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Welcome to the ineedhits Search Engine Marketing blog, where we share the latest search engine and online marketing news, releases, industry trends and great DIY tips and advice. Okay, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be fully aware that the holiday period is almost upon us, and with it the manic rush to capitalise on the online shopping frenzy. Search behaviour will change during the holiday season, so refine your keywords to capture the search term variations.
With the creation of new ads and potential holiday specific keyword sets, create new ad groups for them so you can manage and refine your efforts without impacting your other campaigns. Use the holiday season to see if your existing ads are following the best practices of ad design. Often we get caught up with trying to maximise traffic that we forget that “not all traffic is created equal”. Google’s made significant strides over the last year to link and boost their local marketing solutions and AdWords. If you have any Google AdWords tricks and tips you use to boost your campaign performance, share them with our readers below. To all my fellow online competitors here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous Christmas. Male i srednie firmy, powinny raczej zrezygnowac z prowadzenia kampanii w sieci w postaci reklamy banerowej, czy w postaci animacji flash wyskakujacych na najpopularniejszych portalach.
Pour pouvoir afficher vos annonces publicitaires, vous choisissez une liste de mots cles sur lesquels vous voudriez apparaitre et vous determinez un cout au clic que vous etes pret a depenser pour qu’un internaute clique sur votre annonce et arrive sur votre site.
Si vous avez de tres nombreuses heures devant vous pour apprendre a utiliser Google Adwords, vous pourrez vous-meme gerer vos campagnes Adwords et limiter la casse.
Pour etre agree Google Adwords, il faut faire de nombreuses heures de formation, passer des tests et savoir gerer de maniere optimale les campagnes publicitaire. Let's face it; Google is a constantly changing and evolving company, always looking for the best way to display information to their customer, the searcher.
Originally reported by Search Engine Roundtable this new beta for Google has the potential to really mix up the search community.
This has the potential to directly impact rankings, just like the Mayday update and redesign did to organic rankings less then two months ago. Now this also works in the adverse as you have the potential to take traffic from your competitor's searches by becoming a related company on that search. Now this feature is still in Beta, so Google will inevitably make tweaks and changes before it goes live.
Josh McNair is active in the SEO and PPC community through regular guest posts on industry blogs and well as a full time author on the eCommerce Blog and Entrepreneurship blog.
If you want to fast track your business to the top of Google where most shoppers will be commencing their retail therapy, then Google AdWords is probably the answer. Whether they’re happy to be embrace the craziness or in a mad panic to find last minute gifts, ads carefully crafted to capture their attention will be sure to improve your results.
As above, consider the keywords that people are likely to use when searching for your products e.g.

Remember that Google AdWords ads are just like any other form of marketing in that they need to capture attention, engage the viewer and elicit a response through effective calls to action. A poor quality score will mean you’ll have to work harder to keep up with your competitors. You could be wasting valuable budget on keywords and searches that generate clicks but will never convert. If done correctly, the content network can provide a great source of cost effective traffic and also provide some valuable branding on important publisher websites, especially during the holiday season. If you have a local focus, then I highly recommend connecting your Google Places and Google AdWords efforts. Given many businesses haven’t taken the plunge, there could be some great opportunities for your business by carefully selecting your publisher sites and creative. Plus votre cout au clic est eleve, plus vous augmentez les chances d’apparaitre en haut des resultats de recherche.
N’hesitez pas a nous contacter si vous avez des questions concernant la gestion de vos campagnes Adwords.
En faisant appel a un specialiste agree par Google, vous vous assurez un gain de temps enorme, un retour sur investissement maximise et plus rapide ainsi que des conseils strategiques de haute qualite. Grace a notre savoir faire, nous pourrons vous aider a trouver vos clients, a developper votre activite tout en reduisant les couts publicitaires !
But a company is exactly what they are, and they are and will always be in the business of making money. Related ads essentially shows ads that Google deems to be relevant to the term that the searcher used. A direct search for your companies name used to be a sacred place where you could easily control both the organic and PPC ranking but with related ads it has the potential to now become an easy way for your competitor to steal your customer away when they are searching directly for your company name.
Google has not announced their considerations for what they deem related yet, but we can cross our fingers that they will shed some light on it if this feature does get adapted into their algorithm.
Think of it this way, say you are Clarks company and you have no Barratt shoes, you can be pretty sure that the click has a high percentage chance of a bounce; however, this click will still cost you money. But with all of the big changes Google has made in the last couple months we can be sure that the search landscape is changing, and we the SEO and SEM must be ready to meet it head on. You can have your ads up and running in a matter of minutes or hours depending on your experience level. By improving your quality score, you can reduce click costs and improve exposure – ultimately assisting you improve your campaign ROI.  Quality score is driven by relevance between ads, keywords and destination pages – so check make sure that yours are all aligned and thematic. Use Google’s search report to find the search expressions that are driving your traffic and then use keyword match types and negative keywords to clean out the poor traffic. It’s always best to keep your content network and search campaigns separate so you can tweak each independently. And what better way to communicate that holiday season than through image driven advertising.
Rene has been in the industry since 1997 with much of that time spent helping businesses embrace the best of the internet and digital world.

Najlepsza forma reklamy dla malych i srednich przedsiebiorstw jest reklama w wyszukiwarkach internetowych.
En utilisant ce reseau publicitaire, vous etes certain de toucher un maximum d’internautes avec vos publicites puisque le reseau Google  Adwords est le plus grand reseau qui existe. Ce systeme d’encheres est un des facteurs les plus important de classement des annonces. La mise en place et la gestion d’une campagne Adwords est donc une tache tres chronophage. Pour notre part, nous avons decide de prendre un pourcentage des depenses du compte pour ne pas asphyxier les annonceurs.
This is relevant yet again in a new beta they are testing for their PPC customers entitled Related AdWords ads. Take the below screen shot, the customer searched for Barratt's Shoes, but was also given related ads to Clark's shoes, a direct competitor, not simply misspellings of the original word.
This is especially frustrating if the competitor is not already targeting your company's name, and Google starts to do the work for them by creating these related ads. Thus Google is essentially taking money from companies that use AdWords by displaying their results on searches that they might not have optimized landing pages for, and less of a chance to make a sale. Try to incorporate holiday season trigger words such as “sale”, “gifts”, “discounts”, “free shipping”, “fast delivery” etc to stand out from the pack. Une fois que vous aurez cree toutes vos campagnes Adwords, il faudra ensuite, les gerer, les optimiser afin de baisser les couts et d’accelerer le retour sur investissement de vos campagnes Adwords. Adres strony na zadane slowo kluczowe wyswietla sie po prawej stronie wlasciwych wynikow wyszukiwan i jest podkreslony.
Die Seiten werden auf Schlusselworter hin analysiert und entsprechende Werbenanzeigen kontextbezogen ausgewahlt.)Placement-Anzeigen (Die spezifsche Version des Content-Werbenetzwerkes, hier man wahlt die Seiten auf denen die Werbung geschaltet werden soll, einzeln aus.)  Welche Werbeformate konnen bei Google-Adwords eingesetzt werden? Mozna na przyklad okreslic, ze chcemy by reklama docierala tylko do mieszkancow jednego wlasciwego miasta.
Linki sponsorowane sa skuteczna forma optymalizacji kosztow, jakie trzeba przeznaczyc na reklame. Dies bedeutet, dass Google automatisch auch Keywords hinzuschaltet, die Variationen des ursprunglichen Keywords wie Synonyme, Singular und Plural darstellen.
Regionale Eingrenzung: Hier wird versucht, soweit in technischem Rahmen moglich, die Anzeigen-Schaltung auf regional einzugrenzen.
Schwaben) sind theoretisch moglich, hangen aber oft von der Netzstruktur der Internet-Provider ab.

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