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In the book, Watkins, who has delivered thousands of fresh, unexpected names and taglines for all types of organizations from small businesses to enterprises worldwide, shares her rule-breaking secrets for creating effective brand names that stick.
She shows readers how evaluate a potential name using her SMILE and SCRATCH Name Evaluation Test—acronyms representing the positive and negative qualities to look for.
In “Hello My Name is Awesome,” Watkins also provides up-to-date advice, like how to make sure that Siri spells a name correctly and how to nab an available domain name.
The book, published in September, is already a best-seller and is being adopted into business school curriculums and writing programs at Stanford and UCLA.
For the past 20 years, Alexandra Watkins has been focused on enabling companies to create unforgettable brand names and taglines that make powerful emotional connections and generate revenue. Through her consultancy Eat My Words, she has delivered thousands of names and taglines that are memorable and buzz-worthy, while also being federally registrable and legally protectable.
Frequently quoted in the press, Alexandra has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Economist and was recently interviewed on Fox News.
Prior to Eat My Words, Alexandra was an advertising copywriter, working at leading ad agencies up and down the West Coast, including five years at Ogilvy and Mather, where she helped launch Microsoft Windows. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Are current apartment marketing strategies bringing in less than ten percent of your target audience? Increasing the response can be as simple as adjusting your property-marketing story to include repetition: Reach out. The next step is to turn your property-marketing story into an apartment marketing strategy.
Building trust and credibility with rental prospects, residents, outreach partners, preferred employers, and neighboring businesses is an essential step to success in your apartment marketing strategy. A rental customer’s perception of the collateral (Are your apartment flyers and posters professionally designed?) and the innovation of the theme (Is the apartment marketing idea hokey, or clever?) help a renter determine if they will benefit from participating. Apartment flyers with unique resident event themes increase attendance and showcase community amenities. Get access to the Hello Resident template library with no additional charges for multiple downloads of PDF, JPG, HTML code and live URL links. Multi-Unit Portfolio LicensePortfolio accounts with 500 or more units qualify for a corporate software license discount. As part of Raging Creations’ informational series on different facets of Internet marketing, this article deals with one of the main challenges faced by online marketers today, which is coming up with the right digital marketing mix strategy that generates optimal ROI amidst the plethora of available digital advertising channels. The digital universe is constantly undergoing evolution and transformation, driven by the emergence of new ways and means of accessing and using the Internet and the ever-increasing reliance of people on online technologies to work, learn, play and socialize.
However, this ever-shifting digital media landscape presents unique challenges for marketers who want to engage the digital consumer. Because of these unique challenges, marketers need to be able to come up with a portfolio of digital marketing channels that would ensure sales conversion among online and mobile customers at an optimal ROI.
In today’s increasingly fragmented digital environment, the main task facing digital marketers is to identify and capitalize on the right mix of digital media channels and marketing interactions that will build awareness and demand for their offerings, before the audience loses interest and bounces.
Given all of these factors, it may seem logical for marketers to select a digital marketing mix that prioritizes those channels that have the lowest cost-per-acquisition (CPA), which pertains to a channel’s ability to reach out to the most number of potential customers at the lowest cost. This synergistic effect is best illustrated by the concept of the marketing or purchase funnel, which assumes that people undergo four basic stages in becoming a customer. Marketing campaigns are generally designed to create awareness among a pool of audience, stimulate their interest in order to transform them into prospects, build up their desire in order to transform prospects into sales leads, and convert these leads into customers by taking the purchase action. According to the concept of the purchase funnel, marketing efforts or channels that serve to attract attention and generate awareness comprise the mouth of the funnel, which typically caters to the large audience pool. However, because of the nature of the offering, the timing of the marketing effort, the stage in the product lifecycle stage, as well as a host of other factors, individual marketing efforts such as advertising campaigns rarely play a static role in the purchase funnel. This is especially true in digital marketing, where a prospective customer can take so many different paths along the purchase journey. The stages in the digital purchase journey can vary greatly from one product to another, from one customer to another and from one instance to another due to a multitude of factors. However, some marketing campaigns or channels tend to function more naturally as Converters, whether by deliberate design or not, and these are often erroneously given the full credit for the sales conversion despite the fact that other campaigns and channels have also contributed in driving the customer throughout the purchase journey.
Thus, if a marketer’s main criterion in selecting the marketing campaigns or channels to include in the digital marketing mix is a low CPA, then the resulting digital marketing mix would consist mainly of Converters.
In the next section, we shall distinguish between the different problems associated with multi-channel attribution, the benefits and limitations of multi-channel attribution, and the role of web analytics in finding the optimal digital marketing mix.
With the increasing use of the internet, most businesses are subjected to a couple of inevitable benefits.
Search engine optimisation marketing can be defined as the combination of several strategies and tactics that will enable you get more traffic towards your website. In most instances, the top positions in the search engine result page attract more clicks from potential customers. By improving your website rank, millions of customers tend to believe in, and trust your site more.
Every company regardless of industry will get into business with an aim of making more profit.

A business that implements proper and effective search engine optimisation marketing skills on their websites are assured of top notch results in the long run.
Despite the top benefits, you can still get caught out if you do not have the right company to take you through this, often complex, process. MSPS Marketing & Communication presented Windows Hello, one feature of the operating system Windows 10 by Microsoft, in a campaign in which digital components have been integrated with BTL.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Some of the names she and her team have developed include Spoon Me for a frozen yogurt franchise, Bloom for an energy drink, Smitted for an ice cream parlor, Church of Cupcakes for a cupcake shop, Copilot for a ski training system, Aviator for a web browser and many more.
A sought after presenter, she has spoken at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, USF School of Management and San Francisco State, among others. Use full-color apartment flyers or posters as eye-catching advertisements in high traffic areas around your community and in preferred employer locations, neighborhood bulletin boards, libraries and colleges. Add a digital element to your property management marketing with email blasts of your apartment flyers to locators, real estate agents and multifamily housing vendors. Keeping in mind that it takes eight contacts with rental prospects to convert them into current residents, plan an apartment marketing campaign with multiple formats that allows consecutive advertising touches on a repetitive schedule. Details, such as the quality of apartment marketing materials and the theme idea of your leasing promotions, give potential participants an inkling of what to expect from your multifamily housing management team. A renter’s perception of quality apartment management is influenced by the marketing story you tell with collateral.
Creative flyers for retention, renewals, maintenance issues, and management reminders allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to create a high-quality, personalized message each time you communicate with residents with apartment flyers, which will increase your retention rates. This article discusses the need for marketers to measure and understand the individual and collective impact of their marketing efforts in multiple digital channels in order to more accurately attribute each channel’s contribution to overall conversion. Today’s generation of consumers is weaned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, chat rooms, virtual worlds, blogs and instant messaging, and is equally adept in using PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and other new forms of mobile devices. While digital marketing, also referred to as Internet marketing, remains as one of the most cost-effective means of creating a link between one’s product or service and millions of potential customers, this new type of  customer has a shorter attention span, is less tolerant of obtrusive advertising tactics, and is more discerning in their consumption experience. For the average digital marketer, this can involve any combination of search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, email campaigns, display ads for websites and mobile devices, social media engagement, and establishment of affiliate networks.
Each of these digital channels can engage one’s target customers in different ways and with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, since different people may be at different stages of the purchase process at any given moment, most marketers try to create as many marketing touch-points via different channels at each stage in order to guide them towards sales conversion. These are referred to as the Originators, due to the fact that sales conversion originates at these points. Regardless of the advertiser’s intention in designing a marketing campaign, for example, the motivations, characteristics and actions of the customer at any given time can strongly affect the impact of the campaign and influence whether it will play the role as an Originator, Assist or Converter in the purchase funnel. For example, a person may first learn of the existence of the brand because of a recurring commercial that he sees on TV.
In the example above, the customer could have been introduced to the brand via a general keyword search or through a targeted email. Without marketing campaigns or channels that effectively function as Originators to initially generate awareness and as Assists to build up interest and desire, a marketing mix has a high likelihood of failure.
Due to the stiff competition in the market today, SEO is proving to be a reliable marketing strategy that enables firms to survive. Such tactics include content focus, knowledge on keyword placement, keyword research, link building, social media marketing, and audience targeting, all with an aim of improving your website rank in the search engines. Whilst using the right search engine optimisation tactics then you can be assured of getting your website to those top positions. The rank of your website is the key factor to consider if you want to increase traffic towards your website. Offline marketing strategies such as hiring sales and marketing agents will obviously cost you more than online marketing.
However, the stiff competition in the market lowers the margin and some end up actually losing money.
You will be ranked in a better position for a remarkably longer time and be assured that your website is delivering exactly what you deserve in terms of traffic. Consider hiring an experienced yet reputable company, such as SEO Marketing Experts for SEO Marketing, in this line of specialisation and you will have nothing to regret. Technology lovers could test the original application, Hello App, along with the devices on Windows 10 stands located in Baneasa Shopping City.The campaign was developed around the latest Microsoft security system, Windows Hello, available to all users of Windows 10 and it's remarkable capability of Face Recognition. The magazine recommends that every entrepreneur read the groundbreaking books on their list for how to market themselves, their product, and their company.
Spread the theme idea across the market in many different formats to keep the message consistent, as well as coordinated.  Do you know how your target audience prefers to receive information? Keep the apartment marketing idea big and simple here: Your leasing theme illustrated with a great photograph, bold colors and a call-to-action is enough to draw in rental customers. This highly fragmented, social network-driven digital universe allows people to live their online and offline lives seamlessly and simultaneously. In addition, the sheer diversity of available digital media channels and the proliferation of different kinds of online devices make it costly and impractical for most marketers to simply adopt a mass marketing approach despite their relative economy compared to traditional media.

Of course, this is in addition to the marketer’s efforts in traditional channels such as TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising, which still remains an important part of the overall marketing strategy for most companies. Some digital channels may be able to reach out to a wider pool of audience while others may be able to reach out to a smaller audience that consists of more of the right type of customers. However, while this may seem to be an attractive perspective, in reality, advertising channels, digital or otherwise, do not work in individual isolation.
Thus, some marketing efforts are specifically designed to attract attention and create awareness that a particular offering or brand exists so that it comes to mind the next time the need comes up, some are designed to build up on the initial awareness and generate interest and desire, and some are meant to be a direct call for action. On the other hand, those marketing efforts that help to build up on the existing awareness to generate interest and desire comprise the middle part of the funnel, and they are referred to as the Assists. Then later, he may gain an impression from a banner advertisement about the brand in his favorite blog site. He could have been referred to the shopping cart in the company website by clicking a link in an affiliate website where a review of the product was featured. Meanwhile, since the acquisition and conversion are often not attributed to Originators and Assists, they would tend to have higher CPAs compared to Converters.
Simply put, it is unwise to focus on generating conversions without first promoting awareness and building up interest and desire.
Considering that more than 80% of shoppers start their product search online, there are justified reasons why every business should have the right technology that will effectively increase productivity. Using an attractive meta-description and a wise choice and placement of keywords play a significant role to help you get your page ranked higher. The more people you convince to click your website, the higher your chances of attracting potential buyers. On the other hand, the number of customers search engine optimisation marketing can reach is significantly larger than what sales agents can reach. To earn a positive reputation and be perceived as more trustworthy, make an effort of updating only quality content that will keep your readers yearning for more.
This will result in you managing to save some cash since you will reduce your expenses on advertisements.
MSPS Marketing & Communication brought the consumers closer to this technology by attending the Microsoft islands in Baneasa mall, using it in the Hello App. Do your apartment residents follow you on Twitter or like you on your apartment community Facebook page and follow your Pinterest pins?
In addition, implementing an ad campaign for different kinds of digital channels involve different cost considerations.
Rather, each channel has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, and they can positively impact other channels and create a synergistic effect that is stronger the sum of their individual impact.
Finally, those that convert the interest and desire into actual purchase action represent the narrow end of the funnel and are referred to as the Converters. With his interest about the brand piqued, he may later conduct a search and visit several review sites in order to gather more information about the product. Or he could have seen the TV commercial and directly navigated to the company website using the URL displayed on screen. In order to avoid this situation, digital marketers must be able to understand the interplay between the various campaigns and channels at work and how to properly credit the individual contribution of each one. Having a website and creating a related domain name is the first step one should take in order to incorporate search strategies and feel the rewards of those top benefits. Your business becomes exposed to the entire world and you can easily sell your products to anyone from any place across the globe. With millions of people using the internet, you can easily reach thousands of potential customers at a relatively low price.
For such reasons, you are able to create brand awareness among millions of web users interested in your line of business. With search skills, you are able to increase your return on capital, which reflects to better pay. With the right marketing tactic, you can incorporate your old content into the latest update and still make it useable for your customers. If the answer to these questions is yes, you will benefit from electronic images to post and display on your multifamily housing social media platforms. Finally deciding to purchase the product, he may then click on the company’s search ad announcing a promotional offer, which takes him to the shopping cart in the company website. The implication is that that an individual marketing effort or campaign, such as an advertisement in a particular channel, may at times function as an Originator, an Assist or as a Converter, or all at once, depending on the specific circumstances. However, most of us due to ignorance and lack of information are locked out from these benefits. Improved search engine rank and high traffic creates more customers who help to boost your total sales.

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