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Okay, maybe you’re sitting on a beach sifting sand through your toes, snow and mistletoe are the furthest thing from your mind. Holidays are a big deal online and on mobile devices and the number of businesses using social media to market during the holidays continues to grow. How should Marketers take advantage of these predictions and sync their holiday marketing strategy with their customers?
Start with a thorough review of your holiday campaign from last year to determine what should be repeated, tweaked or avoided. With built-in followers on social media, use your social channels to promote upcoming holiday specials.
92 percent of the marketers surveyed say they will allocate the majority of their social media holiday budgets to Facebook. When should you start and what are some tips for effectively using Facebook to market your business?
Ask your customers to post a review and analyze their engagement and interaction to your product or service. Tweet using a unique hashtag like #holidaydeals, #holidaysavings, #blackfriday, #cybermonday. Tweet with images like your store’s holiday decor, products, or customers and employees enjoying an in-store event; draw attention to your brand’s story. Create a holiday greeting or product video on YouTube or Vine and upload to your business account. According to Oracle blog, a market leader in email and cross-channel marketing analysis, the first mention of Christmas in holiday messages is July. Draft compelling content for your email newsletters; strategically create subject lines with captivating “calls to action” so your email stands out amidst the deluge of the competitions. The holiday season brings new opportunities and avenues for businesses to engage with their audience across multiple platforms. Leave a CommentIt may not feel like the holiday season quite yet, but soon enough Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be upon us.
Guarantee your local business gets a piece of the pie this year by going into Q4 with a holiday marketing strategy that will reach consumers in your area and bring them into your store. The type of shopping done during the holiday season is entirely different from everyday shopping (even smaller holiday shopping, such as Labor Day and Memorial Day).
The key to driving traffic and increasing sales during the holiday shopping season is knowing exactly who your target audience is and marketing to them well in advance of the holiday season (and, no, I’m not referring to September Santa and Christmas tree decor).
Once you have defined your target market, you should set up a long-term marketing strategy that includes how you will reach customers before, during and after the holiday season. By continually messaging your audience, you keep your business top-of-mind during the entire customer journey, whether they are creating wish lists for Santa or buying gifts. If having a storewide discount doesn’t make sense for your local business, consider having a one-day storewide sale on Black Friday.
As much as people criticize Black Friday, 22% of consumers brave the crowds and go shopping on this infamous day.
While I don’t suggest you open your store at 5 pm on Thanksgiving, your holiday marketing strategy should plan for extended hours and special sales on Black Friday in order to capture shoppers who are ready, willing and eager to spend.
As a local business this gives you a competitive edge, but only if consumers in your area know about your business! One way to quickly build brand awareness with a new audience is with online advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) or social media campaigns.

Social media advertising can also be an extremely effective tactic to add to your local business’s holiday marketing repertoire. From planning what stores to visit, to comparison shopping in-store for products, mobile devices are playing a larger role in the customer journey and decision-making process. Leaving mobile out of your overall marketing strategy is the equivalent of limiting your holiday sales before the season even begins (yikes!). To incorporate mobile into your holiday marketing plans, consider running an online mobile-exclusive coupon or discount that requires a customer to redeem in-store. In addition to being accessible on every device, you want your local business to be present on all online platforms — social media included. 65% of shoppers use social media to find the perfect gift, so help them accomplish that task — in your store, of course. Managing your social media posts should be the easiest part of your holiday marketing, especially if you use a tool such as LocalVox Social. Holiday shoppers don’t always know what they are planning to purchase and often seek out guidance and direction regarding certain products and services that they might give as a gift. How many times have you gone into the holiday season and not know what to get for your dad, employees or friends?
For example, if you are a hair salon, you could partner with the nail salon down the street and agree to put business cards, brochures and flyers in the customer waiting area. Lots of local businesses have successfully managed their holiday marketing strategy (and grown sales) by using the LocalVox platform.
But, major brands have started to jingle their holiday bells. Hallmark Channel is in the midst of their annual Countdown to Christmas celebration. Reach out to your customers, market your social channels, and stand out with e-mail messaging.
Brands start pitching holiday promotions as early as September, followed by a heavy spike in mid-October. When and what type of marketing are they doing on social media, make adjustments to your holiday schedule if appropriate.
Use a tag to invite your local followers to tweet parties and discuss gift ideas with your target audience.
If you host a holiday contest, make sure that your contest rules are clearly posted on your board or profile and that you follow the updated Pinterest Brand Guidelines.
Companies that consider starting early will be well positioned for a successful holiday marketing season. According to the National Retail Federation, the average consumer spent $800+ during the 2014 holiday season and 20 to 40% of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place during the last two months of the year. All these holidays make having a strong holiday marketing strategy essential for your business. The sheer volume of consumers that are shopping, combined with the wide variety of products and services they are seeking out (many of which are gifts), makes the Q4 shopping season a prime time to meet sales goals — if you can drive traffic to your store. Businesses that communicate with their target audience year-round have more successful holiday marketing campaigns (and, thus, sales) because they took the time to build relationships with shoppers. Below are some of the top holiday marketing ideas that your local business can use to to compete with big name stores (that have the ability to offer equally as big discounts) and keep your business top-of-mind with consumers.

PPC campaigns have been shown to increase awareness of a business by 63%, making it an ideal channel to help you reach a new audience (quickly!) before the holiday shopping season even begins.
29% of consumers have gone on to purchase from a local business after seeing an ad on Facebook. I recommend The Berry Company because every customer receives a dedicated marketing manager (that you are on a first name basis with!). 82% of consumers report that use mobile devices while they shop and one of the main things they are searching for is store information.
Make sure your company website is mobile-friendly and is easy for a customer to use from any type of device.
When a shopper receives your mobile coupon, they’ll add it to their Passbook and add your business to their list of places to shop at during the holiday season. LocalVox Social lets you manage all your social media profiles from one central dashboard and helps you prioritize your social media activities. Partnerships with other local businesses will spread awareness about your business to a new audience of highly qualified buyers. Get creative with your partnerships, but make sure that you go in with clear objectives that you want to accomplish in mind.
It’s important that your business is top-of-mind when consumers start thinking about holiday shopping so that you make the list of places they need to visit. Check out our webinar, next Thursday October 1st, to find out how to maximize your holiday sales to end the year strong. For many small businesses, the months leading up to the holidays are the “make or break” season for their year-end business goals. QVC opened up their 2015 campaign, celebrating a month long preview of holiday products with their Christmas in July(R) on-air and online promotions. With advance planning and a well-thought out holiday marketing strategy you can position your business to ring in the holiday season with a minimum of stress and sleigh full of success.
Mid-November sees campaigns take a dip in participation, but activity spikes again from the end of November through December. In fact, research shows that 41% of consumers prefer storewide discounts vs. other types of holiday promotions.
From mobile coupons to new partnerships, your small business holiday marketing efforts matter and will directly influence your year-end sales. Ask customers to make a “wish list,” preview holiday products, or order your holiday catalog. Pre-planning and strategizing your holiday campaign now gives you time to map out how you want to reach your customers and when. If you’re in a service industry, promote upcoming holiday specials like holiday room reservations and parties.

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