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Marketing Best Practice With Google Plus Business Pages You are using an outdated browser.
Optimize Your Google Page for the Search EngineOnce you set up and verify your Google Plus Business Page for marketing, you should proceed to optimize it by. You should use relevant and target SEO keywords (non-spammy) throughout your Google Plus business page. Think carefully about your choice of keywords and most importantly, the keywords that show up when people conduct Google Search. You may not have given much thought to using it but the truth is that it really is a powerful internet marketing tool for building your online presence.
Before we take a look at the best Google Plus business page practices, I feel it is important for us to look at why you should have a Google business page for online marketing.Why You Should Use Google Plus for MarketingA Google Plus marketing page allows you to create and share valuable information about your business.

You can create follow buttons, +1 like buttons, video hangouts, create events, and interact with members of your community. So, what makes Google Plus page so special for online marketing?A well-optimized Google Plus business page for Marketing can benefit your internet business in several ways.
First, an optimized business page will help you compete favorably with your competitors in local search.
Secondly, it will help you build brand or business authority through +1’s one like and consumer reviews. Most importantly, a Google Plus business page for marketing has the potential to drive traffic to your business website and convert visitors into customers.Create and Verify your Google Plus Business PageThe first and most important think that you should do when using Google Plus business page for marketing is to set up and verify your business page. You can simply do this by linking your official business or company website with your Google plus business page.

So, why should you verify your business page?Verifying your Google Plus business page for marketing will enhance the legitimacy and authority of your brand and content. A verified page also increases your chances of getting a custom URL once Google rolls out the custom URL feature. Besides establishing your legitimacy, verifying your Google Plus business page for marketing also enhances the value of your search engine (based on trust factor).

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