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If the Ironman brand and all its races were gone tomorrow, what would this mean for the sport of triathlon? I've tried lots of electronic methods, but my favorite is still an old fashion notebook with grid lines.
As others have mentioned, SportTracks is very powerful, however you're tied to one machine and don't have the benefits of cloud computing, or of easy collaboration, for example with a coach. Dailymile to keep up to date with my friend on the girl's xc team (separate campuses, I don't see her very often, it's an easy way to keep up to date on our running) and I just started using the ST training log over the past few days so I can compete in the challenges. Hi Doug, I just signed up to give your sw a try and appreciate you offering this to the community. I like SportTracks as it allows me to download my data from my Garmin instead of having to type it in. One comment I have about a bunch of these sites is their Fort Knox security systems they have when you register.
This is a web-application built upon google-docs with a lot of extras like a very low maintanance shoe tracker (mentioned on this thread), a unique periodization-plan generator that integrates its data into the the monthly worksheets, and many features for coaches, like very easy collaboration, a client management page and daily emails for client updates and for warnings (eg if a client doesn't have anything scheduled within a specified time period). I guess there are people out there trying to steal all my training data and they have to keep it safe from prying eyes.
This year, I wanted to move out of the spreadsheet and was hoping to find a better website or software to use to log my workouts.

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