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Apart from a new workstation keyboard (well-covered by Synthtopia), the hardware news from Korg today is all about making the microKORG line more appealing to customers. The microKORG XL+ is, in terms of specifications, basically the same keyboard you might have bought when the first model came out in 2008.
I think we’re all disappointed because inside our hearts we wanted that maxitribe thing somebody photoshopped a couple of days ago! Is anyone else let down that Korg didn’t do the obvious next step and put expanded Monotribe analog goodness in a MicroKorg chassis?
CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more. CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Left Field Labs’ Music Drop allows you to create your very own tune, which will then be 3D printed and shipped to you, allowing you to marvel at the wonders of modern technology, and replay the tune every time you crank the handle.
Left Field Labs is bringing the past, present, and future together into the tiny Music Drop. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Music Drop, the free print and ship option has been disabled.
Travis is an all around geek with a love for technology and he has been involved with 3D printing for several years. Pioneer, that best-known brand of DJ hardware, wants you to use hardware alongside software.
Pioneer is taking hardware effects and packing them in a package you can use with software or on its own. The whole thing is customizable, says Pioneer, so much so that they’ll also provide for download presets by DJs Chuckie, Kissy Sell Out, Kutski, James Zabiela, Doorly, and Laidback Luke, in a play to some name recognition for DJ youngsters. Now, those names aren’t going to make everyone happy, but where the box looks impressive is in the effects macro department. So what does this do that I can’t already do with traktor or other existing equipment?
That brings up the idea of cloning what’s good about this interface and adapting it to other platforms. I think Kaoss pads have known output volume issues and the Pioneer probably has better sound hardware on board, but it is still too expensive.
One of the most popular and lovely is Michael Kors iPhone Cases the Invicta Women’s Square Angel Diamond Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, as it is square shaped and has beautiful diamond accents in the diamond encrusted stainless steel surrounding. It’s been asked over and over again: can a simpler software tool attract more people to music making?
I love the minimalism, in that it makes an app that’s uncommonly friendly to beginners.
Stockholm-based developer Henrik Lenberg, a veteran of SoundCloud and Propellerhead, is evangelical in his commitment to Auxy and its less-is-more approach. Yes, having different options for exporting midi and audio makes total sense and we’re working on adding more stuff. What would make this totally more awesome is for it to simply be a remote for Ableton Live or Bitwig. Whatever sequence you put into Auxy would magically appear as a new pattern in the session view.
Then there’s the Wejaam stuff, Korg iKaossilator with a similar spontaneous trigger grid, and Electrify NXT which certainly comes closest to Ableton Live. Avid Video Engine from Avid Media Composer – native playback of MXF HD, Avid DNxHD, and other HD video formats. As an aside, this week also brought refreshes for the Fast Track USB audio interface line that add iOS support. I’d add to that situation the way in which these DAWs sometimes seem to exist on separate planets. I think I am going to need a new machine, which I’m due anyway, and a rethink about my setup before I even attempt to think about PT11.
As someone that doesn’t use PT but does tracking and mixing in studios that use it, non-realtime bouncing is my top request! That includes an XL+ model with additional sounds, and new color options across the board celebrating the microKORG’s tenth anniversary.
But for anyone hoping for a vastly new product announcement today, that’s not what this is.

Basically, you get a different front panel, and the bit you can’t see is these new vintage keyboard sounds, including the M1. I think though that because of the anticipation, I wanted to say what this was and wasn’t, at least in my estimation. Watching the needles plink over different heights of metal, watching as a combination of timing and shape somehow created a tune. Combining a music box –a favorite from the past, with a tune from the present and with 3D printing technology of the future, they have created a customized and unique innovation. If you know your way around 3D printers or 3D modeling, whether you are a user, engineer, salesperson, vendor or blogger, we'd love to have you write an article for us. Because the RMX is a stand-alone hardware unit, you can use it as an effects unit and sampler, only returning to software when you’re back in the studio. With its durable mineral crystal, it is not only beautiful to behold but also guaranteed to last wear and tear for a lifetime. One of the most striking aspects Michael Kors Wallets of the watch is its soft pink and silver tones that give it a feminine elegance. The dials are gold and each of the indices are marked with gold slashes over a pearly silvery dial. Made of stainless steel and a horn acrylic bracelet and round case, this watch has a pearly dial with crystal accents and indices, as well as logo, date window, and three smaller dials that give it a wonderfully classic appearance. You’ve got four tracks in which you can create, edit, then trigger different patterns. There’s a drum kit with three sets of sounds, a bass track with four sounds, and two synth tracks with a choice of five sounds. Tap the record button in the upper left-hand corner, and Auxy lets you live record an arrangement by triggering different clips. If it worked with inter-app MIDI, it might become my go-to pattern maker for the various interesting synths you can now collect on iOS. The typical non-producer musician often cares more about mic input than us electronic folks – because they sing, or play guitar, for instance.
Finding a narrower set of features that still appeals to a broad range of people is a bigger challenge. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates addressing some of the things Peter asks for in the article. I agree that it could use a lot more features, but everything that IS included is absolutely perfect. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates that will address some of the things Peter asks for in the article. Most burning question for me is whether you plan to implement midi export, especially via Dropbox. Just want to be careful about adding the right things and adding them in the right way so that the app doesn’t get cluttered and confusing.
There are no whiz-bang features in this upgrade; instead, it seems Avid was solely focused on performance. That has become a standard feature, and it means, if unintentionally, USB class compliance for Linux and embedded devices, to boot. Ableton Live has nicely sewn up the independent producer market that was once the domain of entry-level Pro Tools versions, and, absent their one-time German rival Logic, Steinberg has released a set of rapid-fire upgrades to Cubase and Nuendo that continue to improve those DAWs.
There’s only one physical port available on iOS devices so far, so including MIDI means I buy your product instead. However, it’s going to be a while yet before I start integrating it into my actual workflow. Is it just that they haven’t certified all the Apple models yet for PT11, or have they made an announcement? I can’t understand, really, how it was possible for PT to become industry standard without this essential feature!!!! Apart from aesthetic differences, the main change is the addition of new sounds: the KORG SGproX piano, the M1 and the VOX organs.
While music boxes are not new, the freedom to create your own tune, and have it 3D printed into a music box, is.
Left Field Labs is creating a backlog of orders and will email when it is getting ready to do another print run.
This product has so many ideas going on at once, I lost count as to what those three were, but I would count them as effects, sampling, and dedicated DJ controller.

Pioneer has offered impressive effects before, but the only way to get at them was in high-end mixers. On the other hand, it appears for fans of those effects, you could go in and do some customization of your own. And you get a lot of the nicer features of the higher-end Pioneer mixer effects sections without having to splurge on their whole mixer. The inner dial is a sphere that has three chronograph sub dials with black marks and an easily perceived date window that appears near the four o clock. The pink dial has double rectangular white indices at the six and twelve o clock as well as white ones on all the remaining hours. It is water resistant and works with quartz movement and would make a wonderful statement with a dressy business suit or work outfit, as it is somewhat more brazen in style, and thought not as feminine as the others, certainly powerful and bold. Tapping a circular icon on the left brings up clever draggable knobs for controlling a filter, volume, and (in all but the drum kit) one sound parameter. If it exported MIDI (or, as KORG recently showed, Ableton sessions), it could be the perfect mobile idea recorder. If that discipline can be applied to providing a broader range of possible sounds, and some ability to use Auxy as a sketchpad for other music (with MIDI and Ableton export, for instance), I think it could be a landmark tool.
Those improvements look promising; real-world performance is one of those things that makes the biggest difference in day-in, day-out use. But the announcement comes at a time when a cloud hangs over the developer’s corporate entity. It seems there is a new engine users are happy with, but there would have to be something horribly wrong with the previous engine for the new one to be exponentially faster on the same hardware architecture.
Being able to accurately see this information it seems is a boon to mixing – not as a replacement to your ears, but certainly as a supplement. Audio rivals like MOTU and Steinberg lack the video products; Adobe lacks the music product. Following the latest round of restructuring and layoffs in the fall, Avid made the unorthodox announcement that it had to postpone its fourth-quarter earnings announcements because of uncertainty about its actual accounting in fourth quarter 2012. It seems to me the uncertainty isn’t good for users, for employees, or for the industry. A program then translates your ‘clicks’ into plastic nubs, which is then 3D printed and placed into a raindrop shaped plastic container that is shipped straight to you -which means that your favorite tune is just a crank away. Now, you can buy this unit for a price that starts to make this look like high-end competition for things like a KAOSS Pad. Finally, there are three dials within the one circular dial that makes it a timelessly elegant piece.
The square framed date window is near the three o clock position, so that all Michael Kors satchels of it is easy to read on this soft, luxurious watch that would look wonderful with a satin or velvet evening gown, or just be a slight touch of refinement with any outfit. With its Arabic numerals and dashes it is an elegant and old fashioned sort of piece that will make a royal statement when worn with anything.
I stumbled around the UI for a couple of minutes before I found it, and once I got there, tapping tiny icons apparently supposed to represent the piano roll editor and puzzling over what a pencil toggle with a lock meant, I realized it’s nothing like Auxy.
The engine rewrite is joined here by top-of-class video integration, benefiting from Pro Tools’ sister products in video at Avid. And Apple seems asleep at the wheel as far as providing integration between the Final Cut Pro X engine and Logic – this is another painful reminder of how silent Apple has been about the DAW they once enthusiastically hyped. Cubase and Logic have been 64-bit for years, and have offered offline bounce since the early 2000’s when I migrated from Opcode Vision.
With its Japanese quartz movement, it is the perfect accent to a lady’s wardrobe and a most fashionable way to tell time. My feeling that I had seen Auxy before was more to do with a sense that this is how touch piano rolls should work, more than how they generally do. I think it’s painful for people who use (or develop) other DAWs to see Pro Tools lag on important functionality.

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