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MomTricks › Baby Gear › Mom Tech › You're HereKindle Fire HD Kids Edition: The Best Tablet For Kids!
If you're like me and have a tablet, chances are that your kiddo has wanted to play with it. Recently, Amazon announced their newest tablet, and it's aimed squarely at kids: The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition, which is designed from the ground-up to be perfect for little hands.
We absolutely love this product, but read on to find out why we think this is definitely the best tablet for kids!
There have been a number of tablets released that have been marketed toward children, but most of them are more like toys. One of the best things about this tablet is the guarantee Amazon includes: a 2-year warranty that covers accidental breakage! Included with the tablet is a "Kid-Proof Case" which is designed to be no-slip and add a lot of protection to the tablet. Outside of physically breaking the tablet, another fear parents have is the in-app purchases and movie downloads that kids can accidentally get into, racking up huge credit card bills.
What's also nice is that the tablet can be set to a mode for younger kids that can't read, where they can simply click on the character they want to watch the show.
The built-in parental controls let you set precise limits on how your child uses the tablet. If you're familiar with the Kindle Fire line of tablets, many models include built-in advertising to subsidize the cost and make them cheaper.

With all of the bad "kid" tablets out there, it's refreshing to find one as great as the Fire HD for Kids. There's so much good about this little machine, and if you're looking for a slate for your little guy or girl, you really can't go wrong.
I mean, I can't really blame them: the way you control them with your fingers and the fun little games (hello, Angry Birds!) make them kid magnets. It's also backed with an awesome warranty: even if your kid managed to break it, Amazon will send you a new one, free of charge! They might have a few educational games installed, but at the core, they were slow, outdated tablets and frankly, weren't much fun.
You'll probably be fine with the 6" at the lower price, but the 7" is nicer and easier for kids to hold and use. Tablets are fragile little machines, and although the Fire HD Kids Edition is engineered to withstand drops, accidents can happen. It's made of thick, rubbery plastic, but it doesn't add much weight or bulk to the unit when it's on.
Amazon has alleviated this problem by including 1 free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which gives you access to over 5,000 free kid movies, TV shows, games and educational apps. For example, you can set a limit that disallows playing games for a few hours a day, or until until after 6pm, but allows them to read books on it until 9pm.
Amazon really understands their market, and created an awesome, kid-friendly tablet that isn't just a toy.

Unfortunately, the typical tablet isn't exactly suitable for kids, and one little drop can spell the end of Mr. It's still very easy for kids to hold and use, and makes it easier to hold onto without dropping it.
These aren't no-name shows or movies, either: there's a big selection from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids and much more. You can also disallow games altogether, or access to certain types of apps: it's up to you. Since this is a full-fledged tablet, you might even make yourself a profile, giving you access to the standard tablet apps and videos, but keeping them totally separate from what your kids can access. This is a full-featured Android tablet that can run all of the games and apps you know and love.
If your child drops it down the stairs or in the bathtub, they'll replace it, no questions asked.
There's a pretty big selection of stuff to choose from and it should keep your child entertained for hours.
This alone is one of the reasons this is the best tablet for kids: you'll never find a warranty like this anywhere else.

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