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Doctors who wrote medical notes over the weekend excusing protesters at the Wisconsin Capitol from work are getting slammed with angry phone calls and profane e-mails from people telling them they deserve to be thrown in jail, one doctor said Sunday. The doctors were stunned by the backlash and helping out and they are NOT political activists??? High School Students have no idea why they are protesting – Can you say indoctrination and pawns? Imagine the press this would have received if the Republican Party supports would have done this? Anyone who spends enough time on The Car Lounge has doubtlessly seen numerous threads and posts with all manner of Volkswagens, Subarus, Hondas and (ugh) Miatas with improbably low ride heights, low offset BBS RS wheels in all colours of the Popsicle rainbow, roof racks and even rusted body parts. While the Bauhaus was an intellectual, as well as an aesthetic movement, seeking to embody Communist principles by designing minimalist housing for the working class, the aspirations of the stance movement is much more vacuous. People are quick to point fingers at the Volkswagen crowd for this trend, but I can remember far back to the early 2000’s, before drifting was on the radar of most of America, a time when I truly believed that the Nissan 240SX was the answer to all automotive questions, if not one of the best cars ever made. Setting up a car for drifting is usually ass-backwards to what actually makes a car handle. Even more offensive are the rusted hoods and corroded body panels present on some cars, serving as the pre-ripped and distressed jeans of the automotive world. The Stance movement is symbolic for our collective superficiality, desiring not what works well or brings us enjoyment, but what looks good standing still in a magazine. On the other hand, it’s hard to take pictures at a track day, although you might be able to take a boring in-car video with the right equipment.

Stephen Sondheim Quote“The worst thing you can do is censor yourself as the pencil hits the paper.
Maybe it will fly in California, but in Toronto, with roads like the surface of the Moon and 6 months of snow, this style is impractical if not unfeasible.
The look is miles ahead of the Wings West and JC Whitney aesthetic that was popular for most of the last decade, and has its own appeal. The trend among drifters Japan (aka The Gospel according to Christ himself) was to have a low-riding car with low offset, wide wheels, pulled fenders (flares and body kits were not in style yet) and excessive negative camber, all of which was done in the name of easily breaking traction and then holding the slide. Still, it has managed to permeate the collective consciousness of young car enthusiasts, who are unaware that buying coilovers with absurdly stiff springs doesn’t actually make a car handle well, but rather masks the deficiencies of a poorly designed car. As someone who lives in a snowy climate and is Woody Allen-neurotic about keeping the salt off his car, this trend offends me to no end. Below a certain ride height and beyond a certain offset, the geometry of the suspension and steering goes out the window, and the car rides like a bag of sloppy dicks. Slamming the car and throwing on a new set of wheels is something that can easily be bragged about on forums, you can take pictures of it and broadcast it to the world and enjoy the affirmation from a tribe of like-minded people whose automotive raison d’etre is to have the lowest car and the deepest wheels, and then go to gatherings to talk about it. You need to mechanical know-how to do any of this, just enough money to buy some rims, rent a fender roller, and whatever crap coilovers you can find on Ebay that will drop your car to the ground.
Jeep will bild 50 serialized production Wranglers based on the Red Rock Concept as a tribute.. The visual symmetry of a flush fitting wheel is pleasing, and the low ride height and lack of any adornments to the bodywork is aggressive, muscular and simple, a sort of pumped up automotive Bauhaus.

Seeing 240SXs, AE86 Corollas and other RWD Japanese cars outfitted this way became the norm, and they added a certain panache to the otherwise boring, derivative designs penned by salarymen stylists.
When drifting blew up, the look became widespread among all cars, even front wheel drive vehicles that had no business wearing a wheel that had an offset close to zero. I would gladly trade someone a rusty, snow belt car for a clean shell from an arid climate, but rust bubbles and oxidization don’t have the ironic, intentionally impoverished cachet that a fender doused in turpentine does.
The Miata’s biggest flaw is the lack of suspension travel, and lowering the car exacerbates the problem. You don’t even need to be a good driver, because most of the time your car is parked. Quite often, you’ll find that cool Japanese parts are actually crap, and the boring, off-the-shelf stuff from the Tire Rack is usually more than adequate.
Thankfully, today we’ve got the Princesses dressed up in Halloween costumes by artist Isaiah Stephens.
Sure, not as cool as an all you can eat buffet where they shovel the food in your mouth for you so all you have to do is sit back and swallow, but what is?

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