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Place the time indicator infront of the first thumbnail, or infront of another thumbnail where you want to put text infront, and click on the "Add title" button (1) which can be found when you press the "Home" tab.
In this thumbnail we will find a textfield where we can enter our text, or in this case a title.
You can change the position of the textfield by moving the cursor over the border till it changes into a fourpointing arrow and then click and drag it to the postion you want (2). You can change the size of the textfield by clicking and dragging the squares at the edge of a textfield (3). When a text thumbnail and the "Format" tab in the menubar is selected we can find a few options in the workbar which we can use to format our text (4). On the right in the "Adjust" section (5), we can find the "Edit text" button which we can use to select our text.

Next to that is the "Background color" option which can be used to change the background color of the text thumbnail.
The only difference is that for a title a new thumbnail will be made, while for the caption the text will be placed inside the thumbnail. When text is applied to a thumbnail this will be mentioned beneath the thumbnail in the storyboard (3). You can move this text anywhere in your movie by clicking and dragging the text beneath the thumbnail to any location in the storyboard. Then select the thumbnail where you want to paste the text and push "Ctrl" + "V" on your keyboard. The only thing you need to do now is to change the text, the formatting and effects will be copied.

All options in the workbar for the credits are equal to the previous text types so i won't repeat them here. Make sure though that when you add a effect to the credits the "Text duration" is long enough to show all the text.

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