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DIYPhotoBits – DIYPhotoBits has developed a free program for Nikon Cameras to capture images from your camera. EOS Utility Full Version – Canon cameras come with a program called EOS Utility, but many no longer have access to their disc with the capture software. Scarab Labs – This camera capture software provides photographers with a program that can work with additional camera brands. Screenshot Capture (or Free Screenshot Capture) is a handy screen capture software that lets you capture full desktop screen, an active window, or a particular region. Download this free screen capture software (5.13 MB) using the link placed at the end of this review and install it. Either using wizard window, with hotkey, or with tray icon, you can enable any of these tools and capture screenshot. One of the interesting feature available in this screen capture software is that you can use webcam to capture your surrounding items. When activated, magnifier tool will run on tray icon, and you can zoom in objects or text just by moving mouse cursor on screen. Using our free screen capture software you can capture a screenshot and easily post it to your bug tracking system or post it to other tools like. The Screen Capture Software enables users to take screenshots and post to informUp bug tracking system in just two clicks. You can then paste the screen capture into a document or other application like Paint tool. There are two types of screen captures you can take: the entire screen, or just the active window. In this article, we present an assorted collection of screen capture software which are unique in their features and functionality. PicPick Tools supports image capturing for Dual Monitors as well.  Capturing profiles include Full Screen mode, Active Window, Window Control (Scroll a page automatically), Region, Fixed Region, FreeHand, and Repeat Last Capture.
With it’s Image Editor, you can give image effects like Opacity, Blur, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Flip, Rotate and etc. CamStudio is a free and open source screen recorder which can record video screen activity along with audio on your PC. This freeware screen video capture lets you customize the video quality to suit your needs, add screen captions, annotate the recorded video with “picture-in-picture” of a webcam recording, use custom cursors etc.
This free screen recorder supports Webcam recording and easy uploading of your recordings to video sharing sites like YouTube,, Viddler, Revver etc. BB FlashBack Express has an option to sit in the system tray and includes capture profiles for entire desktop, selected window or region. Screenshot Captor is a free video screen recorder that has some extra features not found in other free screen capturing tools. With this free Windows program, you can save captured screenshots in GIF, PNG, JPG and TIFF formats. SCREEN2EXE is a free video screen capture utility which lets you convert the recording into a self-playing .exe file.

With SCREEN2EXE, you can add text, images, annotations and even mosaics into your captured videos. Camera capture software will save a copy of your images to your computer as you are taking them. As the software will work with Nikon and Canon cameras, the developers claim that it will also work with Sony cameras, Olympus cameras, Pentax cameras, Panasonic cameras, and Samsung cameras. You can also use built-in image editor to enhance screenshots and save them as bmp, jpg, png, gif, and jpeg image.
One helps to capture a specific region of desktop or auto detect a particular part of a window (like navigation pane, address bar, etc). Before using this tool, make sure that your webcam is connected with your PC, so that it will auto detect webcam and show you on its interface. Thus, it turns your desktop into a drawing board in which you can draw anything with available tools.
It comes with a nice suite of tools that lets you capture screenshots in any way possible and then directly edit them and annotate them.
It is useful for IT related professionals like software designer, technical writer, web designer, gamer, etc. Post screenshots to informUp bug tracking system in just 2 clicks ("Capture" --> "Send"). The default “Print Screen” of Windows is too basic considering today’s online sharing needs.
The software launches from the system tray and has powerful features like Image capturing, Image Editor, Color Picker, Colour Palette, Pixel Ruler, Protractor, CrossHair, and Whiteboard. BB FlashBack lets you record even ‘Aero’ effects in Windows Vista with it’s high frame rate capturing.
You can capture screen shots of windows, panes or click and drag to define a region of capture. Screenshot Capture supports multiple monitors, hotkey configuration for each of the capture profiles, automatic naming and versioning of image files and file comments embedding. This freeware is a good choice when you want to send some training videos or presentations to your clients but not sure if they have the right media player to view the recordings. Apart from this, it brings some features that you won’t find in many traditional or advanced screenshot capture software. A wizard window will also open to show you available tools, like visible in screenshot above.
Using those tools, you can add annotations to your screenshot (add text, rectangle, arrow, circle, etc.), and can save it to PC as bmp, jpeg, png, gif, or jpg file. It could be helpful to first set up all the things and then capture screenshot for a particular region.
Now you can take preview before capturing the actual screenshot and can use Capture Now button to capture the screenshot. Annotation tools, that are present in screenshot editor of this software, can be used to start drawing.

The best screen capture software provides an option to capture a range of objects speedily along with multipurpose editing tools, valuable features, and easy support.
Whether it’s for sharing desktop snapshots with your friends, recording a demonstration video for your colleagues or sharing a snapshot of a web page etc, there are many good free screen capture software that make you forget the Windows “Print Screen” completely. You can then markup the captured image with arrow, highlighter, text box and share it instantly with your friends. Other interesting features include automatic window enhancement by blurring the background, thumbnail maker for captured images, system tray accessibility etc.
It lets you capture screenshots using your webcam, zoom PC screen with magnifier, capture screenshot with delay of a few seconds, screen ruler to measure objects, and a whiteboard to draw free hand on whole desktop screen.
As soon as screenshot is captured, image editor’s tools will open up, just like it happened for above tools.
The editing tools of screen capture software offer you to add comments, represent concentration to definite portions of captured screenshots to modify them in almost any preferred graphic design. To enable this tool, you need to right-click on tray icon, and can draw whatever you have in your mind. Jing places the shared hyperlink in the clipboard, which can then be pasted directly into a chatting client for your friend to view it instantly. Screenshot CaptorScreenshot Captor software offers an option to control numerous screenshots immediately. Free Screenshot Capture ToolFree Screenshot Capture is an excellent and user-friendly screen capture software. It facilitates you to begin the capturing process of the active screen, selected items as well as webcam images. Using the editing tools of Free Screenshot Capture software, you can make a choice of colors on the screen, manage brightness and many more.Download Screenshot Capture4.
After capturing the screenshots, users can edit with comments, highlights special regions and save it to the system.Download GreenShot5. It lets you capture everything on the active screen, selected parts and whole web pages in full style.
SnappySnappy gives permission you to capture screenshots with a wide range of an editing feature. Snappy is also a praised image editor because the user interface and its icon support great editing option to screenshots.Download Snappy10. Live CaptureLive Capture allows you to capture the screenshots of an active window in full style. It also offers the feature of all-in-one capture tool such as chosen area Capture, Magnifier, Ruler and etc.Download Live CaptureLike this Article?

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