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These are the agencies that Juniper is currently engaged with and we will be happy to introduce them to you to help fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.
MRP is an end-to-end marketing agency that leverages a unique combination of data, software and services to generate pipeline and revenue for Channel partners, worldwide. Integrated Tele-prospecting campaign focusing on Data Center, Security and Networking opportunities a€“ The goal of this integrated appointment setting program is to provide BANT-qualified phone appointments via tele-prospecting and dynamic emailing, leveraging MRPa€™s database of accounts. Marketing Consultation Program a€“ through Juniper, MRP will work with you to understand your organizationa€™s total sales potential geography, vertical and size.
MRP can executive in over 50 countries and 20+ languages and can help you with your global growth. High Impact Direct Mailer - Integrated, incentive based, demand generation campaign driving high quality leads and sales engagements.
Award-winning creative services, stellar event services, and over 20 years of IT channel expertise, all in one place.
Event Services a€“ Wea€™ll help you design, plan and implement an effective sales event to help you grow your Juniper sales and increase customer engagement. Brand Assessment a€“ Our team will assess the strength of your brand and make suggestions for improving the effectiveness of your marketing collateral. Corporate Identity Package a€“ From top to bottom, our team will create a complete corporate identity package for your business to help you communicate your unique value proposition to customers.
Branding Refresh a€“ We begin by interviewing your customers to find out what sets your business apart from the rest. Pacific Media creates digital media communication including video, interactive, mobile media, corporate communication, for events a€“ both live and web, training and e-Learning. Our comprehensive, strategy-to-screen team includes highly experienced strategic marketers, writers, producers, directors, production crew, video editors, graphic and motion artists, interactive programmers, instructional designers.
Pacific Media is excited to be part of your team, ready to make your project easy and high quality because we understand high technology brand and culture and wea€™ve developed processes that are effective and efficient.
Our media stories transform complexity into clarity with high impact storytelling that inspires while increasing visibility, credibility and trust with your audiences. Corporate Communications including all hands motivational videos, recruiting videos, new hire orientation, ethics overviews, training videos and interactives learning tools. Integrated Solutions that help clients cost-effectively leverage media to create powerful, multi-tool information campaigns.
Subscription service (data, software, & service) covering the technology operations, employment technologies, and project intelligence at major organizations and their key technology decision makers. DiscoverOrg Customers have access to a constantly refreshed database of IT Department Org Charts, 92% Direct Dial Phone Numbers, 98% Verified Email Addresses and Actionable Intelligence on their targeted accounts a€“ putting their sales and marketing teams ahead of their competition and making their sales and marketing teams more efficient and productive. The Juniper SDN Bootcamp is the perfect lead generation tool to dive deeper into current or potential customera€™s networking needs. The Juniper SDN Bootcamp is designed to provide students with an introduction to Junipera€™s software-defined networking (SDN) solution. Data Connectors organizes and hosts Tech Security Conferences in 38 cities throughout the US and Canada.
At SocialRep, we understand that to build a better market for your business, you dona€™t need more dataa€”you need better data to understand what's shaping your reputation, and better tools to more effectively represent your brand everywhere you engage with customers. Thata€™s why we focus on creating the most comprehensive mix of market development tools and methodologies available.
Help your marketing team graduate from social media trendiness to strategic plans and programs.
Identify where your prospects are engaging online, instead of guessing on Facebook and Twitter campaigns. Identify the topics of discussion that most often drive online dialog among prospects and customers. The ConnectAndSell solution provides the flexibility to power telesales when and how you want it. Accessible in the cloud, sales reps can run sessions by loading up a list of contacts and clicking on the a€?Goa€™ button a€“ no scheduling is required!
Turn your marketing database into an intelligent prospecting engine by feeding it the right B2B Tech companies and contacts that demonstrate buying intent, mirror your best customers, or have a higher likelihood to engage with your marketing message. Predictive Scoring & Prioritization - predict the best fit, purchase timing, technology or vendor install of your prospect universe. Data Enrichment - Enrich your database and contact profiles with deep IT footprint and spend information from the Ci Technology Database to improve targeting efforts and optimize campaigns. Market Segmentation & Visualization - Understand your best customer profile and then let us apply data-driven techniques to help your quickly identify whitespace and new market opportunity likely to return results.
Opportunity Alerts - Use our always-on lead generation and delivery system to flag potential new business opportunities that can be delivered right to your Inbox, CRM, or Marketing Automation system. Targeted Campaign Lists a€“ Gain access to highly targeted campaign lists on-the-fly with an easy to use self-service system.
BAO helps provide visibility into Clientsa€™ early-stage pipelines with the BAO ROI Trackera„?, a reporting tool that helps track insight about the prospect, the opportunity, and next steps associated with each executive-level sales meeting.
With a focus exclusively on the high-tech industry, BAOa€™s proprietary database contains more than 2 million contacts in both IT and line-of-business roles at 180,000+ companies from the Enterprise, Mid-Market, Public Sector, and everywhere in between.
Partners will be provided with a film crew on-site, to meet with the partner and the customer to tell the story of how the VARa€™s partnership with Juniper enabled the customersa€™ business to achieve a successful partnership with their VAR. A turn-key digital marketing kit for partners to drive inbound leads for their business utilizing existing content provided by the partner.
Partners will be provided with an entire digital launch kit enabling social, organic search, and EDM to drive inbound leads for their business. Thank you very much for your interest, Juniper Networks will contact you shortly to see if you have additional questions. When explaining to new clients what we have to offer, we always skirt around the fact that we are a full service marketing agency in Hampshire.

It just sounds so dated, cliche and is just the kind of terminology we try to steer away from as an agency. Although the true definition of a full service marketing agency does include “placement” of services, if this is the majority of the work an agency does then perhaps they should be called “Great Marketing Organisers” instead. Rooster have the luxury of all our services under one roof and so on rare occasions we do have periods between projects where a member of the team can be light on work, this is a great time for them to learn about other services we offer to help them understand the bigger marketing picture. I would note that I did ask one of our developers to change a light bulb recently during one of these between project periods.
If any of you can suggest a better way of explaining that Rooster Creative Marketing are a full service marketing agency, we welcome your comments! SEO Backlinks Strategy: Good vs Bad How to have the Best School Website We are a Full Service Marketing Agency! In an economy coping with high unemployment, low consumer confidence and a rollercoaster stock market, these words have become the mantra of many anxious marketers. No question about it – caution is the natural self-preservation response in tough economic times. In our latest marketing newsletter, we address issues related to productivity and organization, building relationships with your clients and the benefits of web banner advertising. When it comes to succeeding in our professional and personal lives, confidence is one of the most important qualities we can have. In our latest marketing newsletter, we tackle issues related to goal setting, calls-to-action within your marketing and social check-in services. The word “margin” has many definitions, including one that can dramatically improve our lives. A person who lives with little or no margin is constantly operating with a tank that’s nearly empty in one or more category.
A brand is the promise a firm must constantly fulfill in order to reinforce that organization’s positive image.
The great buzz among marketers – and non-marketers – is social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. 8% of American adults who use the internet are Twitter users sharing their lives 140 characters at a time. Young Adults – Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than are older adults. African-Americans and Latinos – Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white internet users.
Women – Women and the college-educated are also slightly more likely than average to use the service. Developing a brand identity is one of the most important tasks your organization will ever undertake. The Woodsmall Marketing Group has worked with large and small brands from all around the world and has experience in many industries from automotive to CPG and healthcare to manufacturing.
The Woodsmall Marketing Group was born out of a passion for marketing and is a full-service firm in Kansas City, that is focused on helping clients communicate their stories and position them for measurable growth. You will receive high level recommendations and a list of target accounts to leverage for new business.
Mailers are sent via USPS and consistently drive some of the industrya€™s highest response rates. Thata€™s what you get when you partner with the largest distributor of technology products in the world.
Our award-winning team of graphic designers can turn your tired old logo into something new and fresh in no time.
Then we craft a brand positioning statement from the ground up and wrap all of that into a newly designed look and feel for your corporate brand. Thata€™s why we design clean, customized sales brochures to help you communicate your business offerings to your customers. We create award-winning work for marketing and sales, corporate communications, events, human resources, and training for clients ranging from world-recognized brands to innovative start-ups. The data collected is refreshed every 90 days and managed through an in-house team of research analysts who staff a call center and conduct thousands of interviews daily with IT Decision Makers.
Each Account in the DiscoverOrg database also includes an IT Org Chart which lets users see a map of the IT decision making hierarchy. Key topics within this course begin with getting an understanding of the history and standards of SDN and then present some of Juniper Networka€™s current offering which include open flow support, VMware NSX integration, vMx and Contrail. Working together with industry leaders, associations, publications and key executives, Data Connectors produces intensive, multilevel conference programs designed to showcase the broad spectrum of new and emerging products and services to solve business challenges.
Our one-day remote workshop will help you prioritize your social media objectives, define achievable outcomes and identify meaningful metrics for accountability.
But if you want to learn the new practice of Lead Engagement through social media, you need a compelling presence and a working plan for LinkedIn. Juniper partners will benefit from preferred pricing and a 20% discount off list, data, and lead services noted below. ListBuilder provides you with access to the Ci Technology Database to create campaign lists that align with your target criteria for each campaign. BAOa€™s Appointment Setting positions Juniper Partners in the right place, at the right time, with the right decision makers by quickly and repeatedly securing meetings with key executives in key accounts. We consist of nimble, forward thinkers that specialize in simplifying complicated solutions. Once shot the VAR will be delivered a final product, high quality video with an entire digital launch kit enabling social, organic search, EDM, and video to drive inbound leads for their business.
To me it smacks of “Jack of all trades, master of none” and that would be the case for Rooster if it was not for the fact we have specialist teams for each service we offer. I think during hard times many marketing agencies cut back on their teams to cut costs and reduce risk and I do understand this requirement for struggling agencies.

It also helps with linking of our marketing services for a more powerful, combined offering. He stood on a chair and spun around for five minutes before we informed him he had failed his task. But playing the waiting game is increasingly a strategy that results in forfeiting untapped opportunities.
As many companies continue to sit on the sidelines with a wait-and-see approach, you can jump into the void and gain visibility in a smaller field of active competitors. Along with the short-term bump, your willingness to market during a down economy can build your brand awareness in a way that inspires customers to form new buying habits and sustains your gain in market share even when the economy recovers. Just about everyone wants to grow – professionally, health-related, in relationships, and in other ways. Of course physical pain can be part of growth – just ask a teething baby, or anyone who works out at a gym or trains for a marathon.
We also profile one of our team members, to give you the opportunity to learn more about AdServices.
Margin allows us to function effectively without continually maxing out important personal resources such as time, energy, money, patience, capacity, etc.
A person with sufficient margin has portions of those resources left over even after being highly productive with them.
Below is a breakdown of demographic research that tells us the popularity of these two social networks and the profile of their users as of 2010. A strong brand creates individuality for your firm, making every aspect of communications and marketing more effective. You will also have the opportunity to execute on MRPa€™s findings with a tele-prospecting program included.
In addition, the class covers details pertaining to the architecture as well as use cases and service chaining. This is not Social Media 101, but a practical team-oriented course in social marketing for high-tech B2B companies, leveraging specific data, intelligence and best practices from working with Juniper partners in every global region. Whether you already have a LinkedIn company page or your starting from scratch, this program will help you polish your brand presence and create an effective strategy for corporate engagement on the world's largest professional network.
Our mission is to create integrated digital marketing that connects enterprises with their target audiences to inspire action and drive results.
These teams specialise in what they love, what they learn about more every day and ensure their individual services fit well with all the other services that we have to offer for continuity and reliability for our clients.
I’m trying to come up with a good joke around “how many developers does it take to change a lightbulb?”  I can’t think of a good answer but I now know it’s more than one! A sparser marketing landscape can give you a more uninterrupted path to your target audience, which can translate into a quick spike in sales. There’s also the emotional pain we feel when we’re just not understanding something, or the psychological pain of moving out of our comfort zones. Perhaps it is the surgeon whose reassuring manner puts you at ease, the professor in complete control of his or her subject matter, or the co-worker you can always count on for an insightful answer.
As with all of our newsletters, we try to provide you with advice and insights that can strengthen your business and help you generate bottom-line results. A micro site should provide a link to your firm’s main web site and reflect your organization’s overall brand identity by incorporating your logo, corporate colors, and other graphic elements.
But even with all the marketing tools at an organization’s disposal, including print and broadcast advertising, e-blasts, social media, etc., the greatest asset a firm must count on for brand success is its people. A smart, curious and PASSIONATE  TEAM with vast experience across the integrated marketing spectrum.
The course includes hands-on labs in which students will be configuring and monitoring the Contrail infrastructure.
Our team of designers, copy-writers and social media strategists will do all the setup and development for youa€”all you need to do is tell us about your products and market strategy and review the results of your new Solutions Showcase on LinkedIn. What if the next conversation between your qualified sales rep and a bona fide decision maker was only two minutes away? The long-range outcome will be total burnout, just as running a machine at full throttle for an extended period will cause a malfunction. We expect low prices from Walmart, fun and fantasy from Disney World and help in times of disaster from the Red Cross. With deep rooted experience in everything from marketing communications to social and direct mail to TV, in almost every industry, our clients get a holistic perspective that brings innovative thoughts and strategies THAT DRIVE REVENUE. The Juniper SDN Bootcamp is available as a one day class and includes event logistics management.
We'll also provide you with simple strategies and action plans for everything from advertising to outreach through group membership. In short, are you taking full advantage of the tools available in the primary social media platforms? To find out wea€™ve created a quick assessment program that will look at best-practices and provide you with a report detailing where your company is on track and where you should connect the dots more effectively. Wea€™ll look at your a€?apparenta€? positioning (as viewed through the lens of social media), ita€™s alignment with the positioning articulated on your website, and it's comportment with industry best practices and market competition. Most important, wea€™ll provide clear and actionable recommendations on how you can bridge that gap.

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