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In today’s web-focused marketing plan, blogging is a special component that can help your business stand out. Bringing humor into the workplace can alleviate stress and increase happiness, allowing employees to be more productive while utilizing aspects of their personality that have typically been left out of the corporate world. Welcome to the social innovation business; organizations committed to profit and doing good. Entrepreneurs working with populations in impoverished areas need to approach their business development in a way that is significantly different than the way of business in established markets. Wheel Media is proud to partner with The Freedom Network USA, a distinguished professional network to fight against human rights violations in human trafficking.
It can be frustrating competing with huge corporations that seem to have unlimited resources. Step one is a paradigm shift – start thinking of your small size as an asset, not a handicap. Social media is more than just another tool for your business: It’s become a business in of itself. In this article, we explore the integration of social media with marketing-automation tools. When we talk about marketing-automation platforms, we’re talking about tools that support multiple channels.
When you build a large presence online, it’s impossible to communicate with everyone. You need to consider, when someone hears about you on social media, what the process will be for guiding them through a series of steps that will qualify them as a potential buyer of your products and services.
Someone follows you on Twitter and you send them an automated DM with a link to buy your product! People may come from Google, from ads or from other websites, or they may arrive by typing in your URL, etc., and you want to route them to your website. When someone hears about you on Twitter for the first time and clicks on a link to arrive on a blog post, are they really going to buy your product or service straight away? They may decide that they like your content enough to become an email subscriber so they start to move down your funnel. Maybe they have heard about you numerous times on social media and they’ve read a few of your blog posts.

Within this link there is some tracking codes so HubSpot can track how many people signed up from this. What about running a regular competition on Facebook that encourages fans to become email subscribers? You also need to create a competition that encourages viral sharing so you get more people to enter the competition. Here’s an example from Rafflecopter, the tool that helps brands to run competitions on social media. When you set up a competition, you can give people extra entries for taking certain actions. This gets more people to join your email list and also gets more entrants to your competition through social sharing. You provide great content and they like what you share, so they may want to take it to the next level.
On a regular basis, share details of your newsletter with a clear call to action for people to sign up.
Have a look at Kim Garst’s tweet where she encourages people to sign up for her inner circle. There’s a big benefit when your fans and followers take the next step and become an email subscriber, so encourage them to do this. Once they click on the link they should be brought to a landing page which is specific to this post. When someone arrives from Twitter, for example, and goes to a landing page you need to make sure that they are not surprised by what they see.
You enticed them to this page with the words and image you use so when they land on the page you should have similar words and images.
The goal of this landing page is either to get an initial sale or sign people up as an email subscriber. You may have a sequence created through your marketing automation tool that brings people from the landing page to the sale of your core product (initial sale could be a lower price product). You can spend a lot of time on social media channels building up your following and engagement but you also need to put in the time on the backend by building out a process for conversion. Today’s businesses can create measurable social change while reaping significant financial returns, without sacrifice on either end.

Every organization, business or startup wants a beautiful and well organized website that entices visitors and clarifies what the business does, sells and believes in. No matter how much online marketing you do, if your site and content are not optimized for search engines, generating leads will be hard.
Entrepreneurs, it’s time to cut your small business a slice of the content marketing pie!
Your website is beautiful, your social media is blossoming and you’re delivering top-quality content. You love the engagement and feedback that your business generates via social media but want more knowledge and insight about how social media marketing can also positively  impact your bottom line. Over the course of her career, Nicole McGarrell has worked in a plethora of marketing areas ranging from Partnerships to Promotions to Advertising to Branding. The space is warm, inviting and the women working there are accommodating, courteous, very responsive and a joy to work with.
Many of my clients have also expressed their pleasant experience when walking through the IGC door.
But what about taking a follower on Twitter, Facebook etc and bringing them through various stages of a marketing automation funnel to generate a sale…? An effective presentation can make prospective clients fall in love with your company, and can demonstrate to your investors, board, and others on your team that you’ve got it together. She has worked with The Food Network, American Express, and a variety of small business owners across all industries.
Blogs add a whole new level of depth to companies, making them enticing to existing customers, potential customers, investors and new talent. Aweber, Mailchimp) and then over time upgrade to a more comprehensive tool such as Ontraport or Infusionsoft.

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