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If they convert fairly well, implementing a few tips can help you squeeze even more benefits from them.
To help you get started creating landing pages that work, we’ve collected the top 15 tips from conversion experts around the web.
If the ad and the landing page headline don’t match, visitors get confused and bounce immediately. The headline of your blog landing page is the first thing visitors see, so making it as powerful and compelling as possible usually makes the biggest difference in your conversion rate. Emotions spice up your landing page copy and improve conversion rate by capturing visitors’ interest and helping them relate to you, your offer, and other customers. Your call-to-action is generally considered the second biggest opportunity to improve conversion rate, after the headline.
Answering questions and calming concerns before a prospect has time to worry about them is one thing that makes a good landing page great. If your offer is well aligned with your audience, it will inherently have a lot of value for them. A good landing page has no navigation, extraneous links, or other distractions because the goal is for a visitor to convert or leave. If visitors can’t easily see or use your blog landing page on their phone or tablet, they won’t convert. It is well-documented that images of people looking toward the call-to-action boost conversion rates. A professional freelance web copywriter with several years’ experience in web marketing and SEO copywriting. Alex Designs creates custom landing pages focused on improving conversion and generating more leads. In 2009 I was introduced to the concept of having a dedicated landing page for each PPC ad. Just three years later, here we are, living in a world where almost all of the major companies like Dell, General Mills and DHL understand the necessity of using dedicated landing pages. This understanding is trickling down into small businesses as well, where smart marketers are using software, like Unbounce, to create and test dedicated landing pages.
Unfortunately, it seems that many organizations think this necessity begins and ends with Google AdWords. When it comes to creating dedicated landing pages we know there are a couple of best practices that set the standard for lifting conversion rates, whether it’s a PPC campaign or a Facebook advertisement.
Message match creates relevancy for your visitor and lets them know they are the right place. Just like with headline and offer matches, image match tells the user that he’s in the right place. I recently clicked through four Facebook ads that piqued my interest and was disappointed by the pages I landed on.
In the first three examples, the landing pages are actually custom tabs that keep the visitor within Facebook. I really like the design of this landing page a lot – it’s focused and has a big call-to-action. I would highly suggest to Walden that they create custom landing pages for each degree level to better cater to the needs of students at those levels.
Additionally the ad mentions an “online degree program” but nowhere on the landing page do I see the word “online degree” or “online classes.” If the mention of an online program is what got me to click, that is a feature I need to see highlighted right away.
The goal of this Facebook ad and corresponding landing page is to generate more “likes” for the page. When I click the ad headline I am taken to a page that says, “Be a Sustainable Traveler!” The ad had mentioned being “eco-friendly” but the landing page headline says “sustainable.” Yes, these two words can be interchangeable, but why not create cohesion by using the same word in both?
Additionally, the call-to-action “Like us to explore exciting destinations…” doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the landing page.

I love this ad for a lot of reasons: really compelling headline, great visual, and clear call to action in the body copy. The ad headline reads, “WIN a Trip to BORA BORA” while the landing page says, “BORA BORA TRIP OF A LIFETIME SWEEPSTAKES.” A simple change here so that the ad and landing page headlines are the same could improve conversions.
Additionally, if this is a lead generation campaign for DreamPlanGo, I would remove the “like” barrier to entry. First of all, the ad headline reads, “Master’s in Communication” but the headline on this landing page doesn’t match. The body copy of the ad highlights that you can graduate in as few as 18 months, but on the landing page it’s mentioned all the way near the bottom. Having successfully completed Facebook ad campaigns for a different state university, I can say first-hand that headline and image match are very important when dealing with college-aged young adults who are bombarded with ads from different universities. Kristina is a marketing consultant for AdEspresso, a Facebook ad management and optimization software company. Hi, I am not sure which templates the companies used to create their Facebook landing pages.
My fellow bloggers always say that Facebook is working out great for them, but unfortunately, it has never been so for me. Do you have any statistics to contrast the conversion metrics based on headline match and image match between the ad and the landing page. The Kids’ Corral comes complete with a welcome gate, safety fencing and a wide selection of games and activities to keep the youngsters entertained. But if they don’t do a good job of guiding visitors into your sales funnel, it’s time for some serious conversion rate optimization.
The more of them you can use in a single landing page, the better your conversion rate will be. The ad copy and the headline should be exactly the same or at least very similar to avoid confusion.
And when your headline and ad copy are exactly the same, a compelling headline helps you get more traffic in the first place, too. How much information to include on a blog landing page depends on the complexity of your offer and what you want visitors to do.
And copy that uses emotions is much more interesting to read than a bland, boring sales page. While it’s nice to collect extra information, if all you really need is an email address, that’s all you should ask for to keep your conversions high. If you give visitors other options besides fulfilling the call-to-action, your conversion rate for that page will drop.
A landing page that doesn’t respond to the device of the visitor costs you leads and sales.
Colors, font type and size, whitespace, and other design elements play a huge role in capturing interest and guiding visitors’ eyes to the call-to-action. Images and photos that point out or draw attention to the CTA send a subliminal message and help guide the visitor’s eye to the most important thing on the whole page. Since then I have tested thousands of different landing pages – for many different verticals. I saw first hand how conversion rates soar when this simple process is put into place and knew I would be an advocate for rest the rest of my professional life. The first ever Conversion Conference was held in 2010 and I was there (on behalf of my employer at the time). There seems to be a notion that Facebook ads are somehow different and dedicated landing pages aren’t necessary.
When it comes to Facebook ads, banner ads or any other medium that allows images, the landing page should contain the same image used in the ad.
I also love how the custom tab on Walden’s Facebook page is designed to look exactly like a regular landing page.

I would probably add a directional cue (such as an arrow) that points towards the “like” button up top and also experiment with making the CTA a different color so that it stands out better. If the goal is to get as many people to fill out the entry form behind the fan gate, so remove the fan gate altogether. I see important facts being pointed out in a bulleted list, the call-to-action is above the fold and stands out, I see social proof and there’s no leaky navigation. Additionally, the image used in the ad isn’t close to any of the images used on the landing page. This means you should be just as serious about getting a return on your investment as any other advertising channel. More businesses need to take advantage of the branding and networking opportunities these Apps provide! Some niches are more responsive than others and there you can have fun with multiple ways in creating a landing page. After reading this post, I’m quite sure that it was me who was wrong Learned something new and valuable by stopping and reading this post.
What you say makes sense to me from a logic standpoint but I’d love to see some hard numbers to back up the points made. The Kids’ Corral makes an excellent portable day-care zone, just add your own certified personal.
If your audience doesn’t want or need your offer, or if it doesn’t truly solve their problems, then the conversion rate of that offer’s landing page will always be dismally low.
Complex products and large purchases generally require more information to reassure prospects and overcome anxiety. When you invest in good design, make sure you use responsive design that looks good on any device. The proximity of anxiety stressors and their solutions (such as security badges near the payment section of the form) also boost conversions. Multivariate tests let you make several changes so you can see how well one combination performs over another. Additionally the offer from the ad and the one being made on the landing page must match up. You aren’t so much interested in financial aid options as you are in research concentrations and noteworthy professors you might get to work with.
Some niches are more conservative and you need to be pragmatic and fixed in creating the landing page.
Small purchases, simple products, and anything free need much less information because there’s much less consumer anxiety to overcome. A good example of communicating value is HubSpot’s blog landing page for their ebook, An Introductory Guide to Building Landing Pages. Testing your blog landing pages gives you hard proof of what works and what doesn’t, so you refine and polish until your landing pages work as hard for you as they possibly can.
Instead it references “a degree” which could be anything – a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or even an associate’s degree! However, if the goal of this campaign is simply to generate more “likes” than the fan gate makes sense. The copy is short, but the bullet points effectively show the value of downloading the ebook.

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