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There are so many software packages on the market today, there is no way we could possibly review them all – at least, not in a timely manner.
I call this the foundation information – you have to have a good grasp of this for your business.
Strategy: Create an online presence that projects my expertise and helps those searching find my web site. Create a free tool that your target would appreciate and give it away to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. Remember, each goal may have multiple strategies with several tactics that require different materials and tools. I think that so many owners get overwhelmed by the prospect of business planning because it appears to be very complicated. You’ve managed to break it down to the basics that most should be able to wrap their arms around.
A Marketing plan is something that everyone belives than is a must, but a digital marketing plan is also important. Free Marketing Plan TemplateJoin the thousands of people who have created a winning inbound marketing plan.
Remember this is only a template, you will want to adapt it to fit the needs of your business. A business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) team coordinates responses to individual business concerns, or warning flags (see Step 2), and develops strategies to improve the local business climate. The committee should include four or five individuals with the skills and abilities to help businesses with common business challenges like marketing, accounting, or finance, as well as regulatory issues. Members of the team should be given a copy of the market analysis.  Supplemental information such as detailed demographic reports, lifestyle segmentation profiles, and consumer survey data should also be made available. Warning flags or “red flags” are issues of individual businesses that are a cause for concern and targets of response from the BR&E team.
Other questions in the standardized survey ask business owners about their interest in receiving information resources and business incentive programs, and about challenges they face. A good process to identify warning flags includes setting aside a time in which the whole BR&E team can assess surveys together and discuss appropriate follow up. The worksheet contains two important columns:  (1) level of urgency and (2) organization or person responsible for follow up.
A starting point for any BR&E team offering assistance to individual businesses is getting the market analysis data into their hands, and then helping them apply the information to their operations. When reviewing business surveys, you will find some issues that cut across many businesses and call for strategies that will affect the whole business district. Needless to say, experts do not recommend developing business retention and expansion strategies in a vacuum. An action planning worksheet (see following figure) is a helpful tool the BR&E team can use to implement strategies and move from ideas to action.

About the Toolbox and this SectionThe 2011 update of the Downtown and Business District Market Analysis Toolbox is the product of a collaborative effort involving University of Minnesota Extension, Ohio State University Extension, and University of Wisconsin Extension.
This section includes new methods added by Ryan Pesch and Michael Darger of University of Minnesota Extension and Bill Ryan of University of Wisconsin Extension.
These institutions have collaborated in the 2010 update of the DMA toolbox with assistance from the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.
We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities. Downtown Market Analysis is part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension For Your Information Network. American Saint Hill Organization University of California, Davis George Mason University St. Our basic Lesson Plan Template was originally designed for AppleWorks, which is no more, but we are still offering the files as a free PDF download.
For every goal, what strategy, tactics and supporting materials do I need to achieve that goal?
Once you’ve laid out all of your goals, strategies, tactics and materials with their associated resources and budget, you can then decide what you can do accomplish each month based on your time and budget. Download my complimentary marketing plan and budget spreadsheet template by signing up for my email list. However, in today’s world, your marketing plan must include the digital (or online or inbound) marketing component so if you do traditional marketing as well as online, it all works seamlessly together.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I went through the Masterful Marketing 8 Step Program and found it to be extremely valuable. A marketing calendar assists you in launching your marketing vehicles in a way that can drive you to your goal in a structured and thought-out manner. Too often the sudden closing of a long-time business surprises residents and local officials alike who assume a business is doing fine simply because the doors remain open each day. The primary source of information to identify warning flags is the Business Survey (see Business Survey section of the Toolbox), which includes many questions to identify potential problems.
The team can use the warning flags worksheet (see following exhibit) to organize its thoughts and keep good records to facilitate a timely response.
Local university Extension educators, Small Business Development Center (SBDC) counselors, Main Street program business specialists, Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), chamber of commerce and other public or private small business professionals can provide assistance.  Follow-up can take many forms, ranging from a mailing in response to simple information requests to individual consulting. Some strategies may be simple, such as hosting group workshops to meet community training needs. Instead, the BR&E team should put in place a process that allows businesses and other interested parties to review business survey findings and develop strategies that address issues common to many businesses in the business district.
The update was supported with funding from the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.The toolbox is based on and supportive of the economic restructuring principles of the National Trust Main Street Center.

In addition, this marketing plan presentation template includes optional instructions on how to arrange your presentation content and the predefined graphs, charts and other additional design elements.
You can find the signup form in the sidebar of Masterful Marketing or on my Facebook Business Page. In the article titled Marketing Tool : Creating and Using a Marketing Calendar you learned how to create and use a marketing calendar. Instead, probing business owners about business challenges and future plans offers clues about possible future actions.  Through the market analysis process, and the business survey in particular (see Business Survey section of the Toolbox), you have the opportunity to indentify individual business needs you can act to fill, such as providing more space, addressing financing issues, or providing information resources.
A good practice is to have two team members review each survey.  A viewing by a second set of eyes may uncover issues the first team member did not notice.
A business indicating plans to move to another community in the next six months is clearly an urgent matter in need of immediate attention, whereas interest in historic preservation tax credits may not be as pressing. Others may be more sophisticated, such as forming cooperative purchasing alliances or launching group advertising initiatives.
The process must allow participants time to learn about the business survey findings, brainstorm ideas, and prioritize and choose strategies. The Wisconsin Main Street Program (Wisconsin Department of Commerce) has been an instrumental partner in the development of this toolbox. Paul Matsumoto Longtime Democratic Stalwart Supports Gil Kahele for State Senate Apr 30, 2012 No Comments a€?a€? admin WAIAKEA UKA, HawaiE»i a€“ Mr.
PowerPoint Templates from TemplateMonster are extremely easy to install and cover tons of topics with the stunning design makes it a perfect solution for those who are looking for the best solutions combined presentation. The BR&E team would identify this answer as a warning flag and follow up on details to determine if it could help by modifying an ordinance or zoning codes. The worksheet refers to red, yellow, and blue flags to rate the urgency–standard language in a BR&E program.
The key is to develop strategies consistent with the findings of the market analysis data and business district activities already under way. This may take the form of a half-day retreat with a facilitator or a couple of smaller meetings. The more people are involved with developing the strategies, the more they will be invested implementing the plan to realize their vision. Paul Matsumoto Longtime Democratic Stalwart Supports Gil Kahele for State Senate Home A» Blog A» Mr.
The best people or organizations to handle follow-up are those who can retain the trust and confidentiality of the business owner. Be sure to notify businesses of your intentions to hand off some issues to appropriate resource people or organizations.

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