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The Minister said the government has not yet allocated any funds for the proposal but will provide adequate support to assist 10 public institutions. They probably have over 30 years of life experience and many, many stories that can be laughed at and learned from. The more you know about your instructor, and the more they know about you, the more interesting and engaging your class will probably be.
I know, actually talking to your instructors seems like a completely terrifying thought, but trust me, it works. Your instructors aren’t crazy half-alien people who live in their classrooms and do nothing but study the subject they teach. If you’ve tried all of these methods, and none have worked to pique your interest in your chosen field, I suggest you talk to an academic advisor about maybe switching programs. Do you notice yourself gazing out the window wishing you weren’t necessarily out in the cold, but definitely not in the devastatingly boring class you’re currently in? One of my instructors, for example, breaks up his very long class by telling us all a story, which is usually either a hilarious or terrible experience. Some people are super open, so it’s easier for them to share their personal lives, but others are more private, so they won’t be as comfortable disclosing information to people who are essentially strangers.
If you become engaged in the conversation and stop seeing the older person standing in front of you as an all-knowing god-like being who has the power to make your life either miserable or awesome, they’ll become much less intimidating and you’ll probably be more likely to voice your ideas.

They have lives, and the farther into your post-secondary career you get, the higher the probability of running into a current or previous instructor. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Either way, we end up laughing and it’s a nice break from one hour of basically the same activity. However, the more comfortable you get with your instructors the more comfortable you will become with disclosing information to them.
If you do happen to see one of your instructors outside of class time, don’t dodge awkwardly behind a pole and hope that cartoon laws apply in real life. Learn how cultivating a relationship with your instructors can make classes far more interesting. Another instructor is a little more private, but she drops little anecdotes here and there, which is what I cling to during the hour-long lectures she gives.
They’ll be able to connect with you and the things in your life, making for a more interesting lesson.
Make a classic class centerpiece with help from a professional event planner in this free video. Here is a simple recipe for a homemade clay volcano:6 cups flour2 cups salt2 cups water4 tablespoons cooking oil2 cups waterMix the ingredients together in a large bowl.

It’s easiest if you stir the flour, salt, and oil together first and then mix in the water.
Most use common ingredients that you have at home.Baking Soda and Vinegar VolcanoThis is the classic science fair project volcano. The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) reacts with the vinegar (weak acetic acid) to produce carbon dioxide gas. Mentos and Diet Soda VolcanoThe quinine in tonic water causes it to glow blue under black light. For a truly memorable volcano, use diet tonic water instead of diet cola and shine a black light on the volcano. This produces a vivid blue glowing eruption!diet soda (regular soda works too, but produces a sticky mess)Mentos candiesFill the volcano full of soda (or you could have molded the volcano around a full soda bottle.When you are ready for the eruption, drop all of the Mentos candies into the mouth of the bottle at once.
One easy way to do this is to roll a sheet of paper around the candies, put your finger beneath them to hold them in place, and release the candies over the hole.

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