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The biggest change for Desktop users in Windows 8.1 is the semi-return of the Start button and menu. The new Metro Apps view is probably the best addition to Windows 8.1 for mouse and keyboard users. Rounding out that beautiful taskbar properties window, you can now disable the hot corners (very useful if you regularly use full-screen Desktop apps and games), and you have the option of displaying your Desktop wallpaper as your Metro Start screen and Apps list background. For Desktop users, this feature is useful if you make regular use of cloud storage to access your files on the move.
Likewise, you might enjoy the new Metro-style Control Panel (PC Settings), but you’ll probably still opt to use the Desktop version.
The big question, of course, is whether these changes make Windows 8.1 better than Windows 7 in terms of productivity and gaming. Does Windows 8.1 do enough to relieve you of the persistent, intrusive annoyance that is the Metro interface? America's "new" past-time: the title that is being given to just about everyone's favorite sport, football. Junior purposely shot himself in the chest to preserve his brain so it could be studied and help future people who are battling the same problems as he did. The FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest and most important opportunities for brands to gain awareness, profile and hopefully – interest! This year, the official ‘host’ nation is Brazil and the theme ‘All in one rhythm’ was meant to capture the spirit of the competition, the sponsors and the country. Officially speaking the official sponsors of the World Cup 2014 are segmented into different types and categories of sponsorship designed by FIFA to maximize commercial revenue, and to allow for exclusive associations and exploitation by the sponsors. As stated in my previous blog – Brand Brazil is the clear winner from a country brand perspective, despite their humiliating defeat to Germany, (see Br7il Sti1 Wins blog for details and my rationale).
Yes, believe it or not – Uruguay’s most famous (or infamous?) Nosferatu really did benefit from this event.
Yes, believe it or not, FIFA who only a few months ago were primarily fighting for their reputation based upon issues of bribery and vote-rigging in the decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup today as the 2014 competition nears a finale can be reassured that Brazil 2014 was a success. The ‘official’ sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 1970, and as the provider of the Brazuka (the official football itself), the Adidas logo has always been a presence in the game. Luxury Swiss Watch maker, pronounced ‘oo-blo’, is the official timekeeper for the tournament and scored a success with the first specially re-designed referee board (for timekeeping) in the shape of a watch. Let me first say, the digital perimeter board advertising certainly attracted attention and for the first time consisted of more than just the ‘familiar suspects’ of global sporting competition advertising. The usual suspects of official partners more than made up a degree of brand ‘safety in numbers and names’ argument for many marketing directors globally.
The brands that were ‘sub-optimal’ in their presence and performance were those that either failed to capitalize on their opportunity, or just failed to ‘connect’ their brand with the global audience.
Of the official sponsors, Sony stood out as a brand that didn’t quite hit the mark with their link between products, experience and sponsorship. The arches were there and ‘I’m lovin’ it’ but apart from that, do we really see a connection between the global burger chain and football? Apart from the fact that Portugal went out at the group stages, Ronaldo’s star didn’t seem to shine at this World Cup. Alongside of the Olympics and the Champions League, the FIFA World Cup is a chance for brands to engage with consumers globally.
So, to answer the questions posed at the start, does this event translate into purchase intent? Whatever team wins this year – it has been a great tournament and as a commercial event, understanding and watching to see what and how Brands perform is something to always be interested in! This page includes a resume for a recent college graduate with Master Degree in International Management and Bachelor of Arts. This individual served as the President of the Student Legislative Council within the American Graduate School of International Management, which helps document management and leadership skill. Within the experience section, the job seeker highlights responsibilities that include organization, supervision, budgeting, customer service, marketing and presentations. The writer also emphasizes a Bachelor of Arts in French, which is critical for an international management candidate. Graduate Student Resume ExampleThis page has includes a graduate student resume example for a Ph.D.
Avec pres de 12 millions de matches disputes chaque jour et une communaute de joueurs en constante progression, FIFA Ultimate Team est incontestablement devenu le mode de jeu le plus populaire du FIFA d’EA Sports. Dedicated educator with five years of experience seeking a  position as physical education teacher.
Manage a stimulating classroom with 23  students with responsibility for teaching, testing, grading,  assessment, conduct, parent communications, and coordination  of extracurricular and athletic activities. Design and teach cross-curricular lessons  and units in areas of science, social studies, literature,  grammar, spelling, writing, and math in accordance with New  York State teaching standards. Instill in students a love of reading,  writing and expression through guided, shared, and  independent exercises including monthly book projects,  creative writing assignments, Diorama creations, and oral presentations. Work closely with pullout resource room  teachers to provide reluctant learners with reading reinforcement. Incorporate the use of technology in the  learning process utilizing Reading Counts interactive quizzes. As the only third grade teacher,  implemented the third grade curriculum for a class 19-23  multicultural and ESL students in areas of teaching,  testing, grading, assessment, and behaviour modification. Collaborated with pullout resource room  teachers and tutored students after-school in reading strategies. Orchestrated culturally influenced  performances to celebrate Hispanic Heritage and African Heritage months. Attended New York City Board of Education in-service workshops for non public school teachers. Held full responsibility for coordinating age-appropriate sporting activities for 50-60 male female children ranging from ages 4-10 divided into five separate age groups with counselor-child ratio of 1:9. Worked closely with older children in areas of mentorship, peer mediation, and conflict resolution.
Organized daily practices and tryouts for up to two teams per season (Basketball or Volleyball). Determined the best team lineup and positioning of players throughout evaluation of each player's physical ability and knowledge of playing strategies.
Taught morning and afternoon sessions with responsibility for implementing a physical education curriculum for 50-60 children divided into various age groups ranging from ages 6-12. Organized age-appropriate sporting events that included basketball, wiffleball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and volleyball, with a focus on game strategies, teamwork, and corporation. Discussed the dangers of violence, peer pressure, and the importance of health and hygiene.

Ensure safety with the use of cones, site inspections, supervision, and ample provision of fluids. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. The Start button is enabled by default, and takes the shape of a flat Windows flag in the bottom left corner (or elsewhere, if you move the taskbar).
The below image (which you can click to zoom in) shows what searching in the new Windows 8.1 Apps view looks like.
It really is that simple, and it boggles the mind that it took this long for Microsoft to implement such a change.
The latter sounds like a small change, but it goes a long way towards making the Apps list feel like part of the Desktop.
Some Metro-oriented features, such as improved app split-screening, could be useful for Desktop users, but only if you intend to actually make use of Metro apps – and, if you use a mouse and keyboard, Metro apps are still rather painful. Windows 8 has always been faster, securer, and more power and memory efficient than Windows 7. Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans get all pumped up for their favorite collegiate and professional teams to put on a show for them. It seems more and more athletes are bigger and faster than before and despite the new technology we have with equipment it stills does not make a difference. As of lately, they have really stressed the importance of defenders not hitting defenseless receivers or blows to the head of other players. He sadly committed suicide and it was due to depression but which can be linked directly to all the concussions he received while playing in the NFL. Because we have all clearly seen it can have detrimental effects on a person after his of her playing days.
With over 700 million people watching around the globe, which brands ‘won’ and which brands ‘lost’ from this opportunity is a subject that merits a blogpost. But, how ‘in rhythm’ or ‘on brand’ were many of the brands in connecting with the global audiences?
The rights are defined by geography, category, channel and broadcast parameters and are governed by legal protocols that are linked to intellectual property and copyright laws.
Never before has the world seen so much blue, green and yellow nor danced samba more often while whistling a subtle samba tune!
His performance on the pitch was exceptional until ‘the bite’ after which his performance and eventual contrition left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth (sorry – couldn’t resist!). Not only was the football riveting to watch, the stadiums and organizational logistics were delivered perfectly. In 2014, the black and white approach to their #allinornothing campaign was consistent (if not a bit abstract?), and a platform for the launch of their boots (adizero F50, nitrocharge and battlepack 11pro and predator).
Introducing for the first time, an element of brand design and product reference to what has traditionally always been a boring black digital board. Even as annoying it is for a true fan, the dynamic hoardings are ‘win or lose’ opportunities for brands to gain exposure. These being Visa, McDonalds, Powerade, Coca Cola, Castrol, Emirates, Continental and Kia Motors.
The Sony ‘official partner’ status seemed to be lost amongst the ‘noise’ and only in print ads was it clear that the Xperia was the official smartphone and accessory of the FIFA World Cup.
Ok, he did get exposure in the United States thanks to the Portugal v USA match that held the attention of a nation of baseball fans, but I am not sure it will translate into sales of his CR7 range of underpants anywhere in the world. Only Gary Lineker conveyed any passion or knowledge of the teams, the matches and the passion that was on display. Whether country brands, commercial product brands, services or athletes who want to create and ‘be’ brands – the showcase is the same and FIFA controls access and exploitation officially.
Not directly from just awareness, but when tied to activation and incentives it increases likelihood of purchase.
This is a good resume for any recent college graduate with good diverse experience to go along with the recent degree. The reason for this strategy is because this is a graduate student that has impressive recent experience.
Et, forcement, sa nouvelle declinaison est tres attendue alors qu’il ne reste plus que quelques jours a attendre pour pouvoir prendre en main le nouveau bebe de la firme canadienne.Deja tres fourni l’an passe, FUT se presente cette annee avec son lots de nouveautes et d’innovations. Maintains a passion for  instilling in children the importance of lifelong learning,  health, and fitness. Francis Lutheran Church, 2001 - Present Girl's High School Basketball Coach (Volunteer), St.
By default, clicking this button takes you to the Metro Start screen – which is still pretty useless for Desktop users. The above image shows what Windows 8.1 looks like on multiple monitors with split-screening (click the image to zoom in). Even though American football is as popular as its ever been, the dangers of this contact sport are being more and more recognized every day. I always hear the stories about former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and how he barely remembers anything from his past and can barely get up in the morning. This has resulted in suspensions and big times for players and the league is trying to set precedents that this behavior will not be tolerated.
It also begs the questions – does this event and sponsorship marketing opportunity translate into commercial brand preferences or purchase intent? This includes ‘official’ descriptors and demarcation that extend and are linked to the use of FIFA’s proprietary logos, marks, endorsements and language of association. However, the accidentally prescient Adidas poster of Suarez became the ‘hit’ meme sensation of the internet as fans and detractors alike sought to ‘selfie’ themselves with his ‘bite’! However, as the world’s largest football merchandiser (representing with Nike 70% of all sportswear merchandise globally and $20bn in sales value vs Nike $25bn), Adidas was never going to ignore the importance of the FIFA World Cup as its premier marketing occasion. Their rival broadcaster, ITV not only ‘won’ with a better panel of commentators, but their ‘studio’ at Copacabana beach was well designed, ‘on theme’ and their advertising signature tune was annoyingly memorable compared to the BBC.
However, the global association and opportunity of the occasion was exploited by many other brands and categories of goods.
This is a combination of leadership positions in school and some part time work that transitions to the job target. Francis Lutheran Church, Winters 2001 - Present Girl's Junior High School Volleyball Coach, St. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself and get smaller and smaller each time. All is not lost, however: A new tab in the taskbar properties window (pictured above) lets you configure the Start button to pop up the Metro Apps view instead. I haven’t tested it, but in theory you might be able to use this new version of SkyDrive to restore a new install of Windows to a usable state, too.

The vicious hits and collisions are taking a huge toll on players, so researchers wanted to determine just how bad football can impact one's lifespan. That's the sort of thing that scares people away from the game of football to see something like that out of a quarterback let alone a linebacker or lineman.
How does it provide a platform for brand marketing and sponsorship that translates into positive brand awareness, preference and choice? The use of TM marks around logotypes and endorsement slogans is closely monitored and managed against the commercial contracts that brand owners sign.
Sponsoring 9 competitor teams (Argentina, Germany, Spain, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Japan, Colombia and Bosnia-Herzegovnia), plus the core referee kit – Adidas is and has been the primary brand of the tournament.
The ‘Hublot loves football’ content on the website is interesting too with special edition watches on offer, though at a price range that is rather steep!
There were some other familiar Brazilian brands (Itau – Banking, Oi – telecoms, Liberty Seguros (Insurance), Garoto (Biscuits), Centauro (retailers) and Brahma (Beer) who for the first time may have been exposed to a global audience. In all cases, when you try to mix corporate branding, event branding and product branding, it calls into question who the target audience is and what outcome you are looking for as a sponsor. Sadly, for him and the Portuguese team the brand didn’t live up to performance expectations.
At best, brands create a platform by directly creating an opportunity both officially and un-officially to use the occasion of the event to connect with consumers and viewers worldwide.
En clair, il vous sera desormais possible d’acceder a la totalite du catalogue FUT et de voir comment s’integrerait tel ou tel joueur dans votre collectif d’equipe avant de depenser vos credits pour votre perle rare. In this article I found, researchers decided to survey 3,500 former NFL players who were members in the league from 1959 to 1988. Finally, what influence does the World Cup have on socio-cultural norms or attitudes (or vice versa) as a global audience watches, follows and then shares in a discussion via social media channels?
Similarly, the management of official partnership and association with FIFA and the World Cup is a critical part of FIFA revenues for the term FIFA World Cup and its trademarks and copyrights extend to both the host nation, companies and their brands that pay for the privilege of ‘official’ status. So much so, that his transfer fee (currently being negotiated at the moment between Liverpool and potentially several clubs in Europe) has not been significantly affected. And, FIFA took decisive actions to make the tough calls on measures against Suarez, on implementing new technology (Vanishing Foam line biodegradeable spray by Aero Comex Futline and goal-line technology) and ensuring the message about being opposed to racism in football was reinforced before every match (#saynotoracism). Though Nike and Puma have ambitions to usurp the Adidas position, 2014 continued to see Adidas trump them in terms of overall profile and activation in traditional marketing.
There were also some surprising brands such as Listerine (Maybe Suarez could be their spokes-bite-person?), Moy Park and Marfrig (the largest meat and poultry brands) and Johnson & Johnson – all going for the umbrella approach to being associated with an event their products have no natural association with, apart from the cost and value to advertising. Their official Fantasy Football team link from the FIFA website intrigued me but again, not sure I really cared enough to play.
Sorry, on this occasion the BBC’s institutional and ‘auntie’ nature was on display and lacked any of the zest of the matches or host country.
However, the degree of success of connecting is related to the brand’s relevance, affinity and ability to create a narrative and strategy that leverages the brand’s own unique attributes with a compelling consumer benefit. In this year’s World Cup, Brazil was awarded the host nation role, and the Official FIFA partner firms and brands were Adidas, Kia Motors, Sony, Visa, Emirates and Coca Cola. No one likes a story of failure and redemption better than brands, and Suarez the footballer vs.
With $2.6 billion in revenues at stake – the organization certainly brought global football to a new level and managed to even awaken interest in the United States. With two of the four semi-final teams in its stable, Germany and Argentina (now Germany in the final), and a continuing FIFA association until 2030 agreed, Adidas is still winning. Yingli Solar was noted as the first ‘solar’ energy company to sponsor World Cup advertising. High on social media and Facebook, but low on actual engagement, I think Nike considered it a win enough to be on the shirts and boots of key teams and players. Ok, I am not the target audience and it seems a perfectly straightforward ‘product sales play’ for the digital natives. The World Cup marketing has the power to influence and challenge perceptions (as indicated by FIFA’s #saynotoracism campaign). More than 2,000 former NFL players are currently suing the NFL, claiming that they "downplayed and misrepresented the issue" surrounding concussions and head injuries. McDonald’s was awarded an exclusive sponsorship of the FIFA Fantasy Football competition and App. Some sponsors may have deserted him (we’ll see for how long?), but his wages seem unaffected and he will continue to be a hero in Uruguay. The ubiquitous swoosh is part and parcel of key athlete sponsorship and competitive associations around ‘winning’ and ‘just doing it’! By using viral social media and responding to events in real time, brands can ride the wave of a meme or topic (as indicated by the Suarez ‘bite’ incident and viral hijack of his image) to create social bonding, buzz factor and content sharing. These firms were thus accorded preferential placement of their names and logos on key media channels and assets including the most visible elements for broadcast, the perimeter board hoardings and commercial advertising endorsements.
Perhaps more of what Coca Cola was doing with their higher purpose driven ‘Happiness’ approach to engagement. The key challenger to Nike is Puma and their challenge in Africa to recruit teams and athletes to the brand’s cause. Therefore, if any brands were to have an advantage commercially for awareness and profile, it would be those that ‘officially’ have the right to ‘speak and associate’ themselves with the FIFA World Cup. In the UK, the Subway Ads featuring Daniel Sturridge seemed just as disingenuous and disconnected between brand and event. A minnow by comparison to Nike and Adidas, it seems Puma has somehow had a greater effect on Nike’s fortunes with its more street cred and fashion approach that cuts directly to Nike’s core audience, more so than Adidas’ more technical sporting territory.
However, the event itself provides a huge marketing opportunity for all brands as the occasion and interest is almost too great to miss regardless of whether or not a national team is ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the competition. I am still lovin’ McDonalds and their fries but not sure they ‘hit the spot’ in this World Cup.
In over 200 countries and broadcast across 700 media channels – only the Olympics provides a greater opportunity in one condensed period to capture a global audience. They discovered brain damage that was alike to "what might be found in the brain of an 80-year-old with dementia." So, with all these startling numbers being known, would you let your sons play football? I never played organized football with pads, but I always play with my friends here and there. I would not forbid my children to play, but if they ever got a concussion or there was even a question of injury, I would demand the coach to remove him from the game. Totally not allowing someone to play is a bit questionable, but the numbers sure do back that belief up.

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