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Vestas, a leading renewable energy company, has taken a new global strategy in promoting wind energy usage . In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek has partnered with Vestas, and has customized over 600 magazines to target each specific executive.
As an individual who manages the LinkedIn profile of the president of a company, I will express that LinkedIn profiles, especially for executives at large companies, are not normally managed by that individual – but rather a social media or marketing individual. Looking to reclaim its leading position at the top of the smartphone market, Nokia has decided to take a less traditional approach to its marketing efforts. The launch campaign for the company’s Lumia 800 and 710 is being backed by a marketing investment three times greater than any other Nokia launch in its history. Nokia will be focusing on the practical uses of the phones, rather than the technical specifications.
This article intrigued me because it doesn’t simply state that successful global marketing strategies include analyzing foreign markets, competition, cultural differences, and the other major elements that most articles discuss.
The article states that global marketing leaders admit that they initially underestimated the importance of addressing their organization structure and processes . By focusing on the internal structure of a marketing organization, a company can eliminate roadblocks, confusion, and duplication, and they can find new ways of working to enable the brand vision to be translated into reality. This is the first time I have heard about developing a global strategy and tailoring the structure of your department to meet the needs of that strategy.
I don’t think anyone is surprised that Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft have held strong in the top 3 spots each year.
IBM, also thinking local, acting local, built a strategy and training that gave sales personnel knowledge as to how they will speak with their customers in their specific country in a way that is relevant to the customers of that country. One can only assume that Toyota’s downfall had to do with the large PR problems the company faced in 2010 from recalls, safety problems, hearings, and investigations.
For the first entry in this Global Marketing Strategy Blog, it seems suitable to simply address the topic of “Global Marketing Strategies” in a broad sense.
A global marketing strategy that completely globalizes all marketing activities is not always desirable – and is definitely not always achievable.
Integrated Global Marketing Strategy: Companies, such as Coca Cola, utilize this strategy, where most of elements of the marketing strategy, such as the communications strategy, pricing and distribution, segmentation, and positioning have been globalized. Global Product Strategy: Companies that utilize a global product strategy have essentially globalized their product offering. Composite Global Marketing Strategy: In this strategy, companies implement several generic global strategies and run them in parallel.
To this day, multinational companies are still trying to determine whether a marketing strategy is best globalized, regionalized, or localized. Our readers can personalize ViralBlog in Zite alike ways, and schedule e-mail alerts to get the most relevant answers to their specific questions. No other company in comes close to matching Coca-Cola’s reach into the global marketplace. A brilliant, consistant, integrated and global marketing strategy is one of the key drivers behind Coke’s success. In many entertaining ways, Coke is sharing happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces, all around the world. Later more on the glocal marketing results, but in this infographic you can already see Coke’s ROI on their marketing efforts.
For example, in Egypt, Coca-Cola has built 650 clean water installations in the rural village of Beni Suef and sponsors Ramadan meals for children across the Middle East. In India, the brand sponsors the Support My School initiative to improve facilities at local schools.
As former agency founder and strategist, my work at WPP and as chief global social officer at Mindshare I have worked with a dozen of leading global brands like: Unilever, Nike, Heineken, Ford, AmEx, Volvo and more.

While working with CMOs at both global centralized and global decentralized brands, I have seen up close and personal how extremely difficult it can be to manage and execute global and glocal marketing strategies. Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Related StoriesHow Brands Staff And Budget Their Social Media (Infographic)The 4 Social Consumer Segments CMOs Should Watch? Networking without a higher purpose can feel like an aimless endeavor, but when you’re participating in something that matters to you it becomes immediately worthwhile. I know plenty of people who think that the only successful networking outcome is the identification of a new sales lead. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Each magazine will contain a personalized letter from Ditlev Engel, the CEO of Vestas, and Morten Albaek, Senior Vice President.
Our findings consistently show that organization, roles and responsibility, and global behaviors are without doubt one of the knottiest global marketing leadership challenges out there. Rather, this article discusses the importance of analyzing the internal structure of a company – the roles and responsibilities of employees, and the importance of approach and communication efficiencies. From there, he shifted focus to reconnect personnel to the role of the marketing department, and made sure that role was fully understood. After reviewing this year’s list, I wanted to review the past few years and see how the global arena has changed, if at all. But the next year, it was able to jump to 7, and then to 4 – where it has held strong for the past 2 years.
In 2008 and 2009, Nokia held strong at number 5, but in 2010 dropped to 8, and fell out of the Top 10 in 2011. Countries have too many differences in cultural tastes and preferences, there are varying degrees of government regulation when it comes to marketing and advertising, and product uses are not necessarily the same from one country to the next. Though it discusses many different types of Global Marketing Strategies, I only want to discuss a few that I find to be useful, and logical, strategies to implement on a global level. This means that key aspects – such as product use conditions, expected features, and required product functions – are mostly identical so that few variations or changes are needed.
This means that a company might follow a global branding strategy while simultaneously running local brands in certain areas. Localized and regionalized strategies can create brand identity issues, while globalized strategies limit creativity and can cause complacency. Though it is a huge corporation, Coca-Cola focuses on small community programs and invests a lot of time and money in small-scale charity efforts.
But most of these brands are advertising their theme, but not delivering on their brand promise.
Browse our flagship format Viral Friday where you can enjoy over 1.250 viral hit videos, follow Igor Beuker on Twitter, grab our RSS Feed, join our Facebook movement or subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter. How Coca-Cola Gets Your Live Tweets In Their TV AdsWhy Facebook Contests Might Be Hurting Your Brand? Now I understand, why Coca-cola is a globally renowned brand with such a high percentage of 94% consumer awareness about the brand. As a senior executive, you might have access to certain individuals that your sales force can’t easily reach.
With the ubiquity of sites like LinkedIn and Meetup, almost every group that has a networking component will have a page for you to check out. With that said, I encourage you to give one or more of these concepts a try and let me know what you think. Simultaneously, select executives will receive a personalized InMail through LinkedIn, guiding them to customized websites.

He then made sure that the marketing department reconnected with the company as a whole, as well as with its stakeholders.
Coca-Cola wants to provide consumers with beverages to fit their different life styles and life stages. Also, Toyota, a once very strong global brand, fell drastically going from 6th in 2008, to 8th in 2009, to out of the Top 10 by 2010. Or could it just not compete with the surge of other successful mobile phone manufacturers, android technology, and Apple? Therefore, I concluded that complete standardization of a marketing strategy is not achievable. Or you might be in a better position to engage in dynamic, business-building discussions with a potential partner. If you’re looking for suggestions, below is a short list of some of my personal networking best practices.
And when you take that possibility off the table, you’re more likely to relax and connect in a meaningful way with the people around you. So even if you find this person, their guard will probably go up when they realize you’re trying to pitch something, 5 minutes after meeting them.
These are really helpful because they can show you how big the group is, how active the members are, what their personal and group interests are, and so on.
I work for a business to business company (not business to consumer); therefore, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media site to me as a marketing professional (whereas Facebook and Twitter can be for B2C companies).
Once the department was reconnected, he knew that he had to prepare it for the growth of the new more global marketing organization.
If you have a global marketing strategy with extreme potential, maybe the best way to be successful is to tailor yourself to meet that strategy?
As so eloquently stated by CEO Douglas Daft,  “In the past Coke succeeded as it appealed to global commonalties.
Through researching this topic, though, I found that companies do something that makes a little more sense .
A multinational company MUST have a global strategy, but it cannot be completely standardized.
Whatever the case may be, it behooves you to spend a bit of time thinking about your own personal business networking strategy. The company targeted 600 top executives of global brands, and using LinkedIn has engaged in one-on-one discussions to encourage global corporations to invest in wind energy. Therefore, to create a global campaign that targets key executives in a cost-efficient way that minimizes travel and  in-person interaction time, using LinkedIn is probably one of the most effective, and dare I say brilliant, ways to accomplish this.
Or simply because it made the right business choices, focused on user experiences, made good choices regarding mergers and acquisitions, etc.?
Instead, expand your focus to connect with vendors, potential partners, and direct competitors. This campaign, which is the companies largest campaign ever, is hoping to convince companies that they are part of the climate change solution, and demonstrate the financial and brand-building benefits of investing in renewable energy. Lots of times these people are the ones who know your next customer, but for whatever reason it might not be the right fit for them.

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