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Illient: Download the Free 30-Day Trial Version of SysAid Help Desk Software and Asset Management here at Illient. Help Desk Pilot: Download Help Desk Software for your business here at HelpDeskPilot. Manage Engine: it is a web based, help desk software with Knowledge base, self service portal, asset management and ITIL processes.
Live help Now: Their Customer Service Software is suite for live help desk online services to include live chat, email to ticket system, and self searchable, brandable and other features. Typically, many helpdesk software programs become more costly as the options for customization increase, making them unattainable for small to mid-sized organizations.
The customization options of Help Desk Software are feature rich with extensive customization capabilities.
Make all of your help desk windows – such as people, organizations, groups, assets, tickets or change requests – easier to use with a simplified drag and drop interface.
If you frequently use certain features of Help Desk Software, you can consecutive tasks into “custom actions” to avoid having to change the same few fields repeatedly. Custom fields are another way for the help desk software to remember ticket tasks, people, change requests and to become better organized.

Customize your workflow to provide more effective communication and efficiency through escalation, notification or tailored rules. This empowers help desk staff to effectively manage trouble ticket requests with a proven, scalable and flexible solution that shortens the lifecycle of IT help desk issues. Help Desk Tecnology international Corporation is in the service management solutions since 1988.
Ours is highly customizable with a field builder that can be custom designed to the preferences of your company’s needs.
You can set the number of custom templates for ticket entries, ticket tasks, ticket agents, and change request tasks, and more. Help Desk Software gives you a flexible solution with colorful themes and useful dropdown menus in a choice of five color themes that can be set by each user to meet their individual tastes and preferences.
This allows you to manage your support services more efficiently, treating each and every incoming request as a unique, traceable ticket.
Check out their Core Competencies, Service Automation, and Innovative Applications here at Help Star.
This gives you more control and greater organization of your tickets by allowing you to rearrange windows, fields, data and create multiple templates with default data that will have you already set up before even handling the customer’s request.

These templates give you more options for viewing, searching and positioning of default data. It is designed to improve efficiency for less and works well for most small to mid-sized organizations. Faster data entry for common issues, upgrades, changes, assets and more cuts down on data entry and gives you the power to provide faster service to your customers.
The text fields can be one word, line, characters or even a dropdown choice and you can allocate shortcuts for designated fields. If desired, you can even have the WonderDesk automatically assign a help desk call to a specific technician based on the specific category or subcategory.

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