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When you are responsible for global campaigns, the potential rewards can be significanta€”but so can the risks.
TransPerfecta€™s dedicated multicultural marketing team specializes in helping advertising, marketing, and branding professionals and agencies adapt their creative vision for any global market. Our focus is on consultancy and planning and we work with a strong base of affiliates to ensure execution and delivery of results. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. To provide a European and integrated solution in marketing services building strong links within brands and customers. The shared positioning of Global Solutions is to operate as a service company which will offer the pan-European customers an appealing range of compliant promotional items, either from EU stock or specially developed, custom made produced in Asia and shipped to Europe, against the most competitive price.

The vision of Global Solutions as such is to provide an integrated one-stop solution to these marketing challenges by building sustainable relationships with procurement, corporate marketing and brand managers. Through our accumulated experience and know-how we are able to add value and support important objectives for pan European customers. You understand the enormous amount of time, effort, and money that goes into creating a successful advertising campaign. Taking a campaign that was originally intended for one audience and adapting it for an entirely different language and culture is challenging. Through the use of expert copywriting and marketing linguists and technology tools that help manage terminology and streamline processes, TransPerfecta€™s global advertising and marketing solutions are designed to position you and your clients for successa€¦anywhere. Global Solutions provides a variety of marketing and public relations (PR) consultancy services that can help to give your organisation the right Exposure and Edge. In response to that, suppliers of promotional items and corporate gifts, have to concentrate their efforts on the creation of the a€?shortest route to marketa€?.

Every elementa€”from images and colors to word choice and tonea€”affects brand perception and campaign successa€”or failure. Ita€™s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that simply translating the copy and quickly swapping out the creative is sufficient.
Whether you have a new or an established business, we can work with you to find Exposure in more markets and carve the right Edge for your brand.
But if you truly want to succeed in global markets, doesna€™t it make sense that you should put the same level of care and thought into each market as you did into the original copy and creative?

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