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Google has been hard at work improving the quality of content you find when you search the vast internet.
Google Overhaul is nothing to be scared of  for SEO Firms, but perhaps just the thing to level the playing field for new publishers to have a chance at their content found in searches.  Content will always remain king, but real time content is becoming more important as Google looks to social networks for up to date events and news results.
Our Next post will be about Web Design in Miami covering local Florida Search Engine Optimization techniques. Google is slowly begun sending a QR Code Decal to some 190,000 local businesses across the United States.

The store owner can also place the QR Code on their Brick and Mortar Store front so that a customer can scan the printed image and immediately get reviews, comments, coupons and etc for that business. This is a very interesting approach given that fact that this would be a massive undertaking.
Because of the massive scale of this new marketing campaign, the learning curve with using the QR-codes, and the lack of smart phones that are capable of using this system, it will be interesting to see if Google is able to pull this off.
Google will be needing to provide some extreme tech support and education programs to inform all of the local businesses.

Our Search Engine Marketing Specialists will run a thorough review of your website and give you detailed reports.

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