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A dynamic, results-oriented Restaurant Manager offering focused leadership to drive sales and profitability in highly competitive markets.
Noted for outstanding communications skills, both with guests and staff; resolve problems quickly and equitably to ensure happy customers and happy employees.
Contributed to store's recognition as most profitable in 41-store chain, maintaining gross profit at 48%.
Initiated three-month in-house customer service contest for busers, servers and hosts to effect continuous improvements in service scores. Introduced a wine seminar for servers, strengthening knowledge of offerings, which dramatically increased wine sales. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
On the Job: Flextime is a finicky issue for Women, Men according to new research and this article in USA Today by Anita Bruzzese, Gannett.
According to the Glass Hammer The Glass Ceiling is Real–Why are Leaders Taking So Long to Get Rid of It based on a survey of 1000 Americans. From the Department of Labor Blog Miss Utah’s Question is Worth Answering details resources for women regarding pay and the workplace, in addition to sharing history and statistics on why closing the wage gap is important. What Women Want: Equal Pay from the US Department of Labor by Laura Fortman and Latifa Lyles and Patricia Shiu shares the history of the Equal Pay Act, and the challenges facing women today. Progress at work, but mothers still pay a price from NYTimes shares a riddle and some key facts that need to be addressed in the workplace. The World’s Most Powerful Women 2013 from Forbes ranks women including elected officials, entrepreneurs, CEOs and entertainers.
How Women Redefine Power via SmartBlog on Leadership shares 10 takeaways from the Forbes Leadership Summit. Someday we hope to be on The 50 Fastest Growing Woman-Led Companies List, but for now are excited for these amazing women! This is the Century for Gender Equality from shares information on some great policies and projects to empower women worldwide! Why Both the Dems and the GOP Now Think Voters Prefer Female Candidates as featured in the Atlantic by Molly Barr gives insight into the current political landscape.
Female Executives See Barriers to Future Leaders according to this article originally posted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Kathy Caprino lists the Top 6 Reasons Women are not Leading in Corporate America As We Need Them To via Forbes. In this article, Female auto engineers make marks while outnumbered, from USA Today highlights several female auto engineers and the value they are adding to their companies and customers.
Institutional investors are pushing for Russell 1000 Index organiztions to add women to board positions according to aiCIO. The Top 10 Best Companies for Women in 2013 via Forbes features best in class companies at advancing women. The Right Way to Keep Mothers in the Workforce via ForbesWoman was clearly written by someone who gets it–if only more employers would, too. Women in the Boardroom: Focus on the Solutions from the Glass Hammer presents a great business case for more women on boards.

Excellent article on factors in boardroom diversity entitled Few Women on Boards: Is There A Fix? A recent study proposes a fix to gender bias in the interview process as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The Glass Grid: What Really Holds Women Back from Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead by Bonnie Marcus. Speaking up for Success details why communication skills are important and how it influences morale, performance and profit. Measuring performance in the trucking industry is critical to forecasting success – or failure.  According to The Journal of Commerce Top 50 Trucking Companies list, the largest trucking companies set a revenue record in 2012.  The question is – did the record revenue result in record profits? Trucking companies typically capture data regarding the loads, drivers, miles, etc.  However, how that data is compiled and used to drive performance makes the difference between success or failure in this industry.
Over the past five years, Focus Management Group has worked with a variety of trucking companies to improve their performance and their relationship with their lenders.  Key to success has been implementing a key performance indicator (KPI) report and using the information to better manage performance. To successfully manage a trucking company today, utilizing a monthly and weekly KPI is critical for success. Once this monthly and weekly tracking is established, the results direct management and stakeholders, to areas requiring further review and performance changes.
Once a KPI process was initiated, areas for operating performance were clearly revealed.  This resulted in the company changing areas of its performance to help itself, while also asking the lenders to agree to a short term restructuring.
At the same time, a weekly cash flow, including budget to actual performance monitoring, was initiated enabling the company to see how its cash was collected and spent each week. In this example, the lenders agreed to a short term restructuring, which allowed the company to initiate the KPI and weekly cash flow monitoring.  This in turn resulted in changes which improved performance, resulting in the company being sold, and the lenders receiving a full payout. To learn more about Focus’s capabilities in this industry please contact our Tampa Headquarters at (813) 281-0062. Juanita Schwartzkopf outlines her involvement in the positive growth and international expansion of MediGain. At Carroll Business Systems it is our mission to provide the finest technology available for the hospitality industry, install it as efficiently as possible, and continue to consult our customers to enable them to be as profitable as possible. Whether you are a small independent operator, a large international chain, or anywhere in between, the MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) solution adapts to the needs of your business. With high employee turnover, increasing product costs and customer sensitivity, the pres- sure keeps building to increase margins and serve a better product. Whether you are an independent restaurant or an international chain, full service, counter service, or a combination, the MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) for Table Service Restaurants (TSR) solution adapts to your way of doing business in ways no other system can. The foundation of MICROS RES TSR is the MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale (POS) system, MICROS’s most popular restaurant POS solution that is both powerful and flexible. MICROS Large Enterprise System is the most powerful system available for Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Stadiums, Event Facilities, and large scale Restaurant Operations on a Wide Area Network. As featured in the Guardian, by Sadhbh Waishe, this article points out some advantages the developing world has over the developed Western World. These organizations are making a concerted effort in promoting women and providing training, mentorships, and career planning. Did America Just Elect Its First Women President by Meghan Casserly for Forbes is a great introduction on the women to watch for the 2016 Election Race.

If so, check out this feature entitled A Job Share Proposal Your Employer Can’t Refuse. The weekly tracking may be an abbreiviated version of the monthly tracking.Tracking, looking for early indicators of potential problems. Before this KPI process was initiated, departments within the trucking company readily explained away performance issues, or blamed other areas, timing, etc. Developed to integrate with every level of your business, MICROS RES QSR was designed to make your business more efficient and profitable.
MICROS is leveraging its unique position as both a software developer and a hardware manufacturer to provide an unprecedented value proposition. MICROS RES TSR is a complete restaurant POS software solution that adapts to the way you run your business, with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. When security, data integrity, easy software deployment, and real-time business intelligence top your list of POS requirements, the MICROS RES TSR is your solution. If you are a large Hospitality or Leisure & Entertainment facility operator needing a Large Enterprise Solution, MICROS has proven results. Our associates are seasoned professionals from the hospitality and retail industries as well as the management information field.
The foundation of MICROS RES QSR is the MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale (POS) system, MICROS’s most popular restaurant POS solution. MICROS RES TSR is helping operations become more efficient and more profitable because it gives you instant access to the information you need to be successful. Installations range from small specialized operations to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties over large geographical areas. Once the KPI process was implemented and a performance history was established, the excuses stopped and performance improvement happened. Added to this is our close working relationships with the industry’s leading software and hardware suppliers. Faster, easier, smarter, and more secure than any other system on the market, MICROS RES QSR is both powerful and flexible. MICROS is one of the most widely used point-of-sale solutions in the leisure and entertainment market. The result is a premier point-of-sale (POS) and back-office system uniquely designed for your business from a company covering a three state region that is one of MICROS’s oldest and largest resellers. In every aspect of your business, MICROS RES QSR provides you with the information you need to be successful.
Whether you operate one restaurant or hundreds, MICROS has years of industry experience, with a feature set to meet the demands of all aspects of the large enterprise hospitality industry, from high volume operations such as Resorts and Casinos, to specialty dining Restaurants and retail operations, to large food service operations spanning multiple markets.

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