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The success of your online marketing funnel has to do with continually creating and making improvements that lead to better results. Most importantly you need to take action and get started building out your marketing funnel, and then find ways to do it better.
If you make an effort to get in front of other people with your content then the feedback you get will encourage you to improve and make progress as you produce.
Although social media is an exceptionally powerful medium it should not detract from the fact that the best results can be achieved by building a following of what you publish. I am a huge advocate of social media marketing, it has helped me share my content with millions and connect with thousands of awesome people.
Doing these two activities well have enabled me to achieve enough online success to earn more than the vast majority of online entrepreneurs and build an audience of over 85,000 people. So here are ten ways that you can optimize your web presence and achieve more success online. WordPress makes it simple to optimize your content for plenty of free Google traffic, and are highly customizable so you can take full advantage of the business building benefits that traffic can bring.
There are presently over 21,000 WordPress plugins, many of them are very powerful, and most of them are free. Getting a great design with WordPress is simple, just activate an awesome WordPress theme and you’re good to go! From analysing my Google analytics I have discovered that the lions share of my traffic comes from articles I’ve written that go above and beyond. By making a similar effort to deliver truly awesome quality content then this will help you get the social media shares and back links that are necessary for your content to gain visibility in the search engines.
Social media can be a massive source of free traffic to your site, so make sure any shareable content you post is equipped with social sharing plugins! Closely examine the traffic sources within your Google analytics to get an idea of where the greatest sources of your traffic are coming from. To get results you need your content to rank within the top 10 in Google for the keywords you are targeting. When you can get your content to the #1 spot you will get considerably more traffic than anyone else in the top 10 for those keywords! A lead magnet is an awesome piece of content that you give to new subscribers in return for their email address and name. I bought The Social Media Strategy Guide it’s own domain so I can easily share the link to it. Having great looking sign up forms is one way to help convince visitors that it is a good idea to sign up. Aweber has a powerful and easy to use form building tool that I use to build all of my web forms. I make sure that all of my signup forms have compelling images representing the lead magnets and expressing the benefits of getting a user to sign up. Sending traffic to a squeeze page is the most effective method of getting traffic to submit their contact information. On a squeeze page the main call to action is for the visitor to enter their contact info in exchange for something of value. I like to include social media sharing buttons on my squeeze page in order to gain free traffic to my lead magnet. Lightboxes will cause a higher bounce rate and a shorter average time spent on your site, but in my opinion the loss of some visitors is worth the gain of many new subscribers since your subscribers often visit your site several times and convert into customers! If you are not using email marketing to build your business yet I highly recommend you start. With regular email communication you can gain the trust needed to get results when you recommend products and services.
Sales letters work for you around the clock, 365 days a year, and are essential in helping provide the cash flow that helps drive a business forward. I use the WordPress theme OptimizePress to make sure my sales copy looks as awesome as possible. OptimizePress also makes it easy to build blogs, membership sites, and to use ninja copy tactics like content or order buttons that appear after a time delay.
Although OptimizePress costs $99 this price is well worth it since this WordPress theme can help you make many more sales than if you were without it!
A few months ago I launched a social media power membership site where I now share all of my best social media tips & tricks. Offering membership to a site like this is an awesome way to stay encouraged to provide awesome ongoing value for your most important community, your customers. To setup my membership site I use the Wishlist Member WordPress plugin to enable users to register unique usernames and passwords, and I use OptimizePress to organize my content into modules and structure my site.
The recurring revenue model helps solve the problem that many online entrepreneurs are faced with: questionable cash flow. Having recurring revenue coming into your business helps give you a better idea of the cash you can expect to receive moving forward so you can make better informed investments in your business to fuel your growth. A great tool for illustrating the power of the recurring revenue model is this recurring revenue calculator my friend Scott published on his site. By adjusting the dials on this calculator you can determine how many sales you’ll need to make in order to hit your income goals!
When you offer high value products and services you can focus on providing excellent services for an exclusive group of customers. When the value you offer is astounding it is natural to have higher prices than the norm and this means that you will need  far fewer customers in order to meet your income goals. Think about what you can offer that can give your customers the greatest possible value since this is probably the same thing for which you can charge the highest price. Until you have a large audience it is probably easiest to offer a high priced service, rather than a high priced product, since this way you do not have to invest a ton of time up front to produce an exceptional product. Many people are willing to pay extra for the best so when you have a top quality offer with immense value it is only a matter of time and continual marketing funnel optimization before the right customers start taking you up on your offer. From my experience WordPress CMS blogs are the most powerful platforms for building a business online and excelling all aspects of a digital marketing funnel.

Fully optimized and professionally designed WordPress sites typically sell for $1,500 – $2,000,  depending on the firm you work with.
My business partner Luke and myself are offering fully customized and optimized WordPress CMS websites starting at just $99, with hosting included! For Powerful Marketing Secrets that help you get more traffic, leads, and sales Grab a copy of my FREE marketing ebook.
Garin Kilpatrick is a father, marketing strategist, adventurer, renegade, the author of every post on this blog, and the founder of Empower Media Inc.
The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.
While Twitter and Facebook are solid social networks, depending on your purpose, you may have more success using networks that help you even more with visual marketing, like Pinterest or Instagram. Unlike other social networks where you connect with people you know, Pinterest connects people based on their common interests. Since both networks rely on images, Instagram and Pinterest marketing tips definitely overlap.
When marketing on Pinterest and Instagram, you need to do more than snap a photo and write a witty comment. Attention-grabbing: Use keywords and helpful details to increase the chances people will resonate with the pin.
This hashtag has built a community of people proud to share creative pictures of North Dakota. For example, Periscope wants their audience to tag them in a photo, so they can feature them on future posts.
One thing that is important with both Pinterest and Instagram, is posting consistently and strategically. While CoSchedule doesn’t integrate with Pinterest or Instagram, you can still use your marketing calendar to plan your content to complement any campaign.
One of the best things about CoSchedule is being able to plan, create, and schedule your social media messages.
By planning your Pinterest and Instagram content in CoSchedule, you will ensure you’re active on those networks, sharing content consistently, and complementing your campaigns.
Join one of our resident customer coaches for a 20-minute guided tour, followed by a Q&A session.
Save time scheduling social media in bulk & work more strategically with premium integrations. Work smarter with robust social automation, auto-pilot publishing, and data driven intelligence. A calendar that will give you more control and even better insight over your team's schedule. What if we said 77% of you reading this post could get 192% more traffic by following this social media posting schedule? My favorite part was when the Pinterest representative in the video explained how to best describe Pinterest pins. Wondering if creating an If This Then That trigger+action pair specifically for insta and pinnable content might be a nice add-on riff people could do? Content marketing has been around for a good while now, although it’s risen to ‘fame’ over the course of the past couple of years.
However, it’s not enough just to publish the content, it’s also necessary to distribute it and ensure that it gets engagement. Firstly, is your website good enough so that the content can be accessed across a range of devices and screen sizes? A recent study found that including customer video and testimonials within “story-based content” boosted conversion rates by 53% for B2B marketers.
Another boost to content marketing is a regular blog, so if you don’t carry this out then you should. You should choose fonts carefully when it comes to written content as these speak to the reader on an emotional level and should match your brand personality. With typecast, you can edit the CSS file to apply styles of your own, as well as add further content, add padding and float areas and really build the content page to a high standard. Whilst it’s always a good idea to produce content that’s current and trending, remember that this won’t last long. Whilst evergreen content is more of a long term investment, what you really want is for your content to be picked up and noticed by industry influencers. One of these is Buzzsumo; using this tool you can search for top content in order to garner ideas of what type of content is being shared or you can search influencers. As you can see, you can search articles, videos and infographics, amongst other things, so this is not just relying on written content. For identifying influencers, you can search using a Twitter handle or by entering a number of key terms that are associated with your industry. Once you’ve done this, it’s a case of connecting with those influencers, through social media or preferably, direct email in order to begin to build a relationship so that they notice (and hopefully share) your content.
Remember that it’s a two-way street and sharing just the content you produce will bore your followers. When it comes to your competitors, you should be constantly researching their activity if you ever hope to better it. It’s your job to come up with ideas that better and outperform the competition, so get the team together and get creative! According to the Custom Content Council, 61% of people report that they prefer a company that produces custom content and that it encourages them to buy. All of the tips here are designed to help you to produce better content and utilise the web and people on it in the right way to help ensure that you gain engagement. A prolific technology writer, Kerry is an authority in her field and produces content for a variety of high profile sites in her niche. I agree with your that Evergreen content and reaching out to influencers is really important. Thanks for reading Geoff, yes I’m a firm believer in great content, especially now that link building is becoming more difficult.

As a business owner, you’re constantly trying to figure out how to bring new people in and how to retain existing customers.
It makes sense, then, to choose the networks you use super strategically to reach the right people. However, it’s not going to bring them results, especially in the form of follows, website visits, and most importantly, sales.
They encourage people to use the hashtag #ndlegendary when they take photos of or in North Dakota. Whether you want your audience to like the photo, use a hashtag, or click the link in your bio, let your followers know what you expect them to do. That way you’ll get an email reminder your task is due on the day you want to post your content. Trigger on a category or tag, grab the image, post title, excerpt and tag(s), grab the bitly backlink, et voila! This has led to many offering the idea that content marketing is the new advertising and branding.
This is essential to ensure that you get the best out of it, as there’s nothing worse for a visitor to arrive at the content to find that the site requires them to do some work in order to access it. Responsive web design is accessible to businesses of all sizes, especially with CMSs such as WordPress.
Most businesses have some form of customer testimonial, in video form or not, so this is something that can be easily added to a content page and with those figures, is definitely worth doing. Further to this, the content should tell a story and allow the consumer to become emotionally engaged and to trust your content. Of course, it’s not a great idea to get too fancy, the content has to be easy to read, but fonts and typeface do have to be considered.
The answer to this is to produce evergreen content that will remain relevant for months or even years to come. This can help to send content viral and is getting easier all the time as more and more tools appear on the market.
You can easily view how well a piece of content has done via social shares, giving you an idea of what’s most likely to go viral if well produced. This is, strictly speaking, a Twitter-based blogger outreach tool, but it can and does help you to find influencers as it allows you to add a list, which you can then add a ‘discovery’ job, where you can input key terms that influencers in your industry would be talking about.
If it’s of a high quality and possesses depth, whilst exhibiting skill in original thought and choosing great topics, it won’t take long to get noticed. With this in mind, make sure that social activity includes content curation from other, reputable industry  sources. If they’re gaining more engagement that you, then study both their content and their activity across platforms when it comes to community and how they address the audience. However, as Forbes author Brent Gleeson points out, many companies set out with one goal in mind – to go viral. Often, a huge amount of time and effort has gone into making a piece of content go viral and without having done the background work (such as identifying and connecting with influencers), it’s highly unlikely that you’ll produce viral content in a day. There’s nothing out there that can help you to take existing content and shoot it into the viral stratosphere, but there are plenty of techniques you can apply to take your content marketing efforts to the next step. However, it’s worth it in the long term as your content really starts to work for you, driving more traffic and ultimately conversions to your site.
Also a published author, Kerry is co-founder of digital content agency markITwrite, adores the written word and all things tech and internet related. I haven’t come across some of the competitor and curation tools you mentioned, so I will check them out. If you create excellent content then you will attract links to my mind so you don’t need to chase them. However would you like to statement upon some typical issues, The web site flavor is right, the particular content articles is really terrific. Like Kevin said, this is most important when pins show on a phone, which is where Pinterest users are most active. This is because in order for a brand to remain competitive and relevant, it’s necessary that they produce content and that it reflects the brand personality.
Let’s have a look at what you can do to ensure that your content marketing efforts are as effective as they can be. This means knowing the tone of voice that they prefer, their interests and much more and is something that should be done well in advance of content production. This has plenty of themes, both free and premium that allow you to have a responsive site with very little outlay.
Remember that the content has to be read on smaller devices and ensure you pick the font to suit – ensure that it’s very clear and will display well on a mobile device without the need for squinting. This relies on the content being authoritative and will also help to promote thought leadership and keep visitors coming back for more.
With InkyBee, you can order the list depending on your priorities and download them into a spreadsheet. I also think Google was right to ban guest posting for SEO as it created a web full of 300 word fluff pieces!
If you have a WordPress site, or one that can be quickly and easily adapted to make responsive, this will significantly improve your content marketing very swiftly. To help you with this, give Typecast a try, an online WYSIWYG editor that allows you to play around with different fonts and choose the ones that match your brand and can be displayed across devices well.
This means that not only have you made a start on finding influencers, but you have a record that can be accessed daily in order to boost your presence and brand. Promotion is of course important too, nobody is going to read it if they don’t know it’s there after all! Originally planning to raise $15 million, an additional $9 million was added to the round, which also has participation from Babson Capital Management and Netsertive’s existing investors, including RRE Ventures and Greycroft Partners.

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