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A couple of days ago I had a quick look at Test Cloud so I already kinda knew what it was, so it was nice to hear what Test Cloud is all about. Das kundigte Sundar Pichai, seines Zeichens Android-Chef bei Google, am gestrigen Abend uber Google+ mit.
Weitere Informationen sowie die Preise der begehrten Eintrittskarten sind bislang noch nicht veroffentlicht worden. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. At a lower level, in terms of actual announcements and new features, what are we hoping to see, and what is likely to come? Google is first and foremost a search company, making a lot of its money by incorporating advertising into search.
Google tends to launch Search updates at multiple times throughout the year, making updates to their algorithm (currently known as Penguin) and releasing them relatively quietly. There are a number of sessions scheduled around AdMob, Search and Cloud, with an especially large number of sessions devoted to ‘Cloud’ – not surprising, given the reliance many Google services have on a server-client architecture.
It’s pretty in-depth stuff that’s mostly going to be of interest to developers rather than the general public. Android is always one of the ‘sexy’ topics that people look forward to, and this is particularly true of the opening keynote presentation. Even without a major update, we will almost certainly see some new features announced, again likely to be delivered via an update to Play Services. What we do know is that, thanks to recent Android Open Source Project (AOSP) commits, Android will be dropping Dalvik in favour of ART as a runtime. We may also see introduction of support for 64-bit ARM processors, which we’ve already seen announced in February by Intel and soon after by Qualcomm, with products due to launch within the next 12 months. As you can see, there’s no mention of MediaTek, which probably puts the nail in the coffin of a rumoured MediaTek based sub-$100 Nexus phone.
At the initial launch, Google named Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung as partners, so we could also see something up the sleeves of Asus and HTC as well. The reference device for Android Wear is rumoured to be the LG G Watch, also rumoured be given to developers in attendance to encourage development for the nascent platform. With the Explorer program now over 12 months old, it’s time that Google lets this particular horse out of the stable. ATAP projects seem to move to their own timetable, so while we might see mention of these projects during the keynote presentation, don’t expect much by way of new information.
Android TV first showed up in April this year with an idea of what to expect from the interface. Android TV would apparently sit at the higher-end of the scale compared to Chromecast, in terms of functionality and price.

There is of course the possibility that Google can pull a Nexus Q on us and launch a product they’ve developed in secret, but it’s not likely.
At CES in January, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, a bid to take Android into the car. As the most popular web browser in the world, Chrome sees continuous updates across their four main channels (Canary, Dev, Beta and Stable). With the ChromeOS halo product (the Chromebook Pixel now 18 months old, the possibility of an update to that product has many ‘Chromies’ salivating. Non mancheranno inoltre novita sul versante Nexus e soprattutto per quanto riguarda il mondo dei wearables, che sta iniziando a popolarsi di alternative estremamente valide, considerando principalmente gli activity tracker e i veri e propri organizer da polso modellati nello stile di Apple Watch.
Obviously those who are attending the event in person will get a bit more out of the app as it has maps built into it so you can get to the sessions you want to attend at the Shoreline Amphitheater. For every event you can see who is presenting and if available, get linked up to them on Google+ or Twitter. There is one key feature for those of you who, like me, are going to be attending remotely. As you would expect, the app is free and even if you don’t plan on attending remotely or in person, it still a good app to check out as it gives you some clues as to where the company is going over the course of the next year.
Join us at Mercury on Wednesday, June 25th from 10am to 5pm to watch a live stream of the days events. Au?erdem lie? man verlauten, in diesem Jahr einen neuen Registrierungsprozess fur das Event einzufuhren, da im vergangenen Jahr kurz nach dem Anmeldestart alle Tickets restlos ausverkauft waren. Im vergangenen Jahr kostete die Teilnahme fur Entwickler 900 US-Dollar, Studenten mussten nur 300 US-Dollar zahlen. As you will see, Google has quite the space to utilize, and given this is Google we are talking about, we are sure the event will be well laid out.
It’s not sexy, so don’t expect to see much in the way of announcements at the Keynote for Search, or AdMob.
Fear not, though – we usually find out about these updates soon after they come out, and report on them when there’s interesting developments that affect your Android experience. The best thing to take away from these low-level developer and integration sessions is what it will eventually offer the end user — faster, more powerful web and mobile applications, and more portability and interoperability in data. Last year, we saw a few things announced – Google Play Music All Access, Google Play Games, Google Play for Education (which still hasn’t come out anywhere outside the US) and finally, an early version of Android Studio (the updated Android development environment, replacing Eclipse) was released. This again is further supported by recent commits to AOSP adding 64-bit support as well as new a new API naming convention. This of course ties in with Android Wear, with the fitness-focused service bringing together a combination of hardware in fitness trackers and software in phones and other wearables. It should be noted however that Chris is keeping his hopes up for a Moto 360 launch and availability!

There’s been a slew of updates for Glass, with the major update of course was the upgrade of the Glass platform to KitKat back in April. The product has had our interest piqued for a long time now, so we’ll be watching to see what happens. Google TV failed to really gain traction, and the company’s infamous Nexus Q never even made it into wide release. It would include Chromecast support as well as some form of gaming capability (or as was described, ‘an Ouya done right’). Google hasn’t been very good in recent years at keeping Nexus phones and tablets under wraps, and to date, literally nothing has been leaked that looks ready for launch. The only thing we may get is clarification on the future of the Nexus program and perhaps an announcement of the much-rumoured Android Silver program, although none of us at Ausdroid are really expecting Android Silver to dethrone the Nexus at this stage. The alliance is a partnership with manufacturers Audi, GM, Honda, and Hyundai as well as NVidia for the processor side of things. This is a new take on how we store, organise and share our bookmarks and it already leaked last month, looking as though it was ready for primetime.
Within minutes I found my self having a drinkA and talking to two nice Xamarin employees about Test Cloud, next to a huge wall of different smartphones. Deshalb plant man zur diesjahrigen Entwicklerkonferenz alle Teilnehmer per Zufallsprinzip auszuwahlen. A number of sessions will cover a range of Google products and services, showing developers how to make their products and services better and explaining new features to those who will implement them in their products. These products are well established, fairly advanced, and perform well for Google; there’s unlikely to be huge innovations here. There was also a particular emphasis placed on Google Play Services and how it would be used to bring Google Play Games to older devices still waiting for software updates, bringing that particular piece of software very much into the spotlight.
Eclipse still seems to be the development environment of choice, though I’m sure real developers will have their own opinions about the two development environments. The people of Xamarin offered to help us set up this integration and Ia€™m very excited to see the first results. These sessions will also be available for anyone on YouTube, but they’ll be uploaded to the Google Developers YouTube channel after the session. The Chromecast came out of nowhere last year to worldwide attention and success and it looks like Google is set to continue this push with Android TV.
Test Cloud in combination with TeamCity could improve the quality and stability of our products and save time in testing.

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