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You now can do basic editing tasks like Delete (6), Cut (7), Copy (8), Paste (9), Apply selected effects (10), Undo (11).
On the right side of Voice Editor panel, you can find a rich list of special built-in voice effects (13) for instant use.
If you are satisfied with the audio output, click Save File as… to save your final result. It's an extension to the voice transcription feature Google launched back in September of 2015. No longer: Google Docs on the Google Chrome browser on a Mac or PC now lets you do everything hands-free, with only a microphone, per an official blog entry. The search giant is increasingly investing in voice technology as a more natural way for people to interact with computers a€” even if they're not what you'd call "computer people" a€” across all of its services.

Google Docs has added a neat new feature – you can now write and edit documents with your voice instead of typing. You can find the new feature by creating a new Google Doc (try it now using this link) and then in the menu bar go to Tools, then Voice Typing. This voice changer software now includes a useful Voice Editor in case your need this kind of assistance.
Ultimately, Google seems to want you to control everything you do with its apps and sites without needing to lay a finger on anything. Press the microphone icon that pops up on your screen, allow access to it and begin talking. The neat thing is that Google has gotten really, really good at recognizing speech thanks to machine learning and having processed millions (if not billions) of voice queries coming in from desktop searches and Android phones around the world.

This tutorial will show you how to use Voice Editor of VCSD9 to edit your audio file easily. There will be also a dialog box to confirm this change, click Apply (14) to make this adjustment.

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