often sent to multiple optimized landing pages based on the keywords used by the searcher. If you are looking for web page templates through which your online campaigns can help you to make more sales or have more leads, you should consider some of the ones described below.
Two other features which make it to be popular are the 960 Grid Based Design, and the fact that the template is powered by Bootstrap 2.3.2!

In addition to being jQuery-powered, containing a full screen slider and having 3 HTML pages, landing, About and Privacy pages, there are PSD files for creating a unique landing page.
There are also Prerelease, Landing Page, Blog page and Blog post page layouts, while with the Twitter integration, your visitors can easily share your site with their friends. It is also based on Bootstrap Framework and comes with 6 color schemes to let you have the design desired. The AJAX contact form also makes it possible for potential customers to send feedback to you.
To have better conversion rates, the landing pages are well crafted, different from the usual home page of a site. If the product or service is not highlighted or photographed in an attractive way, it may not result in a sale. In most cases, an internet marketer links to a landing page from social media, search engine marketing campaigns and email campaigns to help in boosting the effectiveness of ads to make site visitors to be converted into leads or sales.
They were created by the best web designers in the industry, and for this reason, you should be encouraged to use them. The included Twitter feed feature also helps your visitors to share the landing page with their friends.
Another good thing about the landing pages is that they do not provide too many or unnecessary distractions in the form of links, so that you do not lose your visitors before they even read the message you have for them. So this means that the landing page should not have any global navigation to link it to your principal website.
That’s all you need, other than a little help from us of course, to get you creating a landing page.
It is vital to keep the visitor on the page and not let anything deviate their attention away from the page, especially not to another webpage!
Similarly, if the design and information presented is not catchy, visitors may be unpleasantly distracted. Through the analysis of the activity generated by the URL linked, the marketer is able to use the conversion rate and click-through rates in determining how successful an advertisement is. The important reason for this is to limit the options that are available for your visitors, this way they will not be distracted from your exclusive conversion goal.
But a download page with one Call to Action for conversion and an exclusive goal is a landing page. In our showcase today, we are sharing some free and premium landing page templates with you. So to avoid this from happening, look down below for landing page for business website templates, and tell us what you think! Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular as the race in the world of e-marketing increases to a new level. Typically, a landing page, or a lead capture page or a lander, is a webpage that users navigate to after clicking on an advert.

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