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A button with chrome tube frame saying share with a mouse pointer pointing at it, online sharing and community concept. Here are some free online photo sharing websites that let you store unlimited photos online for free. Most of these websites make money by other methods, like offering you easy photo printing options.
Shutterfly is one of the best website in this list that lets you upload unlimited photos for free.
Another beneficial feature provided by this website is that you can crop uploaded images, can edit caption of images, and can add border to images. Snapfish is also a handy photo storage website that offers unlimited photo storage and sharing. Snapfish also lets you share a particular photo or the whole album with friends either by sending them an email invitation or by sending them a direct link.
Picasa (or Picasa Web Albums) is a well-known name which is also in the category of unlimited photo storage website.
Apart from just viewing your own photos, you can enhance those photos by editing with Google+. Is there a way to upload pictures to Snapfish or Shutterfly via Picasa without any additional software? And you can make your albums public, so anyone who decides to look at your photos can see them. I’ve been using remote desktop sharing software for a while now and it’s worked wonders for our team. As you can imagine, sharing your screen with a friend or family member is also something that comes in handy a lot more than you would think. What I like about this site is that they also have entire PDF guides to walk you through each feature of the website. Let’s not forget about one of the most popular programs out there that millions of people already have installed on their computer: Skype. The only downside to Skype is that you can share your screen with someone for free over a voice call.
Hey, in addition to screenleap, you may also try a R-HUB remote support server for all desktop sharing and remote support needs. Even more, it also helps to transfer photos from your Facebook, Flickr, and PhotoBucket accounts.

You will be able to create multiple albums and store images on those albums. If you want, photo link can also be shared with your blog or Facebook account. You can rotate image, remove red-eye, correct colors, edit caption, and can fill flash in images.
This editing feature brings auto enhancer to auto set brightness, shadows, saturation, warmth, noise reduction for your photo. Recently it increased free storage to a whooping 1 TB, and introduced refined apps for iPhone and Android. The size has recently be increased to 720 pixels up from 604, enough for sharing but hardly suitable for prints.
Picasa is by far my favorite photo manager, but I'm looking for a place to have unlimited storage. It’s not only a great way to supply technical support to users, but it’s also a fabulous way to share data and collaborate with others remotely quickly and easily.
Multiple people in different locations around the country can work on a presentation or a project plan simultaneously from their desktop computers!
My father recently bought a Mac and since he was a PC user all his life, he needed my help learning OS X. not only does instant screen sharing, it’s got a lot of features that make it great for online meetings. They don’t have any paid plans and they seem to want to keep it that way, which is great for users.
Overall, I enjoyed using their site for bigger meetings where I wanted to share my screen with multiple participants. You can easily share your screen with another Skype user and it’s ultra-convenient since Skype is a safe and trusted program that many people already know and use. It lets you upload videos as well, but only 10 videos are permitted in free plan. Unique feature of this website is that it lets you create your own photo website. It provides smart phone app so that you can access your photos right on your smartphone (if app is compatible with your device). Unlike above mentioned websites, videos can’t be added to your account in free subscription (only one month trial subscription is available). But the interesting part is that you can also enable all these options to automatically enhance images, before uploading the photos. Since we live in two different cities, the best way to do this was for him to share his screen, let me take control and then show him how to navigate the OS.

This means you can’t share your screen unless you enable Java again, but it will also make your computer less secure.
The free version lets you have up to 10 participants that can view your screen at the same time, lets you pass control to another participant, includes multi-monitor support, supports chat and file transfer and lets people view your screen on an iPad, iPhone or Android device with their mobile apps.
You do have to create an account to get started, but it only requires a name and email address. You can do a one on one sessions, but the number of features they have is a bit overkill for one-time usage. You also have the facility to play slide show of uploaded images, and play videos online using the available player. You can create a family category website, or any other category, such as: wedding, photo gallery, baby, classroom, travel, etc. Another interesting feature of this website is that photo slideshow can also be played of any album. But if you upload photos less than 2048*2048 resolution (800*800px) and videos less than 15 minutes, then you will have unlimited storage space with Picasa.
You get a code, give that code to someone else who can view your screen from a desktop, a tablet or even a smartphone.
The other downside with ScreenLeap is that the free service only supports 2 hours a day of screen sharing.
Moreover, if you upload photos beyond restricted storage limit, then resolution of your photos will be resized automatically.
That’s pretty neat and convenient since a lot of people use their tablets and phones more than their computers. They can access that URL either with sign up process or directly (depending on the privacy set by you).
You can even download Shutterfly Express Uploader to add photos to your Shutterfly account right from the desktop.
One more interesting thing about photo uploading is that it provides a PictureMover uploader to directly upload photos from USB, memory card, or camera. Picasa is helpful to bulk upload photos, share your photos with friends, and play slideshow of uploaded videos.

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