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Louis Hernandez Jr., chairman, president and CEO of Avid, will ring the bell to open trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York City’s Time Square on Jan. This entry was posted in Audio, Editing, Newsroom Systems, Uncategorized and tagged Avid, Louis Hernandez Jr., Nasdaq on January 15, 2015 by Phil Kurz.
CNN is in the midst of implementing Adobe Anywhere and expects to make a production launch at its Atlanta headquarters in the first quarter of 2015, said Michael Koetter, Turner Broadcasting, SVP, media technology and development. In a telephone interview this week, Koetter said the news network is “deep into Premiere,” Adobe’s nonlinear editing package, and launched an internal beta of the Adobe’s Anywhere collaborative workflow platform a couple of weeks ago. Adobe Anywhere will allow CNN to make news material physically located in its Atlanta, New York and Washington productions centers “appear to be local and functionally equivalent” to local material no matter where a CNN journalist is working, he said. This entry was posted in Editing, Newsroom Systems, Production Systems and tagged Adobe Anywhere, Adobe Premiere, CNN, Michael Koetter on January 14, 2015 by Phil Kurz. WTTW, the public television station in Chicago, has accelerated its production workflow by 40% since deploying the Avid MediaCentral Platform, according to the station’s chief technology officer. The platform, the centerpiece of the Avid Everywhere vision for a collaborative creative environment, is helping the station to expand its production capability as it transforms its linear, tape-based workflow. WTTW has deployed the Avid MediaCentral Platform as the heart of a workflow that also uses Avid’s Media Suite, Storage Suite and Artist Suite, including the Media Composer Cloud.
The workflow makes it easier for the station to collaborate with outside production companies and other PBS stations.
The results have been so successful in Detroit that Scripps is now rolling out the same workflow to all of its stations across the country. Ray Thurber, vice president of engineering at Scripps, said Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 allows the station to create stories faster than ever before and at a level of production quality unmatched by other newscasts. At each Scripps station, photojournalists shoot, edit and produce local news and sports in the field. Scripps has deployed a native workflow by importing MPEG-2 QuickTime files directly from JVC video cameras and using background rendering to create ProRes files for editing and delivery. For WXYZ photographer and field editor Jeremy Johnson, these new mobile editing and graphics capabilities make a huge difference when he’s turning a story on a tight deadline.
Johnson is frequently left with little time to shoot, edit, package and transmit the pieces back to the station for broadcast. This entry was posted in Editing and tagged Apple, Final Cut Pro, news editing, WXYZ on July 3, 2014 by Frank Beacham. Grass Valley has announced version 7.3 of its Edius Pro and Elite multiformat nonlinear editing software. This entry was posted in Editing and tagged Edius Elite, Edius Pro, Grass Valley on June 3, 2014 by Frank Beacham. Smoke — Autodesk’s video editing and design software — is now available for as low as $195 a month on a pay-as-you-go basis.
The latest version of Smoke has gotten a serious Mac upgrade, featuring 3D Tracker, a new Timeline FX workflow, added hardware support, optimization for the new Mac Pro running OS X Mavericks and better interoperability with Final Cut Pro X.
The re-architected Timeline FX offers new effects capabilities for editors, including direct access to the Action 3D compositing environment as a segment-based effect. Smoke now offers support for the Blackmagic DesignLink card and UltraStudio for Thunderbolt devices and extended video IO support for AJA Video Systems to offer dual stream stereoscopic output. This entry was posted in Editing and tagged Autodesk, Smoke, Subscription on May 26, 2014 by Frank Beacham.
Radio Automation Software - used for Radio Station Software, RSL, Hospital Radio and Internet Radio Station Software.
AudioEnhance DPS is a radio automation software (sometimes called radio playout software) system for manual or automatic playout of audio in any radio station studio, either professional, semi-professional or even at home.
We offer different licensing terms to cater for your radio automation needs and keep the product affordable.
AudioEnhance DPS is now a mature and reliable solution for many radio stations all over the world. Of course, if you want to use DPS in manual assist or even live DJ situations, this is also possible.

Use DPS radio automation software with our acclaimed rotational radio station scheduling software, Evolution, to get scientifically-based, formatted play lists every day!
Plus - DPS radio automation is able to back time to any point in any hour through the use of commands in scheduled playlists. For very slick unattended automation, consider the use of the built in voice Tracking software. Our philosophy is to make this tried, trusted and tested radio automation software available at an affordable price to those who want it and like it - that is why we offer a layered and somewhat flexible price structure, low monthly support payments, and interest free credit on most purchases, should your radio station require it. With the new DPS 2005 version, we now offer an option with our radio automation plugin system, SoundRouter, the chance for any internet radio station to use our software with our own virtual audio devices, which basically means the radio automation software can run even on a machine with NO physical sound devices (cards) installed!
Our support team will use remote desktop or VNC (which is free!) to help set you up, demostrate advanced features and solve issues from just 10 GBP per month.
Download a demo today and get going with one of the internet's most enduring radio automation software systems! Myriad is the UK's No.1 radio playout and automation system and can be found in more radio stations than any other system. The Myriad playout system has been used in radio stations throughout the UK for more than a decade but it is still constantly evolving to provide intuitive, powerful features to enhance your stations sound. All music and audio content is stored on the PC and is instantly available for playback at the touch of a button. Powerful advanced features such as AutoHook and Sweeper allow radio novices to sound like pros. Package includes 2 additional licenses so more than one group can be working on Myriad at the same time.
The  Myriad Keyboard included allows you to control an entire radio show from one button! Myriad provides a simple, intuitive and customisable environment that will become the hub for all of your radio station activities. The Myriad Suite included in all of our School Radio packages actually has all the software you will need to run your radio station. Myriad Manager - Provides administration tools and reports and lets you control how much access to your Myriad system each user gets.
Myriad Emergency Recovery - If all else fails, this utility allows you to configure Myriad's basic options even if Myriad itself can not run. PRS Report Generator - Produces comprehensive reports for copyright agencies such as PRS, PPL and MCPS etc. Log Import Wizard - For stations using third party music  and advert scheduling systems such as Selector (tm) and Broadnet(tm). Advanced Advert Manager - Offers simple advert scheduling facilities for stations with less demanding traffic needs. OCP - Provides 'live' updates including text, links and pictures to web and WAP sites as well as text info to Digital Radio (DAB) services. One of the requirements of DARP, when we mapped out the design of the software, was that it had to work across a wired network.
DARP offers your station three levels of radio automation with Full Automation being the highest and hassle free way of leaving your station at times when presenters aren’t available.
DARP is complimented by a free package called ProTrak which allows you to do music scheduling and create timed and dated logs which can be imported to DARP or simply printed out. If you need to pre record your shows then you can use the simple voice tracking facility built into DARP. Many Automation SolutionsDARP is an ideal radio automation solution for Hospital Radio's, Community Radio Stations, RSL's, College Radio, Internet and Web Radio stations.
PlayIt Live x64 is an audio software application designed specifically for helping DJs play songs manually or automatically by setting up playout rules and patterns for a unified sound. After conducting a field test with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro, the company decided to convert to Final Cut Pro X based on strong feedback from editors about its speed, ease of use and high-quality output.
Using Final Cut Pro X and MacBook Pro computers in mobile editing trucks allows them to finish stories at the news site soon after they happen.

Traveling in a broadcast van with a reporter, or sometimes by himself, Johnson typically covers two stories a day, many of which pop up unplanned. The timeline-integrated 3D tracker allows editors to match original camera movements in a clip in order to realistically add new elements including video layers, text and 3D objects. Improved integration with Final Cut Pro X supports more timeline and effects metadata for a fast, high fidelity project transfer between the apps. In addition, you can buy our radio automation software with 0% interest over several months if you choose. It is reliable, affordable and proven on internet radio stations, satellite radio short-term and full-time radio stations. Even in totally unattended mode, your radio station can take timed satellite feeds, for example, to hit a news junction on the hour. The idea is that the DJ records her links INTO a pre-scheduled playlist, thus knowing the running order, and the exact time the link will be aired. Create format clocks, rotations and scientific daily playlists, according to the rules you specify with this scheduler.
Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio (see customer list).
It is (usually) a computer system that is used to record, store and play all the audio content that will be used on your radio station.
Myriad also allows you to easily extend your stations broadcast hours by offering great sounding automation to allow you to continue broadcasting even when everyone has gone home. All the music, jingles, features and programmes that you create will be stored on the system and Myriad will also be used for playing them on both live shows and automated broadcasts. The Myriad ripping module also performs a 'digital top', normalisation and optional compression of the ripped audio and can scan your Audio Wall for existing Carts with similar Title or Artists. This allows you to simply and efficiently add live sounding 'voice' links to your automated output and to fine tune the automation to the way you want it to sound.
Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio (see customer list).
A lot of other packages charge extra for tools like this but DARP provides its voice tracking as part of its radio automation. This has been proven over the last ten years and the feedback from all users is that DARP never lets them down, is always working and makes presenting a radio show a breeze.
DARP has been refined to make it easy for nearly all presenters to use regardless of their PC expertise. The tool lets you switch between two different player modes, namely Decks (emulates a classic chart machine) and Live-Assist (reveals a small number of playing options with a queue of tracks).
Scripps in the United States — has purchased Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Mac Pro laptops for news editing.
Smoke subscriptions began this month on the Autodesk eStore for $195 a month, $545 a quarter and $1,750 a year.
So its not just radio broadcasting software - you can use it in any professional, non-stop music or info situation!
You can even link Image Buttons to folders - so that when new mp3s are dropped in a folder on your hard drive, the buttons automatically refresh! Take radio automation one step further still by having news in some hours and not in others! So the system included in your school radio package is the same technology as we supply to the rest of the radio industry.
Think about it like a big, professional 'iTunes' with a whole bunch of fancy tools designed to make your radio station sound great without you needing to do too much work.

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