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Whole marketing revolved around building and sustaining profitable relationships with customers.
The global marketing environment is changing very rapidly on the face of globe and competition among different companies increasing with every successive day. Global marketing environment can simply be defined as “All the factors and forces inside or outside an organization or company which affects the marketing strategy to build and maintain successful relationships with targeted customers”.  Here I would like to further brief you with two types of marketing environmental affecting marketing strategies and overall business decision making. The microenvironment consists of very close factors of a company that affects company ability to serve customers. Macroenvironment includes all large societal forces that affect the micro-environmental forces like demographic, economic, technological, political and cultural forces. Summing up all together, every company must focus on both micro and macro environmental forces in order build successful marketing strategy for rapid growth and to achieve predefined organizational goals.
Going global with a business is one of the best ways to strengthen a brand by giving it more leverage internationally, along with higher profit margins. In order to be successful at localization, companies must consider alliances with local partners who can seamlessly tie the company’s brand message into the local culture. Localization can not only help a company convey their brand image and message across cultures to gain a profit, but with proper planning, can help a company save both time and money when planning to market their product or service abroad.
Lastly, here are a few advertisements displaying the same Coca-Cola ad in different languages and cultures. Better Living Global Marketing’s penny auction business launched in August of 2012 and are based out of Hong Kong in China. MSP Power Marketing (and by association Better Living Global Marketing) was founded in the early 1990s by Luke Teng (right), who credits himself as the CEO of Better Living Global Marketing on the company website.
I wasn’t able to find any information indicating involvement by Teng in another MLM company at an executive level, so Better Living Global Marketing appears to be his first MLM venture. Better Living Global Marketing sell bids for their Bidder’s Paradise penny auction website. If an auction timer reaches zero, the auction is over with the last bidder to place a bid winning it. Bids for Bidder’s Paradise are only available in packs, which are sold in bundles of 2000 for $1160. The Better Living Global Marketing compensation plan revolves around the sale of Bidder’s Paradise bid packs for $1160 to either recruited affiliates or retail customers. An annual fee (recurring) of $15 is also charged, bringing the total price of each bid pack to $1175. All of the commissions paid out by Better Living Global Marketing have a reserve wallet component, with any funds placed in the reserve wallet unable to be cashed out directly by an affiliate.
Better Living Global Marketing charge affiliates $11.62 a month from their reserve wallet balance.
The Leadership Bonus makes up 3% of every bid pack sold, and is paid out using a unilevel compensation structure. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1). If any of these level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are then placed on level 2 of the unilevel. Using the above unilevel compensation structure, Better Living Global Marketing pay out 3% of every bid pack sold by any affiliates in a unilevel team. I did try searching high and low for information on the affiliate membership ranks and qualification criteria required wasn’t able to find anything publicly available. These two positions are the beginning of two sides, with each position in turn branching out into a further two positions and so on and so forth. Each of these binary positions is filled either via direct recruitment or the recruiting efforts of an affiliate’s up and downlines. As new affiliates are recruited a binary team grows and whenever a Bidder’s Paradise bid pack is sold, it is credited to either the left or right side of the binary (depending on which affiliate sold the pack). For each bid pack sale matched on both the left and right side of the binary, a $58.50 commission is paid out.
An affiliate’s sustainability wallets appear to the same as their reserve wallet, with funds available in the wallet only able to be used to purchase more bid packs. When a Bidder’s Paradise bid pack sold or purchased by affiliates, the affiliate who referred the customer or recruited the affiliate earns a daily commission for 99 days.
This commission is paid out 6 times a week (skipping Sundays), with Better Living Global Marketing matching all Profit Sharing payouts and placing the matching funds in an affiliate’s reserve wallet. Typically if a matrix compensation model is used a company places affiliates in the matrix to fill up positions. Better Living Global Marketing’s company-wide matrix is identical to a binary, with each position in the matrix splitting into an additional two positions (being a matrix there are no sides). When a Bidder’s Paradise bid pack is purchased by an affiliate or sold to a customer, a position is created in the matrix. Each bid pack position has a potential 8,190 matrix positions under it (within the ever-growing company-wide matrix), and thus can generate a maximum of  $31,695 a month if it fills up with bought bid pack positions. Affiliate membership to Better Living Global Marketing appears to be free, however an affiliate needs to buy a bid pack (unit) to get started. Effectively affiliate membership to Better Living Global Marketing starts at $1175 (the cost of one unit). Pay particular attention to the launch month, as Zeek Rewards was shutdown that same month and revealed to by the SEC to be a $600M Ponzi scheme. When Zeek Rewards was shutdown and Better Living Global Marketing started up, the requests for a BehindMLM review of the company began to trickle in. Upon first learning about the business, I went over to the website and was met with a jumble of Chinese and English.
Sometime over the past few months however, probably as a result of the decline of the revenue-sharing MLM niche in general, Better Living Global Marketing have re-emerged and ramped up their affiliate recruitment efforts. The Bidder’s Paradise website is still a confusing jumble of Chinese and English however US based affiliates have recorded videos of their own explaining the business, with the intent to expand its English speaking affiliate-base.
In a nutshell, affiliates join Better Living Global Marketing and invest at least $1175 into the business. As with Zeek Rewards the front-end of the business is the Bidder’s Paradise penny auction, specifically the notion that it sustains the daily ROI Better Living Global Marketing pays out its affiliates. Zeek Rewards and every other MLM penny auction after it however has proven that the penny auction side of the MLM companies that run them are not successful. To date, not one MLM penny auction has taken off on the merits of the penny auction itself.
Better Living Global Marketing is no different, and that’s exactly how the business is marketed.
Such spreadsheets were also common in Zeek Rewards as existing affiliate investors attempted to lure new investors into the scheme. 20 used bids qualifies affiliates for a daily ROI, with affiliates able to pre-qualify for multiple days in advance per 20 bids they use in the Bidder’s Paradise auctions.
The second count is that, if you accept this is yet another affiliate-funded ROI scheme, every bid sold brings with it a >100% liability for Better Living Global Marketing. With the Better Living Global Marketing and its affiliates recommending investors buy in at $17,625 and the company making the projected guarantee of a $40,000+ ROI within 12 months, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to forecast a collapse well before your typical 2 year Ponzi life-span. You’d think what with the staring down the barrel of clawback litigation for any affiliate that made over $1000 in Zeek Rewards people would have learned their lesson, but here we are. MSP Power Marketing Limited was registered in Hong Kong 28th August 2012, 11 days after the Zeek shutdown.

They have rules, no internet marketing, they call it a private auction, they are suckering thousands to kick in their savings as an investment. Chinese companies are notorious for setting up and running after they’ve collected enough. As far as I know, and I have someone who tries to sell me on this thing at least once a week, NO ONE in the US has verified any of the products in the auction, nor has anyone ever won an auction.
I tried auction and had the same thinking as other member they just lazy dump their bids into the auction but I waited and won 2 items in a month. If you have many accounts, many computers waited until close to auction closed get your team bid at the same time. But when the money began to flow out from new investors you had a change of heart and decided Ponzi schemss are a-ok? All the other parts are simply methods to distract people, and to reward people for bringing in new investors in a downline. C: Let early investors and recruiters withdraw some real money, but prevent them from withdrawing too much.
The auction is internet based, and will require people to sign up as affiliates or customers in order to buy bids or use them in auctions. To buy bids, they will at least need to register a user profile (a user name, e-mail address, password), and use an internet based payment system to pay for the bids? To spend bids in auctions, they will at least need to log in under a username, so each bid they make can be deducted from their balance?
Are you trying to tell us that Bidders’ Paradise actually are doing some retail sale over the internet, and are able to attract a huge number of retail customers from China? Since you PRIMARILY are marketing the retail bids to Chinese customers, how do you actually do that? Affiliates can dump bids onto other affiliate accounts, however there’s no retail to speak of. KIEULOAN made that claim about bids being sold for $1 per bid in China, and that simply has to be about retail sale. All the daily winners are Chinese, and are photographed under the same sign outside a local shop in HK or China. I suspect the auction winners are investors who just pot luck won with massive amount of bids, or are non-BLGM affiliates who had copious amounts of bids dumped on them.
Not bulletproof accurate by any stretch of the imagination, Alexa puts Hong Kong at second for source traffic (30%) behind the US (48.4%). The comp plan reads like retail is an option but I don’t see anyone, Chinese or otherwise, dropping $1000+ on a bid pack without the 99 day ROI scheme attached.
I simply started to analyse it from KIEULOAN’s own viewpoint, from his own claim about bids being sold for $1 in China.
By winning an auction to mean buying the item full price and then sending a picture of the receipt to a foreign country?? Something tells me the guy reading the email in Hong Kong isn’t interested in verifying that your receipt is authentic.
Retail customers are the ones spending their OWN money buying bidpacks, to use the bids in auctions.
If you let shame and peer pressure dictate your investment choices, you have more problems than falling for ponzi schemes. As this is in Hong Kong, this may be difficult, but you may be able to get it shut down in your state or territory by complaining to the state attorney general’s office.
It will reduce the risk of a clawback from a Receiver, because of no monetary transactions from the company to the participant. Q if $0.58 cents per bid added 1 cent for every 1 bid to the current price, does it mean that the total amount of the item won on bidding website is actually saying that every single cent of the item you won is cost $0.58 cent? How can you make a fair judgement or fair views if little things or not are left behind the topic? The other bidders got nothing even though they too had to spend .58 (prepaid via bid package purchases) for each bid they made.
This one winner and many losers dynamic is why I believe penny auctions are not viable businesses (E-bay would own the space if they were; they are however imminently suitable for pyramid ponzi schemes because they sound like they should be very profitable.
Those 5000 bids expended do represent $2900 of gross revenue for the company, but the losers immediately feel the pain of spending their money for nothing and overwhelmingly conclude that the odds of winning the auction are extremely low while the cost of bidding for items is very high.
The pyramid structure ensures that whatever money does come into company is paid out to the people at the top, and this leaves almost everyone else empty handed. Now why do you regards it a not true figures while they said to their presentation THEY ADD ONE CENT FOR EVERY 1 BID, what part of that you don’t understand?? You will need to start with that = improve your own skills in how to identify things correctly.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Enable them to flourish with our Globe Five Text Boxes For Global Marketing Strategy Powerpoint Template. We are proud to present our globe five text boxes for global marketing strategy powerpoint template. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Global paid search spend rose 17% year-over-year and 5% quarter-over-quarter in Q2, details Covario in a July 2012 report covering its clients, who are primarily high-tech and consumer electronics firms.
Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. For the purpose of making profitable marketing relationship it is very essential for marketers and marketing students to understand Global Marketing Environment which actually surrounds all these marketing relationships.
So, all successful companies know the vital importance of constantly watching changing global business environment. A recent report of Business Week shows that Asian companies are in a strong rivalry (competition) with U.S. These include the company itself, its suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors and different types of publics which affect a company. These are also called outside organizational factors affect marketing strategy and have great impact on an organizational ability to serve its potential customers.
This can only be met when an organization have thorough knowledge of global marketing environment. The key in this partnership is to effectively resonate the brand’s message with the local target market, while maintaining consistency in company image and values, no matter where the company is marketing. Companies must plan ahead by thinking of localization first, before creating their ad, rather than creating an ad in their native language and attempting to translate it into other languages after. Each ad has children of a certain cultural background (based on the country of the advertisement) singing about joy and happiness, and the ad highlights different crises and troubles that are happening within the specific country, i.e. It’s amazing how one product can be marketed in so many different ways, and all sell the same product! Each bid placed in an auction resets the timer back to 20 seconds, with bidders able to place bids as long as the timer does not reach zero. If an auction reaches a pre-determined special price, the auction also ends with the last bidder winning the auction. For each pack sold Bidder’s Paradise also charge a $15 fee, bringing the total cost of a bid pack to $1175.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretically unlimited amount of levels.
A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure with two positions branching out directly under them. Better Living Global Marketing don’t specify how the cap is worked out, but given the daily limit it appears to be some sort of queueing system.
In Better living Global Marketing, the company instead creates positions in a company-wide matrix for every Bidder’s Paradise bid pack purchased. Teng launched Bidder’s Paradise, a high-end penny auction site and used Better Living Global Marketing as the marketing arm. Under the guise of the Zeekler penny auction, the reality of Zeek Rewards is that it was an affiliate-funded money shuffling scheme, with new affiliate investments (bid purchases) being used to pay out ROIs owed to existing affiliate investors.
Figuring nobody would take the opportunity seriously (well, nobody who spoke English anyway), I declined to review the company and left it at that. For their investment, Better Living Global Marketing make the implied guarantee of a positive ROI over 99 days, in addition to the other bonuses and commissions paid out through the compensation plan.
Everything else is converted to numbers on a screen, placed into a third e-wallet and is withdrawable as long as the company has money to pay affiliates out with. Those companies that have found success have done so on the merits of their compensation plan, which revolve around taking in money from new affiliates and using it to pay out existing affiliates. Once new affiliates stop joining and investing it’s not going to take long for the liabilities to exceed new money coming in (from affiliates).
One Louis Vuitton bag that I couldn’t afford without Better Living $622 for the $1300 bag.
I will buy this watch, send receipt to Better Living after taking my picture with the watch and they will pay me full amount. If real money comes in from new investors they can also pay the old investors some real money. People can still reinvest and grow monopoly money even if the supply of real money dries out. You have to sign up as an affiliate to buy bids and they are only available in a 2000 pack for $1160 (as per the Better Living website).
Everyone joins as a free affiliate, with affiliate fees incorporated into the bid pack purchase price.
Register as Visitor to enjoy free 30 bid-points given out by BLGM members who ask the Company to give away by random. So I asked him some sales related questions and presented some findings to help him identify which types of answers he should avoid. They are ALL Chinese people, and they have all rushed down to the shop to collect their prizes the same day they have won an auction.
They will normally be referred to the auctions by one of the affiliates, or find the auctions themselves and be signed up under a random affiliate when they create a new user profile.
The guys gave me a reason that didnt make much sense and said that it would take over a week and it was need jut send him the money.
If you don’t put any money in the hat while it goes around, you might find people looking at you in a funny manner. You will first need to check whether or not something is true before you can try to use it in a calculation. The potential retail customers are over at E-Bay where they usually win and do not have to pay .58 to make a bid. Graphic of globe and five text boxes has been used to design this power point template diagram. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
The report notes that the 10% quarter-over-quarter decline in click-through rate (CTR) and concurrent 6% increase in costs per click (CPC) suggests that keyword pricing (which grew 6%), rather than volume, was the primary growth driver for the quarter. On a year-over-year basis, impressions (+7%), clicks (+18%), and cost (+17%) all grew in Q2, with CTR (+11%) also growing and CPCs flat. New changes are actually opportunities for marketers but marketers should be updated with them only then they can direct and utilize them according to company’s marketing strategy in company benefit. So for the purpose of profitable relationships a company needs to build relationship with other company departments, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and various publics.
In doing so, a company must have a strategy for multilingual content marketing ahead of time in order to seize valuable opportunities in emerging markets. Not only is this ineffective, it costs more time and money and a company is more susceptible to the pitfalls of localization.
Who in their right mind is going to drop at least $1175 for bids at Bidder’s Paradise without the attached investment scheme?
Can’t imagine bank wiring $10000 a month and that not being a problem or questions being asked.
To me I treated this business just like a game but I am making money and believed on this business.
I am a teacher and Proctor for the Food Manager that restaurant owner needed before open an eating business.
Or you will be spending your time looking for all sorts of wrong things you believe is the right stuff.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
The quarter-over-quarter data displayed a different pattern, however, with impressions rising 10%, while clicks fell by 1% and cost rose by 5%. This is the era of survival of the fittest if a company will not adopt the modern changes of global marketing environment that company will soon loose sales and move towards decline. Each country’s webpage was localized with popular, local celebrities and culture, though every page still conveyed the same Coca-Cola brand message and image. Additionally, doing this can hurt a brand’s image almost instantaneously and may also result in lost promotional opportunities in a new market. And this is also confirmed that market cap of several Indian service companies are now approaching the size of General Motors. This requires companies to pay very close attention to cultural norms and nuances in order to convey their brand message appropriately and market their products or services effectively. Taking the right steps to insuring that a brand is culturally relevant will give a company quicker success internationally and a better chance of gaining (and maintaining) loyal customers in a different culture’s market. In a most recent survey, Business Week explained the ways that most successful companies (market leaders) are adapting and staying ahead of the competition. I am in the US and my team leader deposit money into my bank account if I could not see them in person at the weekly meeting. Now all successful and growing companies need to successful marketing strategy and adapt all changes (new trends) in marketing environment in order for their rapid growth and smooth business activities.

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