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You can focus on just selling our flagship product Makeup Eraser or sharing our expanded offerings coming Summer 2015.Makeup Eraser offers lots of incentives including monetary bonus, free Makeup Erasers and even a chance to earn a FREE CRUISE to the Bahamas and even a Tesla Car!
The free Affiliate Program is a great way to start your business with this entrepreneurial company!As an Affiliate, you?ll earn $4 for each Makeup Eraser sold via your free website and you can purchase Makeup Erasers to sell in-person at a special bulk rate.
You can?t recruit or build a team or set up retail accounts, but it?s an easy way to ?kick the tires? Click on the previous link and select the Free Affiliate Program option.Interested, but not sure yet?

Contact me!Free WebsiteYour website will be live as soon as you enroll, so figure out what you would like for a website name. I want to help you succeed and I’m readily available for any questions you have and to offer you help.I joined in August 2014 and have already promoted to National Sales Director- only about 30 in the company have achieved this 3rd tier level, placing me in the top 2%!
My team of ladies AND guys are in more than 18 states including Texas, New Jersey, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, New York, Nevada and Georgia.
Check out the Makeup Eraser retail program and learn about special pricing.Recent Ready to Earn Free Trip to Mexico?

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