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In order for your movie to be easily watched over the Web, you need to compress the size of the video file. To compress a video file, you have to open this program and click on Import Video link in the menu on the left side. If i had not found this info I would have had to pay extra for extra storage space on the website. I have an iPhone 4 and apparently it records in a different codec- my Windows Movie Maker won’t recognize the file.
Thank you so much for this simple but effective way to Compress a Video File With Windows Movie Maker….
Reducing MP4 file size by resetting its parameters depends on the following elements: codec, compress bit rate, resolution and the container, which together distribute the video file size.
This is a conservative way to compress MP4 video by cutting unnecessary part off, remaining less video content with the original quality, or cropping annoying black bars for playback video in full screen.

WinX Free Video Converter is 100% free and clean software to fulfill common video conversion needs, especially for those newbies who are not so skilled with software or computer. Handbrake is a totally free open-sourced video transcoder for you to compress MP4 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Note: If you want to compress MP4 to FLV or other formats or you need full pre-settings about video quality, resolution and bit rate, which will save you much time, Handbrake is not a good choice for you. Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing tool (included in Windows Essentials) of Microsoft for Windows 7, 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Also, kindly note that in Movie Maker, you have the option to save your file as a project file - a format that owns quite smaller file size, because all it contains are the file names, the list of edit points etc., no actual video, photos or music at all.
This HD Movie Maker software allows you to arrange, edit video clips and create movies on your computer. This entry was posted by admin on June 3, 2010 at 7:40 am, and is filed under HD Video Editors Guides, Tutorials.

I have struggled to be able to send some awsome footage and you have solved the problem with your easy and comprehensive guide. Registered users have access to the quickest possible download speeds and can also access additional community features such as our "Download Alert", which automatically notifies you when a new version of this software is available. It has two versions for both Windows and Mac OS X, helping you compress MP4 in a more stable way than HandBrake, and more convenient than Windows Movie Maker. However when you upgrade those OSs to the latest Windows 10, it will be removed, which means you have to download Movie Maker and reinstall it on Win10 again if you wanna use it.
We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country.

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