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4shared is a web-based service for online file sharing that offers full 15GB online data storage for free. You will be able to store videos, audio files, documents in 4shared and share share files online with the world. In 4shared, your files remain online and can be accessed anytime, thus eliminating many portability issues. After login, you will be taken to the dashboard from where you will be able to upload and share files online.

On the bottom section of dashboard, you will find a simple upload box with a browse button.
After a successful file upload, the page will reload and the new files will now be available in the dashboard. There are many online providers that provide free online storage, but hardly anyone offers such huge free online storage space. Even executable files can be shared online.  Also, you will be able to access public files uploaded by other users on 4shared.

Also, the server response was also satisfactory in terms of uploading and downloading speed.

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