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Something which has not been talked about much on the Internet, is how how to create a folder without any icon. If your laptop does not have a Numpad, this post will show you how to make blank folder names on laptops with no Numpad. One of my personal favorites among the new features that Windows 7 came with was the introduction of some awesome and long awaited keyboard shortcuts.
This article talks about 15 really cool keyboards shortcuts that are specific to Windows 7.
Creating a new folder in Windows explorer is something we all need to do on a frequent basis. You could now use Ctrl+Shift+N to quickly create a new folder in Windows or anywhere on your computer where a folder can be created. There are many instances when just clicking on the icon of the application and opening it doesn’t solve your purpose.
The above screenshot shows the default send to menu that I get when I simply right click on a program. Now, if I press the Shift key, and while having it pressed, I right click on the icon, I get an enhanced send to menu. If you do Shift+right-click on a folder, you’ll find an option that says “Open command windows here.” If you love working with the command prompt, this option should come in handy.
If you intend to quickly move the active window to make space for other apps, you could do that by using the Win key and one of the arrow keys.
If you are on a dual monitor setup using Windows 7 then you could press the Win+Shift+Left arrow key combination to move the active application window to the left monitor. Similarly, if you need to move the current window to the right monitor screen, just press Win+Shift+right arrow key. You could use the key combination Win+T to toggle through the applications pinned on the taskbar in Windows 7.
In a previous article, we talked about a technique to add more clocks to the default Windows clock in the system tray.
Windows 7 has a nifty projection menu feature which enables you to quickly connect your laptop to a projector or an extended monitor.

Need to take a quick look at what’s the processor model you are using, or may be check the device manager, or advanced system settings?
Now, if you are on Windows XP, and would love to get some these shortcuts that are relevant to XP, we’ll have you covered tomorrow. Ctrl+Shift+Esc also brings up Task Manager in Windows XP … it’s a keyboard shortcut classic!
Yes, that’s right, but the point of this post is to eliminate clicks as much as possible.
Depending on your Windows OS, CTRL+ALT+DEL is associated more with accessing logging on to the system rather than bringing up the task manager. About #10, instead of shift+click, you may use a middle click on the taskbar shotcurt to launch a new instance.
Despite both situations, ALT+[drag&drop] will create a shortcut of the file in the destination folder. Other than Alt-F4 which I use all the time there is the Ctrl-Shift drag on icon to create a shortcut of the program instantly. If you’re not opposed to adding some freeware to your system then the following article will show you how to create any keyboard short you want.
Thank you this really helps me with what I am doing in in computer networking, saves me plenty of time. In previous versions of Windows, I use the arrow keys to move the highlight from one icon to another; I miss that capability. I am having a problem that seems to happen when I am playing Rift, an mmo game like world of warcraft.
If he’s talking about windows Aero, yes it does, its basically a uber version of alt+tab. We will see how it is done in Windows 10, but the procedure is the same in earlier Windows versions too. I personally use them as much as I can to save time, and I recommend the practice of using keyboard shortcuts to others too. You need to right click on it and click on “Run as Administrator” so that you can make the required changes to the app.

You just need to point your mouse cursor on that program and then click on it while pressing Ctrl+Shift keys to open it as administrator. That would move the focus on the system tray, and then you could use the arrow keys to cycle through the items, including the Windows clock. You can press the Win key and the number corresponding to the location of the app on the taskbar.
Now since Vista there’s both alt+tab which is basic window switching using previews and title bars, and Win+tab which is a cooler looking window switcher using the Aero interface introduced in Vista.
Have been so frustrated trying to find a quick way to collapse all windows to switch to win7’s desktop.
Instead of always haveing to minimize multiple windows and bring them back just to find one thing or post somthing. When things get hectic, I am hitting some combination of buttons that makes it so that whenever I press a button applications start launching off the toolbar and I can’t turn it off. Here’s the way – point your cursor to the chrome icon on the taskbar, hit Shift and click on it. Just press the Ctrl key, Shift key and the ESC key simultaneously and you have the task manager pop up right in front! In this case we can use empty NTFS folder from different physical disk.See Also,How to Split partitions in Windows 7Lets Do it1) Let me extent C partition in above example.
So, I’m going to use NTFS folder method to extend it to other basic disk.Now, right click on C drive and select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option. I created empty ‘C_drive’ folder on D drive physical disk.You can’t see the immediate changes.
If you go to D drive and look for the empty NTFS folder used to mount C, it appears as below.
Still if you don’t want to delete the next partition, then use empty NFTS folder to mount.Do you face any issues on this?

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