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Baraha supports Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese and Oriya languages. Baraha can be used to create Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Email, Blog, Website, Database in Indian languages.
A standard Hindi typing keyboard (Remington keyboard) layout with the hindi font Devlys and Kruti Dev.
Remington GAIL layout used with unicode font like Mangal, Aparajita, Arial Unicode MS, Akshar or many more. Inscript keyboard is the new keyboard designed for Indian Language Typing this format supports up to 12 indian language typing. Inscript Keyboard Layout is already available in your windows operating system; you have to enable Hindi Inscript Keyboard in Window Operating System. In todays time we spent or more time on mobiles phones specially Android smart phone, Your android smart phone also support Hindi keyboard. Step 7: After Selecting Hindi you will find a little window appear like this on the corner at date and time display.
Step 8: Now click on keyboard option you will find many keyboard options, Select one of your choice and Type in Hindi. Step 9: Select any Hindi keyboard you want to type in hindi and Open MS word and start typing. Baishakhi Keyboard is an utility that can be used for typing text in Bangla, which can prove useful to any Indian who lives abroad, as well as persons who intend on learning this language on their own.
After a smooth installation process and the mandatory computer restart, Baishakhi Keyboard is ready to help you write in Bangla by making use of one of the five keyboard layouts it sets up on your PC.
Thanks to the five available keyboard layouts that it implements, this application can address the needs, requirements and typing practices of any user. But first you have to reset your Baraha product key before using it to register again on the new computer.

Remington Hindi keyboard is used in government typing examination such as Informatic Assistant in Rajasthan. In many govt examination Remington Gail keyboard layout is used like - SSC, CRPF, CISF, CPCT etc. It's not a popular keyboard for hindi typing and also more difficult to learn hindi typing with Inscript hindi keyboard.
Phonetic means "Type as you Speak", All Hindi Transliteration software works on Phonetic Keyboard, If you are not know Hindi Typing then you can type with phonetic keyboard layout. You can download free Hindi Keyboard App for Android mobile it will work on tranliteration system and type in Hindi from English. The tray icon provides a fast and convenient way to view a graphical representation of the layout and learn how all the symbols and characters are arranged. All the layouts are compatible with the Unicode 6.1 standard, which means that a document written with the help of Baishakhi Keyboard can be opened and viewed on a system that has Bangla fonts installed. Along with this layout, there are other four input methods at your disposal, namely Baishakhi Inscript, Uni- Gitanjali, Toptype and Webel. Furthermore, it offers accessibility to viewing how the letters and symbols are displayed on each keyboard type, proving to be a handy tool in the learning process.
When you buy a new computer, or change computer, you can freely transfer Baraha software from old computer to new computer. Trial key enables you to access full functionality of Baraha software for a period of 30 days, after which it becomes demo mode.3) If you didn't do any of the above, then you are running demo mode.
Use Hindi typing tutor to learn typing with Hindi keyboard it will help you lot to get success in your typing test examination. Its the simplest method for Hindi Typing Without learning any keyboard lauout or practising. Switching to another keyboard layout is easily done by clicking on the language symbol in the taskbar and choosing the desired option from the revealed list.

You can download and use Baraha in trial mode and explore the features of every editor in order to decide which package to buy.Baraha is a text editor for Indian languages. Inscript keyboard works with Mangal Hindi font that is used in SSC Exams for Typing Test and Stenography test. Baraha editor has basic word-processor features such as page layout, print, find-replace, multi-columns, fonts. Baraha editor can also be used for learning Indian languages, braille transcription, vedic scriptures, and musical notes. Baraha is a standalone editor and doesn't require any other software such as MS Word.BarahaPad is Unicode based text editor. BarahaPad offers many different keyboard layouts that are useful for both beginner and expert User.
BarahaPad supports print, find-replace, fonts, spell checking, sorting and conversion of text from one script to another. BarahaPad is integrated with Google translate and is very useful if you do translation work in Indian languages. BarahaPad is a standalone editor and doesn't require any other software such as MS Word.BarahaIME (Input Method Editor) enables you to type Indian language text in programs such as MS Office, Open Office, Browsers, text editors. BarahaIME offers many different keyboard layouts that are useful for both beginner and expert User.

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