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What is quite interesting in this player is the feature to convert in real time 2D videos into stereoscopic 3D, even DVD Video and HD clips. The player does not offer a lot of options and the conversion to 3D is almost completely automatic, however you still have control on two things that can roughly be considered to be equivalent of depth and convergence level (the two controls in the right). This is Stalin from India i would like to have the free version of this media player which it can support 3D movies .
Kindly requesting to send em a link to download the software for free initially then i would pay and get the licence version .
I’m not sure after reading this nor the tridef site if the tridef media player actually works on GeForce 3d hardware? Les fonctionnalites de SA Media 3D Player sont multiples et se resument en la possibilite de visualiser vos clips au ralenti, de traiter vos videos afin de supprimer les imperfections et autres.

However you should know that the resulting 3D effect depends on a lot of factors and sometimes it can be better and sometimes it can be worse, but there are some things that you should be aware in order to get better results. This allows you to tweak a bit the results in order to minimize the ghosting in the final video or to improve a bit the stereoscopic 3D effect, but still the rest is done by predefined algorithms.
Using higher resolution and better quality videos does help a lot to provide better conversion results, also using videos with steadier and not too fast paced action usually results in better depth perception. After grabbing the converted video stream with Fraps you should reconvert it to something smaller in size, but have in mind that you should maintain high quality of the video compression in order not to get something with bad quality 3D.
And no matter how good are these algorithms for conversion they are still not perfect and can do mistakes like adding depth where they are not supposed to for instance, although considering they do not require any serious setting up they still manage to do their job quite well and don’t forget that everything is being done in real time.
A usual problem for 2D to 3D conversions are the fast paced trailers that do have a lot of action and switch between too much different scenes very quickly, so you might want to avoid these, but it won’t hurt to try them just in case.

3D CG animation movies are usually Ok when converted in stereoscopic 3D, but working with 2D drawn or cell shaded Anime the effect of depth is not that good, but there are still exceptions. It is simple to use and easy to install, It allows you to open and play an mp4 video file within three click.
You can play FLV and other files, pause, rewind and forward them, create playlists, browse web in search for SWF files it uses, control Flash Local Security and more. You can play, pause, seek the FLV videos and also play them in full screen.- All you need is to simply install this software.

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