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Email onboarding campaigns are an effective subset of the overall user onboarding experience.
An effective email onboarding campaign can be very helpful in getting users to further invest in your product and drive them into the conversion funnel. Before you start planning your email onboarding campaign, it is important to establish what constitutes an effective email onboarding experience. Now let’s start with the nitty-gritties of how to prepare an effective email campaign for your startup.
Even after the 1000 users, at least in the welcome email make sure you try to start a conversation with them.
2) Why are you sending standard emails – Not every user is the same, so you cannot have the same conversation with everyone. In our own platform, it is important to make users download the chrome extension to use our platform. There are three types of Teams (a cool name for segments) in which you can classify all your users. Also, the probability of someone from Team Awesome to recommend you is higher and they are more likely to buy a premium version of your product. 5) Targeting inactive users – This is another category of users that get left out if you have time-based emails. For someone interested in learning more about email onboarding, you can checkout out my knowledge map on email onboarding here. In case someone wants to share specific problems or learning related to email onboarding, please feel free to do so in the comments. The email campaign we are running right now is in the basic stages, we use mail merge to send emails to all of our users. What my personal perception is that both email marketing and content marketing  are both becoming difficult. Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin - who sculpted 'The Thinker' and Robin Hood who 'got things done'. The best place for enterprising folks to hang out, share,make like-minded friends, get feedback and soak in a pool of vast experience. Our data driven approach gets more winning tests and bigger impact per successful experiment. Let us come in, conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis, and figure out what specifically needs to be changed or tested on your site. In case you don’t know what email drip campaigns are, let me go over that for a moment. Each email in the campaign stands on its own but also builds on the emails that have come before it.
When you start working on creating content for the drip campaign, ask yourself this: what do my prospects need to know in order to take the step I want? Once you know what you want to achieve and you have created the emails you want to send out, it is time to set the frequency and timing of the emails.
You can set up drip campaigns for white paper delivery, quarterly release updates, specialized holiday campaigns, monthly invoices, annual subscription notices, or anything else that keeps subscribers informed and interested in your stuff. For instance you can create 2 different landing pages for 2 different segments and so that when they join your email list on a particular page, you send them particular drip emails. Besides the obvious (open rates and clicks), measure the impact on your bottom line and the total clicks on your landing pages. Peep Laja the founder of ConversionXL, one of the leading conversion optimization experts in the world.
He’s been doing digital marketing for over 15 years in Europe, Middle East, Central America and the US. Peep can help your company grow via his conversion optimization agency
You have a great ability to take a complicated theory or practice and present it in easily digestible chunks.

It’s great to segment your mail list, but how exactly do you accomplish this, besides segmenting a bit when they sign up in the first place?
If I have them obt in with Gender & E-mail address, how do I segment my e-mail list even more? Some people new to drip campaigns just send out the spammy SEO content they’ve got from iWriter etc.
In Email Marketing for Authors Part 1, I covered the reasons why you should maintain an email newsletter for your readers. Sign up for our mailing list and download a free report: 101 Essential Content Marketing Resources for Authors.
Why You Should Love One-Star Book Reviews March 15, 2013 By Stephanie Chandler Guest Blog Post by Norm Schriever Has your book ever received a one-star review?  Ouch, that hurts.
Social Media for Authors: 12 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Book Promotion March 13, 2013 By Stephanie Chandler Of all the social media networks, LinkedIn is the most business-oriented. After users onboard on your product, do not leave them hanging about what to do next on your product. If you automate your emails from the start you miss out on a lot of qualitative data about what problems or objectives users are trying to accomplish through your product.
Remember that if your users do you a favor, their likelihood to recommend you increases multifold.
If you are going with time-based emails instead of behavior-triggered emails, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers. Figure out why a person is in a particular segment by asking yourself questions like – What actions did they take on the product?
They let your users know how other people are making use of the core features of your product. You won't believe how much have I thought about this - How lucky trhs is to have someone like asha.
And i thing the advice people get online that includes even mine is just the starting point.
I think the first thing you need to do is to establish your emails and content as absolutely necessary to read if you want people to read your emails.
Our analysts crunch the numbers, analyze the business, conduct user research, and turn insights into high-converting designs. An email drip campaign is basically a series of messages that are sent or “dripped” in a predefined order at a predefined internal. Be aware that most of your users are not “reading” your newsletter as much as they are scanning through the information, so make your information scan-able. So for instance, if your goal is to get them to use your online software, you might want to create emails that explain its best functionality and show case studies of how other people  used it with great success. If you want to drive traffic to your sign up page, measure the total traffic you got from the drip campaigns to the desired page and look at the conversions. He has extensive experience across verticals: in the past he’s run a SaaS company in Europe, an SEO agency in Panama, real estate portal in Dubai and worked for an international non-profit. While I know what to do to increase conversions for my clients, it’s not always so easy to articulate the reasons why. I like the tip about making emails scannable – I hope I’ve been doing this already while blogging and emailing, but I had a bit of an Aha! Following are the steps to get your email marketing campaigns set up and ensure your strategy is effective. If you use your regular email account and try to send an email out to 25 or more subscribers, your message probably won’t make it through.
It’s harder than ever to get people to give up their email address so you have to make it worthwhile. It can be tempting to send a lot of email to your subscribers, but resist this inclination.
Your email marketing tool should provide you with data on open rates, the number of people who clicked a link in your message, and the number of unsubscribes.

In addition to having a sign-up box on your website, always look for ways to grow your mailing list. You just might get more comments on your blog as a result, not to mention visibility with other readers. In his first email, Brain asks the users to get back to him with any problem related to online marketing.
They act like a gesture of patting the back of the user, assuring them they are correctly using the platform. Wish we could clone her and have one of them on our team.You rightly state that creative humour can go a long way in creating future interest in the company.
So, for example, if someone joins your email list, they receive email #1 on signup, email #2 three days later, email #3 five days after they joined and so on. The goal of such a campaign is to encourage a specific action (start using your product, warm up the lead etc).
You need to decide whether you want to warm up the email leads, get them to buy your product, or something else that serves your overall goals.
Generally you should start with higher frequency and slow down as time goes on (start with every day, then every few days, then once a week, then once a month and so on). Email servers have spam filters and sending out mass emails will trigger a halt on your message either from your outgoing mail server or from the recipients’ mail servers. Offer a bonus in exchange for signing up for your list, such as a sample chapter from your book or a bonus report.
Start with a brief personal greeting, which helps subscribers get to know you and feel a personal connection with you.
One of the best ways to do this is by collecting sign-ups when you speak at an event or host a book signing. Get new subscribers added to your email system within a week and send out a welcome message that thanks them for attending your event. A very good conversation starter email in comparison to a welcome email totally related just with the product. As for the email sending times – check your newsletter statistics and see if any particular times of day produced more open rates. Next, include an article of interest to your readers OR share the title and first paragraph of several recent blog posts and then include a link to continue reading each on your website.
Instead, limit your newsletter to once each month at the most (you may even want to go longer between issues).
Pay close attention to the data if you want to learn about the habits of your readers and what they like and don’t like. If something comes up in the meantime, you can always send out a quick special announcement. I often raffle off a book at the end of a presentation by collecting business cards from the audience.
It’s easy to use, affordable, and offers all kinds of great features like contact management, sign-up box code that you can place on your website, and a Facebook app so you can add a sign-up tab to your Facebook account. You can also share resources, interesting facts and figures, upcoming appearances, links to media interviews, or event announcements. Pay attention to what your subscribers like and don’t like and give them more of what works. When you’re ready with your next book, you will have loyal subscribers who will be eager to support you.

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