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Those of us in education throw around the phrase “21st Century Learning,” and while the phrase resonates with parents and others who want their children to be prepared for their future (or “College and Career Readiness” as the Common Core State Standards phrase it), they have little understanding of what that means.   You can give a lengthy explanation of what you are doing to ensure students are getting 21st Century skills, but your listeners’ eyes will glaze over long before you are done. Look for ways to have your students reach out and connect with the world.  Libraries are so much larger than their walls.  How are you explaining and showing this to your community?  Do you need support? About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. We would like to repeat what we said in one of our old post “25+ Animations in Photoshop Tutorials” where we share our observation regarding future of animations, nowadays Flash almost going to RIP but we have alternate options to use on same way using Adobe Photoshop for create Gif Animations.
These Photoshop tutorials helping “Hand Picked Gif Animation by Photoshop Tutorials an Alternate of Flash” it can be used for website designs, animated online banners and every kind of attractive advertisements, we trying to compile one list again to get techniques for grip on Gif Animation tutorials.
Continue to duplicate the layers and move the eyes around until you have all the steps in your animation.
Your first frame in the animation is open, but you’ll need to eliminate the extra eyes in the Layer palette. GoAnimate is a free online animated video creator that allows the user to make attractive animations for free.
The user can create his own animated cartoons , create new characters, and even watch creations created by other GoAnimate users to get an idea with this free web-based animation creating tool. Intuitive interface and great feature list that allows the user to select the feature he wants while creating a character. An intuitive text to voice function that makes the character speak the entered text is also available. Once all of this is done and the animation is ready, the user can check it out and save it locally.

All these features make GoAnimate, a resourceful  online service to create animations , just the way you want.
Creating the videos (up to 10 lines) is free BUT transferring them to youtube or downloading them isn’t.
Students need to work with each other.  We are in a participatory culture and working alone (or writing a paper for one reader) is not how the world now operates.
Using a variety of online resources they shared their project, connecting with children in an orphanage in Mangalore, India.  Her young students have learned what it is to be a member of the global community.  That’s 21st century learning! I still remember when I had to prepare a project proposal for an IT project for a company I used to work for. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. If anybody would like to use any images, graphics, source files and language codes or content which we are also using, his duty is to find the real owner of that images, graphics, source files and language codes to use it according to the license (terms and conditions) of that content. Since I forgot to convert my file to RGB, I have to open mine in Photoshop first and convert it.
After that, go back to the Layer palette and turn the first set of eyes off and the second on. OK, so it’s not exactly world class animation, but it makes a nice sized animated icon.
Making cartoons and animation ads for specific purposes, was very difficult without the set of tools and automation.
You can directly create nice animated videos within YouTube with this free animated video creator, and then post those videos in YouTube.

If anybody have desire to modification, edition, deletion and print or any kind of use in that stuff he should find the real owner.
One had to draw the characters manually, which involved a lot of work and this could not be done by everyone.
You can choose your characters from lot of pre-defined characters, add voice, and even use text to voice feature to just type text, and automatically convert that to voice.
One of the biggest issues when compiling the data was the lack of availability of useful clipart and images. This tutorial uses Illustrator, Photoshop and finally ImageReady to make a simple animated gif. This free online animation creating tool is a solution to all such issues, where even a naive user can create great animation videos, effortlessly. While photos from the office premises may be handy in such a case, some diagrams and clipart can help better elaborate your ideas. These sample slides come with different animations and clipart which can help you make visually appealing presentations with minimum effort. The below sample slide for example, can be used for making a bullet list about technical features of your product, service or the major services offered by your organization.Create Animated Presentations On Any Technology Based TopicAs all slides come with editable clipart and pre-defined animations, you can create tech themed animated presentations which will display your slides with different effects, when played in slideshow mode. You can also add your own text, images, animations and also change the size, shape and color of existing items within the given sample slides, using basic PowerPoint options.

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