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As a part of the production boost, Samsung decided that start from 2013, Only flagships (High-end) Smartphones will pack a SuperAMOLED Display panels.
Another barrier to Apple iPhone adoption in China comes from the direct-to consumer approach to selling Smartphone devices.  The subsidized business model is not as popular in China and Samsung and others are selling lower cost devices in the sub-$100 price range and still making a profit.
However in the global market with world-class competition, and a savvy rival Samsung dominating the world’s largest market, Apple would  be well advised to get moving with TD-SCDMA wireless support. Well, Samsung might just want to create a feeling of exclusivity to its AMOLED flagships devices.
While LCD uses a light source and liquid crystals, AMOLED screens are based on organic diodes.

Blacks are usually deeper on AMOLED, and thus contrast ratio is much higher, but recent developments in LCD have pretty much closed the gap otherwise in color saturation and viewing angles. In order to download any of these Hi Tech wallpapers, simply click on the background below.As previously mentioned in one of the blog posts regarding blue wallpapers,  blue color signifies technology and in most of the Hi Tech wallpapers you would find a heavy use of the blue color in lighter as well as darker shades. On the downside, AMOLEDs tend to have a blueish tint instead of displaying perfect white, an issue not seen on LCD screens.
The fancy gadgets we hold have  processors to and SD cards which makes data storage and transfer easier. Hi Tech Wallpapers are all about celebrating these contributions of technology in our society.Advertisement Im sure those of you, who never were technology freaks will become one after looking at these amazing HI Tech wallpapers.

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