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With a video editing program, you can take your mass of video clips and actually produce a movie that makes sense. Video editing is mostly connecting video clips that you want and cutting clips that you don't want. Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus - Video editing software with HD support: Can this ?70 bit of software really cut it for professional use? The good news is Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 works well and is intuitive enough to create a well-crafted home or semi-pro video with very little fuss. Authoritative reviews for photography, digital home, audio production, content-creation software, Photoshop and audio plugins. When you initiate the program, you can start a new project or watch the online intro video. You can apply video effects (brightness, contrast, color, artistic filters, distortion, sharpness), movement effects (size and position, section, camera and zoom, rotation and mirror, 3D distortion), audio effects (amplifier, distortion, echo, reverb, stereo splitter), or design elements (picture-in-picture, collages, color swatch, backgrounds, image objects, intros and outros).
Furthermore, you can customize the title (standard, movement, rotation, font, combination, captions) or ad fades (standard, spatial fades, movement, shapes and objects), create chapter markers, as well as use an audio mixer, a master audio effects rack, and an audio and video compiler. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes with Dynamic Slow Motion, a feature that allows video clips to be slowed down by up to four times, while using additional frames (created via interpolation) to create a smooth motion. Once you have finished a masterpiece, burn it or export it (as video file, media player, to a device or online).
Some of the downsides we have noticed in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro are related to image quality: the software does not correctly display some videos, although the audio track works perfectly.
In addition, the program uses a massive amount of system resources, and it is not easy to navigate through, although the user guide is very helpful. Internet connection: Required for activating and validating the program, as well as for some program functions.
This is done by dragging files into the timeline and then splitting off the videos that you don't want.
Rendering will put all the special effects and clips together and make a single video file out of it.

As I said earlier, Mini-DV video files takes up about two GB for just 10 minutes of footage. Armed with the tools that you bought from Part 1 , and with the knowledge from this article, it should also be easy. You're not really fooling us into thinking this ?70 bit of software packs as much punch as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. The program pops up notifications in some cases, whether to say you should adjust the movie and video monitor settings to the imported file or that some file formats cannot be read (even some AVIs). Plus, effects take slightly longer than usual to be applied to the video, and sometimes they even cause it to freeze or significantly slow down. Remove unwanted movements, dampen CMOS sensor errors and stabilize shaky camera panning or zooms. Obviously it would be difficult to email this to someone or have them download it from a website. The decision to brand Magix Movie Edit 15 as a 'pro' bit of software is a little confusing. It simply just wouldn't cut it in a professional editing house.Putting those thoughts aside, Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus offers up plenty of scope for producing satisfying movies at a reasonable price. Movie Maker is free, but limited to the number of effects you can add and the number of tracks that you can edit. On the one hand, those who really do need to rely on video-editing software for professional projects will no doubt scoff at the very idea of using this as their tool.
THG will have more detailed reviews of some of the software tools that were used in this article.
It's a sure fire way of clogging up your machine and tiring it out with unnecessary background tasks.
In fairness, after scouting around the dialog boxes and finding our feet with some basic rough edits we were pleased to acknowledge this could very well be a serious contender against the likes of Adobe Premiere Elements. Some of the extra bits of software aren't vital to this package and we would have preferred them to be bundled on a separate disc to the main installation software.

There was no doubt it packaged enough features and editing tools to allow a demanding user to create, export and share a professional looking video.Now in its fifteenth version, Magix has had quite a long time to tweak and perfect Movie Edit Pro's interface. For the same price though, if you're looking for an easy way to cut together your videos you can kit yourself up with Adobe Premiere Elements. Reworked to provide more intuitive control, the main suite is easy enough to control if you have previously dabbled in any other home editing software.
Once in Edit Mode you can work with a standard timeline and preview monitor along with quick access to all your media files, as well as an editing media pool including fades, titles and effects.Featuring a total number of 99 different tracks there's plenty of scope for layering up your creations without restriction. It's easy enough to browse through your rushes and sound clips using the ?Import' tab, although we recommend you make use of a dedicated Magix project folder rather than try to browse through clips saved in separate locations on your hard drive, as previewing is a little slow.
Alternatively, you can record footage into your PC through an external piece of hardware or a copyright-free CD or DVD.Those who are less au fait with a video-editing suite should be pleased to find they can tweak the layout of the software to suit the level of their experience.
If you just want to put together a short home movie, the fluidity in which you can piece together a fairly complex timeline is a bonus.Similarly, if you want to spend a bit more time perfecting a video that involves greater technical ability, then there's enough scope to deal with a few more challenging tasks too. Additions such as MultiCam editing and Chroma key also mean you can push the software a little more once you've found your feet.New features introduced to Movie Edit Pro Plus since previous versions include colour correction tools as well as AVCHD editing for creating and burning Blu-ray discs with animated menus. If you want to have a bit for fun for home projects there are several bits of bundled software with Movie Edit Pro Plus. These include travel route and 3D realtime animation software, Magix Photo Manager 2008, Magix Xtreme Photo Designer 6 and Xtreme Print Studio as well as Mufin MusicFinder Base. This would be fine if they came ready to install on separate discs, but the reality is it can take a lot of effort to stop the installation from filling up disc space with extras you may not be particularly interested in. This meant we had to export separately and then upload to YouTube, which was a disappointingly long-winded way of going about things.

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