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Anyone wondering what Google’s big plans were for its self-driving cars may have just found their answer. Google was just awarded a patent for a business model to offer “free or discounted transportation to an advertiser’s business location,” reports BGR. So is the Internet giant really betting you’ll ride in their advertiser-paid, driver-less taxis? The present invention relates generally to arranging for free or discounted transportation to an advertiser’s business location.
In one example, the method also includes receiving, from the client device, a request for the selected transportation option; and arranging the selected transportation option.
Google imagines a world where you’ll take advertising bait for discounted products and a free ride pitched, for example, on your smart phone. In case you were thinking Google wouldn’t actually use their driver-less vehicles for the task, the patent clears up any confusion. If the server dispatches an autonomous vehicle, taxi, or other transportation to the customer, the customer may be required to identify him or herself to the vehicle or vehicle’s driver before using the transportation.
Time will tell whether users will buy into the concept of free personal shuttles to their discounted shopping experience. Blaze Poll: Would You Have a Rice-Sized Chip Implanted to Avoid Carrying a Wallet, Credit Cards and Keys?
If you like to advertise on Google Maps to get new customers to your store, you can do it for free now. Especially in cities with a lot of tourists, advertising on Google Maps is a great way to get new customers to your offline store. When users click on an advertisement, they see additional information such as the address, the phone number or reviews.

Millions of tourists are coming to Hawai’i every year from different locations in the world. As a local business you should advertise on Google Maps, so tourists can find your business easily and get directions to it.
Our professional AdWords Account Managers can help you to set the account and the location settings up. Mobile Marketing with dth pays for itself and gets a lot of new customers especially tourists to my location. There is free business advertising available online, however knowing where to look, which programs to use, how to set up and use them all take time to learn.
Having a website is the first step and then you can utilize the free programs that the major search engines provide, which increases your sitea€™s visibility.
If you have a business or are a professional, you need to discover the power of the Internet. Successful entrepreneurs started with an idea, a vision, and the courage to take that step of faith and make it a reality, so let's market that reality. Start with your own business, not only will you save money by marketing your products or services electronically, you will reduce the need for petroleum products and instill the idea that paperless is green.
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More specifically, the invention involves automatically comparing the cost of transportation and the potential profit from a completed transaction using a number of real-time calculations.

For example, the user may be required to show a driver’s license, enter a user name and password upon entering the vehicle, or use an RFID badge or other item to automatically provide his or her user information.
But as a reminder of how weird it might be to have a driver-less taxi, here’s Google’s test video. They wan to find the next bar with happy hour, the next restaurant with Japanese food, a surf store or a car rental place. If the user saves the business information, shares the information on Google+ or starts the navigation, Google does not charge for the click on the advertisement. A very common picture in the streets of Waikiki is people looking down on their cell phones, following the directions they are getting from Google Maps.
The world will give you exactly what you are willing to accept, are you willing to accept so little and pay so much? Google received a patent to offer a free transportation service to clients based on advertising input. Once the customer has been identified, the customer may use the dispatched transportation to reach the business location. Since August 8th Google shows advertisements at the bottom of the screen after a user performed a search.

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