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People who are looking for free online cloud-based backup and synchronization storage space can now grab 1.0GB from Dropbox, free of charge. Dropbox is cloud storage service that enables users to share, backup, and synchronize files through a secure online.
Anybody who interest to grab for the Dropbox free, Dropbox is currently offering  up to 1.0GB of free storage space for Mailbox users that connecting Dropbox account to the Mailbox’s iOS app. However, to get the free 1.0GB Dropbox storage, users needs to download and install the Mailbox app on iOS device. In this April 28, 2015 file photo, a man walks past a Microsoft sign set up for the Microsoft BUILD conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The company just cut the free space it offers through its OneDrive service by two-thirds, making it the second major company to retreat from a consumer cloud-storage boom that tempted users with price cuts and ever-larger free offers. Starting next year, Microsoft will cut its free option to 5 gigabytes, down from 15 gigabytes now. Earlier this year, Amazon eliminated a free 5 gigabyte storage plan, although it still offers that amount to those who pay for its Prime loyalty program. Subscribers to Microsoft's Office 365, which offers word processing, spreadsheet and other apps starting at $7 a month, will now be limited to 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, of storage.
As with similar services from Google, Dropbox and others, OneDrive can store just about any type of files. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has emphasized mobile and online services such as OneDrive over traditional sales of Windows and Office software for personal computers. Microsoft says it will give people time -- up to a year in some cases -- to remove files that exceed its new limits. DROPBOX: People get only 2 gigabytes for free, but can earn bonuses by getting friends to sign up or by uploading photos automatically from phones. GOOGLE DRIVE: It's 15 gigabytes of free storage to start, but that includes Gmail messages on the account.

APPLE'S ICLOUD: Free storage starts at 5 gigabytes, which includes what's needed for iPhone backups.
AMAZON CLOUD DRIVE: Amazon offers unlimited photo storage and 5 gigabytes for video and other files for $12 a year, or $1 a month.
YAHOO: Although Yahoo doesn't have a general file-storage service, it offers a generous 1 terabyte for email and an additional 1 terabyte for photos and video through Flickr. As open communication and worldwide data exchange become a major priority for today’s PC user, Microsoft has developed a free online storage service called Windows Live SkyDrive. The program creates a special folder and all files that are placed in the folder are automatically synchronized with online Dropbox account. Microsoft says the new allotment is enough for about 6,600 Office documents or 1,600 photos. It will charge $2 a month for 50 gigabytes of storage, including the free allotment, rather than the 100 gigabytes it currently offers at that price.
The company has offered services for free as a way to hook people into using other services, such as Microsoft's ad-supported Bing search engine and the Office 365 subscription. Those needing more can pay $1 a month for 50 gigabytes, $3 for 200 gigabytes or $10 for 1 terabyte.
Offering up to 25GB of disk space, a SkyDrive is perfect for storing and sharing photo's, music, video and documents with family and friends.
Tagged as part of the File Sharing suite of Windows Live applications, SkyDrive offers up to 25GB of online storage capacity which users can access remotely, and because it is web based that means anywhere, anytime.
This is all fairly straightforward and is required of both SkyDrive owners and users wishing to access a SkyDrive. These free standing structural mezzanines add another floor level in your facility for storing inventory or space for additional offices.
Business plans with unlimited storage cost $15 a month per person, with a minimum of five people.

Here we review Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive, its security features, setup and ease of use.
This tightens security but can be annoying to those who would rather not have to sign-up to what is in effect a giant Microsoft database, just to gain access to an online storage facility.
For example, you could store hundreds of documents, images, audio or video files on such a generous online partition. To provide access to a SkyDrive the owner sends out email invites to other users for them to accept or reject. Data is stored in Public, Private and Personal folders, with the SkyDrive owner setting permissions for other users to gain access, read or edit SkyDrive information.
The owner of a SkyDrive can restrict invitees to files and folders, and restrict permissions to either read or edit.
Besides that, Mimedia also make sure that the backup status of your files is indicated clearly on your computer so that you know that every new and existing file is secure. The ability to set such permissions is fundamental to the SkyDrive’s success as a globally recognized storage facility and with lock down administrative control the SkyDrive is able to provide users and owners alike with the peace of mind they expect. You will see a green check box next to all files that are backed up, a yellow check box on files that are pending back up, and the MiMedia logo next to any folder that has files which are backed up on our system. Plus more, MiMedia also offers 3GB file-size limit for web uploads opens up some interesting possibilities for users looking for a free web-sharing tool.After you’ve uploaded favorite media files, you can stream them from anywhere and share them as well. Listen to your music including your favorite playlists, watch your latest videos, and view any of your photo galleries all in one user friendly location.

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