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How to do important keyword research on YouTube before you ever start to plan your videos (picking great keywords to tag your videos with).
Everything you need to know about how to brand the video with your company name and site URL using free (and easy to use) video editing software. Explained: The 5 minute process to create a custom profile and your own custom channel information (This will give you a big advantage when people sort for 'Channels', 'Groups', and 'Playlists'). How to to add effects like titles, credits, transitions, and soundtracks to make your video an exciting multimedia experience. The secret of viral videos: Learn what makes people send YouTube videos to their friends, family and coworkers. How to use videos as a sales device on your company website (even if people don't find your video while searching YouTube, you can still use video to increase sales). You don't want to miss this: Where to get amazing software which can animate a human face into realistic looking cartoon.

Multiply your efforts with a list of more than 20 other very popular free online video sites. The best places to outsource your video production to you just don't feel up to the task of creating your own. Where to get great royalty photos, clipart and video clips to use when editing your videos. What kind of equipment you will need to have before you can create a video (you may be suprised to find that you might already own video equipment). My ebook, "TubeTraffic - Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free Website Traffic From YouTube!" is just one click away.
Flat design vector illustration icons set of website marketing product and ideas brainstorming concept in stylish colors. Simple Product Demonstration On Film Builds A Company.How one simple promotional video of an employee demonstrating a company product got over 1 million views and built a brand.

Amateur Video Sells High-Ticket Item How an amateur video created by a sales agent only got about 350 views on YouTube but sold a high-ticket item worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (Proving that your video doesn't have to be seen a lot to be a huge financial success).Case Study 3.
Office Humor Sensation How one technology company created a funny video about office life which was at one point being viewed thousands of times per hour. The 'Magical' Promotion MethodThis case study shows how one affiliate promoter uses dozens of short clips to get viewers curious, then rakes in tons of traffic and sales as they follow the URL to his website. The Secret Of BoratHow the Hollywood hit film 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan used YouTube to make a low budget film into a sensation that raked in over 100 million dollars (and learn how you can apply similar strategies).

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