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Wouldn't it be great if creating infographics was as simple as writing regular ol' text-based blog posts?
But considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual content in marketing today, you can't just afford to throw in the towel.
To keep your infographic uncluttered by a ton of different source URLs, a great way to cite your sources is to include a simple URL at the bottom of your infographic that links to a page on your site listing the individual stats used in your infographic, and their sources -- such as the blog post you're using to publish your infographic.
For the sake of time (remember, our mission is to create an infographic in under an hour), for my infographic, I'm going to choose a compilation of social media stats, charts, and graphs we've already collected from our 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report, and I'm going to pick the "Cold Hard Numbers" infographic from our collection of infographic templates, which is appropriate for my data set since it conveys statistics using charts and graphs.
To customize the look of the infographic even more, you might add or change up the colors or font styles. Finally, I included a link to my source (which can be found here), as well as the HubSpot logo so people know who created the infographic if it gets shared in social media or embedded on other websites -- which is definitely something you want, since one of the main benefits of infographics is their shareability. Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
Free Back to School PowerPoint template has a colorful background with the word 'School' written with a combination of red, green, orange, and violet.
Free Hanukkah PPT template lets you plan gift giving ideas and make how to presentation about Jewish games.
Free Animated Cardiogram PPT Template is another free animated PowerPoint template that you can download to make medical presentations or presentations for healthcare industry. The challenge for many rapid elearning developers is that you have limited time to learn the tools because the expectation is that since you have rapid elearning software you’ll be able to get your work done rapidly. Got any tips and tricks you’d like to share when building rapid elearning courses in PowerPoint?  Share them by clicking on the comments link. In fact I have written couple of posts focusing on how you can create innovate templates and using autoshapes. I could see something like this embedded in a Presenter window or as a standalone page like you used. Tom, the Rapid e-Learning blog is the most useful, interesting, practical and fun tool I have ever come across on the web! Maybe I missed this in the demo, but why do you save each of the powerpoint elements as an image instead of just keep them as the shapes in ppt? I am, like Scott, interested in how you make your screencast tutorials — got a tutorial for that?
Tip: to do a full screen capture, bring your monitor resolution down (it will look fuzzy). If you save the elements as a graphic file and re-import it, the file size will be smaller and the rendering time decreases, which can be significant based on what you have on the screen.
Another tip is to save the PPT objects as .emf and that will keep them vector based which means they can scale and not lose clarity.

May I request you to give latecomers like me, the best practices in powerpoint ( like the one of storing objects as images). Thanks a lot,it would be great if there will be more sharing,but unfortunatly,the second template is sticked in section2,it would be better if it was possible to jump from a section to another one! Wow,it’s always a good feeling to refresh and get back to being so articulate and creative once you visited a site like this.
Hi Tom, thanks so much for showing how this is put together; I love the ideas your free downloads give me, and use them all the time for inspiration! They appear to have been offline for a while (I know you created this example in 2009), but still are alive.
It is possible to show the presentations in right way if the template is unique and well designed.
If you use third-party data, just be sure you properly cite your sources -- just like in any other good piece of content. That way, your infographic looks clean and professional, yet people will still be able to access the sources no matter where the infographic gets shared or embedded.
As I mentioned earlier, we recommend using your blog to publish it (including your list of sources), including a "Pin It" button for visitors to easily share your infographic on Pinterest, and create and add an embed code for visitors to share it on their own websites and blogs, as we did above.
The master slide shows the teacher's hand holding a chalk and writing something on the chalkboard. The spiral in space is characteristic of this free Abstract background for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Mac and PC.
You can download free Geography PPT Template to make presentations on global commerce as well as globalization or doing businesses with emerging countries. Our templates can be used in personal and commercial presentations but attribution is required. However, your best bet is to build it as a master file and then save as a PowerPoint template (.pot). Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Register here. Thank you for all of this effort which, as a learning tech for a community college in NC, will make a terrific addition to the learning materials we make available to our faculty. As my non-profit moves forward in eLearning, it’s been very helpful to refer people on my team to examples like this so that they can see there are no limits to the way our modules can look, that we can break a little out of our branding box. Thank you for helping me to continually increase my knowlege and improve my skills as a trainer and instructional designer! That’s exactly the same idea I used when training our two new instructional designers here.

Your blogs have definitely helped me get the most out of Articulate and helped me to impress my peers.
I’ve been working on a PPT template for my current project and though I cannot change it much, it sure feels that if I want I can follow your tips and learn a lot in the process. However, it is not suitable for us Europeans, since it is missing a lot of characters, e.g. I have one doubts, Can we upload some new templates to prepare unique design slide for our company. Besides books and my own mistakes one of the major source of knowledge for me is your blog. It would be of great help if you can add more tutorials on how to add other features like flyout etc in a power point. We make allowance for commercial use when people use templates to build their elearning courses. The PPT template has a violet gradient color over the slide design with some floral swirls.You can free download this Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Design for free and it is compatible with major PowerPoint presentation versions like MS Office 2010 and 2007.
It’s amazing how blog entries like these, from fields different from our own can have such an important impact on our own work. First, they were not accepting the fact that to be rapid elearning developers they should be PPT experts. Just want to let you know that I have learned more about design from reading your blog than from any other source.
The floral template contains a violet color at background but you can enjoy the template in any suitable PowerPoint presentation that require a classic touch with elegant curves. In this site, we have collection of ppt backgrounds and clip art for your great PowerPoint presentations. Some of your template options here include a timeline, flowchart, side-by-side comparison, and a data-driven infographic. In my templates the focus is not only limited to visual look and feel, but also to ther elements like animation,links,autoshapes etc. Thanks again, and more importantly, our students thank you for the opportunity to add a different look and feel to a learning experience. Finding the right Slide Power Point is not an easy task if we are hurry to create a PPT presentation at home or office, but in this site you can browse the free collection and get the right one, for example checkout free Circus PowerPoint template.

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