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Kdenlive is a video editing system developed for use with Linux based operating systems including Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Slackware and Ubuntu. Rather than installing the version in Software Centre the creators of Kdenlive tell us that 'Versions of Kdenlive in official repositories are deprecated'.
Now that Kdenlive is installed we can start it by clicking on the Dash Home icon, typing in Kdenlive and clicking on the Kdenlive icon. Choose a Video profile standard or select one at random if you don't know what type of video you will be working with. I know there are other methods for doing HD, particularly on Windows, by using Avisynth scripts and VirtualDubMod. Before starting on the HD tutorials, it might not hurt to show you some examples of HD fan videos made using this process or something similar. If your video software opens the MJPEG AVI files that Avidemux makes, then youa€™re halfway there. In my most recent tests, I had no problems editing in the MJPEG AVI files (some which were converted within MPEG Streamclip). Set up your project properties as either HDV 720-25p (for PAL footage) or HDV 720-30p (for NTSC footage). Edit your video as usual, then export out as either HD WMV, or uncompressed AVI with the custom frame size of 1280x720.
I was able to successfully edit MJPEG AVI files that were converted in MPEG Streamclip with Corel VideoStudio X2.
I had set up my project as 25 frames per second (PAL and SEACAM) so I was given the a€?25pa€? option. I then opened this file in MPEG Streamclip and converted it to an H.264 MP4 file (keeping the frame size at 1280x720 and with a data rate of 4000). Sample downloads: I made a sample fan video that is so abysmal that I darena€™t have it hosted on my regular fan video site (RAfanvids) so it is an a€?exclusivea€? to this site. Corel VideoStudio HD video featuring Guy of Gisborne (H.264 MP4) Right-click to download file. The XviD AVI file looks a little lighter and might look a€?washed outa€? compared to the MP4 file. When I import the clips, I select a€?Optimize video:a€? and choose a€?Full Size.a€? This keeps the HD clips at HD! Yeah, I know that iMovie warns you that this might a€?degrade video playbacka€? and it might if you have less RAM or an older Mac. You want to convert your files (aka a€?Optimizea€?) because playback will be smoother and more stable (compared to trying to get iMovie 09 to edit compressed H.264 files) and if you want to speed up or slow down any clip, youa€™re going to end up converting it any way.
Edit your video as usual, and then when ita€™s time to export it, choose to save it as a Quicktime file, and follow the exporting tutorial as outlined in the iMovie 6 HD page (the process is identical, as both applications use Quicktime to export the video). Caveat about iMovie 09: There is some quality loss (in the form of a more a€?blockya€? effect sometimes showing up in backgrounds and shadows) but your HD video will still have a lot of the HD detail, so in my opinion ita€™s still completely worth it to edit HD in iMovie 09. Tutorial keywords: HD editing for vidding, fan videos, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, vids vidder, HD fanvids tutorial. HD for Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro.A  Since writing that tutorial, Ia€™ve upgraded to Final Cut Pro 7, and am now experimenting with editing HD in the codec ProRes LT, and so far am liking it. I cannot be held responsible if you damage your phone, even if you follow my instructions exactly.
Be sure you've read the entire guide to be sure your question isn't answered somewhere in it. By keeping this page open and reading the information below, you agree to these stipulations. To verify installation of the USB driver, connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable and go to Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options and select the "Modems" tab. If Windows can't find the driver (pretty likely), you'll need to point it to the directory where you unzipped P2Kman. When P2Kman says 'Connected' (bottom left of the status bar) and you can get a file listing (click "Update list"), you're in business.

Connect your phone to your computer, open P2Kman, and wait for it to say 'Connected' and get a file listing. If you haven't gotten a file listing from P2Kman yet, you can do so by clicking the "Update list" button in the Files area.
If you want to upload a seem file, enter the seem and record number in the "Seem" and "rec" boxes. Then click the "Upload seem" button, browse to the folder where the modified seem file is, and click ok. If you're successful, you'll see "uploading seem N 0032record N 0001 ok" - the "ok" at the end means you've done it properly. Now click "Restart phone" and once your phone reboots, double check that the appropriate changes were made. When one of the columns is shaded, that means it's inactive and you're working with the other side.
One last thing, when working with SEEM files, each hex offset has eight bits or "switches" which can control up to eight different settings on your phone. NOTE: If you activated Engineering, AIM, IM, MobileQQ, or Videos and the menu item does not appear, you may be required to update your menu file. First you need to activate the feature by opening 004a_001.seem and setting offset 27 to "01".
Note that there must be a hex value of "00" in between each character that is to be displayed.
Upload all of these seems (004a_0001, 0061_0001, and 0062_0001) to your phone and restart to see the change.
The text displayed when GPRS "attaches" (the icon with the white box with blue pentagons above and below it beside your signal strength) is stored in seem 01a8_0001. It can be annoying because this text overwrites the date on your phone, and a lot of people don't like that. Open the custom file in XVI32 and you'll see that I have mine set to display "XLR8" (of course). All you need to do is go into the 0032_0001.seem and change offset 60, bit #0 to "0" - that will turn off the 'GPRS Active' text along with the GPRS PDP Context icon (the square with the rays of sun). When custom startup and shutdown is activated, your phone looks in seems 0206_0001, 0207_0001, 0208_0001, and 0209_0001 for the name of the animated gif to display. Make some animated GIFs that are 176x220 pixels and upload them to your phone as those filenames. Well, despite the fact that you activated the feature, your phone may not have that feature in its menu for you to access it.
To put those removed items back in your menu, this requires working with your mma_ucp and mma_dcp files. Open mma_ucp in XVI32 and resize the width so that the first row goes from offset 00 to offset 15. Unfortunately, simply adding a row with the new menu item doesn't seem to work, so you'll actually have to replace an existing menu item to get the new feature you want. Also, adjusting the main menu can sometimes not work the way you expect it to, especially on provider-branded flexes, so I would recommend not changing anything on that menu. So, to add an item, simply find a menu item you don't want around anymore and replace it with the new menu item.
This hack will allow you to add your own custom color style to the Settings > Personalize > Color Style menu.
So what we need to do is hex edit the spcolor.sch so that you can put in your favorite colors.
Right now, in my spcolor.sch, you'll see that the color there is F6C6D7, which is a pinkish color. So let's change the "upper color bottom bar" from F6C6D7 to FF1432 which is a nice bright red color. When I have my bluetooth headset paired with my phone, it uses a default ringtone instead of my custom one.

Icon #1 - "Three Blue Boxes" means GPRS is available on the network, but you are not "attached." You will likely never see this icon unless you set "Gp Auto Attach" to "Off" in the Engineering Menu. Icon #2 - "White Box with Blue Pentagons Above and Below" means GPRS is available and you are attached. Icon #3 - "Small Box inside Big Box with Rays of Sunlight" means GPRS is currently active (that is, you are in a GPRS session and data can potentially be sent or received at any time). Icon #4 - "Script 'E' with Green and Red Slashes Below" means high-speed EDGE data is available. So you made a mistake seem editing, and now your phone turns on, but crashes immediately and you can't maintain a connection to P2Kman long enough to restore your backup seems and files.
If it gets there, you can connect your USB cable and upload your backup seems using P2Kman.
This option requires a USB cable with the side port that allows the charger to be connected at the same time the USB cable is connected. Turn your phone off, plug your charger into the side of the USB cable, and then plug the USB cable into the phone. Note: When you plug your phone into the USB cable in Boot Loader mode, it will be recognized as a "S Flash Neptune" device. On certain flexes, the web session profiles under Web Access > Web Sessions are locked and cannot be edited or deleted. On certain flexes (AT&T), the right soft key is locked to mMode and cannot be changed in Settings > Personalize > Home Screen > Home Keys. Here's how to unlock that key (or another key, for that matter) so you can change it to what you want. This guide to installing Kdenlive takes Ubuntu as the chosen operating system as it is by far the most common (and best supported by the Kdenlive community).
Which means that the default version of Kdenlive that you see in Ubuntu's Software Centre is no longer maintained and it will be difficult to get help for it. Ia€™m NOT saying that my way is better or less complicated, but it might be less intimidating to some users. If not, you can convert the files to MJPEG AVI (again!) in MPEG Streamclip, or to JPEG 2000 in MPEG Streamclip. If you find that you cana€™t get that to work, try opening the big MJPEG AVI files (that Avidemux made) in MPEG Streamclip, and converting to JPEG 2000 MOV files.
If you set up your Corel VideoStudio software as NTSC (you are given the choice between PAL and NTSC when you first install VideoStudio) then your export settings will be different (30p instead of 25p). Whichever way you choose, iMovie will take its time importing the clips and CONVERTING each one to a large MOV file with the Apple Intermediate Codec. First, you'll need to setup the program with your GPRS settings so it can connect to the internet. I have my earpiece set to "5" so I can turn it up really loud if I'm in a loud place and need to hear. It is therefore worth the extra couple of steps to install  Kdenlive from an alternative source. But Ia€™d never discourage someone from going the route, because I have no doubt that the quality is gorgeous. Or, follow one of the other exporting tutorials on the Foolish Passion video forums, but export at the HD frame size of 1280x720, with a data rate of 4000 or above.
This status icon can be disabled in the 0032 seem, and you'd only see Icon #2 when data is being transferred.

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