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Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro: Professional CD+G Karaoke software to create your own CDG karaoke song and convert MIDI KAR to CDG karaoke. There is a program called Karaoke DVD Burner that is designed for placing CD+G song tracks on a DVD disc.
Once you have your favorite karaoke videos saved to your computer it's time to create a DVD of them. One the burn process has completed you will receive the Burn process has completed successfully message.
Karaoke Video Creator is an easy-to-use software to create karaoke songs in video (AVI and MPEG) format.
You may use any MP3 or WAV file as a karaoke soundtrack, you may even use Power Vocal Remover to remove lead vocal from many non-karaoke CD recordings. Advanced options allow to fine-tune video karaoke tracks (you may insert background images and videos, create title and credits screen, change font, display images and more). Our video karaoke maker duets feature allows to create a video that two singers can sing at the same time. Create a karaoke video from scratch - our Karaoke Video Creator makes it as easy as it gets. MIDI files are ideally suited for karaoke - they do not contain vocals, and they can be easily found on the Internet.

You can play these on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, but did you know that you can create a DVD disc that contains hundreds of these videos? At this site you simply paste the YouTube karaoke video link into the form field, select avi as the format to convert to, and click the convert button.
Only uncheck the Delete files after burning box if you plan on burning more than one copy of the DVD. The style editor is not complicated and lets you change the background, colors, fonts, and navigation icons. If you don't have a lot of songs, or simply want them all displayed in one large list, then simply uncheck the Create folders box and continue to the step of adding songs.
If you elected to not create folders you would have unchecked the Create folders box and the folder pane would not be visible. It allows to create karaoke videos from scratch or can import CD+G karaoke songs or KAR (MIDI Karaoke) files (a tool for MIDI karaoke searching on the Web is included).
Discounts are available for current customers ($10 off) and when upgrading from Power Video Karaoke ($40 off). The limitations of the trial version are that only 1 minute of the song will be converted and a banner will be displayed over the lyrics and on menu screens. The fasted burn speed is typically the best setting but may be reduced if errors occur during the burn process.

The most common file extension for MIDI Karaoke files is KAR, but many MID files also contain lyrics. It even provides a video search engine that lets you easily locate and convert karaoke videos.
When you purchase the program you will receive an unlock code that removes all the limitations.
If you did chose to create folders you will add the song files to their appropriate folders.
It is recommended that you start this process right before you are going to be away from the computer for the day or right before you go to bed. There are programs that will do this but there are also websites that will download and convert YouTube videos for free. To do this start by right clicking on the word Karaoke in the left pane and click on Change folder name.
Repeat this procedure over and over until all the songs have been added to their respective folders.

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