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The post Updates to Create Your Own Website Using WordPress In A Weekend appeared first on Alannah Moore. It’s been almost three years since Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend came out and inevitably there have been changes.  WordPress has developed and improved, some plugins have been replaced by other, better ones, and some of the themes I recommend are no longer available.
There are a lot of new domain name extensions available which is great when trying to find a good domain name.
In addition, apparently Google now prefers people to host their websites locally to where they are based, which is a new consideration since the book was published. There are many more good places than this, including the wonderfully useful Librestock that lets you search 43 free stock photo libraries at once.  See here for an article in which I list lots of other places.
As well as graphics for your website, Canva can also produce images you can use on social media (all pre-sized to exactly the dimensions you need) and can even create ebooks, if you have needs in that direction, or material you can take off to print (brochures, posters, etc.).
PicMonkey is another tool that you may find invaluable in creating graphics for your website – many people like to use Canva for some things, and PicMonkey for others. Creative Market is a brilliant place to get patterns, illustrations and other graphic elements for your website. You can easily add images to galleries and rearrange them in the more recent version of WordPress. An additional feature that Yoast has that is really useful for optimising your pages for the search engines is its red, amber and green trafic-light system. The information contained here is extremely detailed and my advice would be not to get too hung up about it while you are creating your website, but to come back to it afterwards. The Pagelines theme I chose for the book as an example of a good, free business theme is no longer available. Sadly, the free version of the Structure theme is no longer available, only the premium version. Here I talk about sending out blog posts automatically using the Jetpack Subscribe widget or the Subscribe2 plugin. It is very easy indeed to let your subscribers sign up to receive blog posts this way – you don’t have to do anything and they will just receive the blog posts! A better way of letting your readers receive your blog posts automatically is to set up an account with Aweber or MailChimp instead, because that way you can get emails sent out whenever you post to the blog (or however you choose to set it up) without you having to do anything at all, but you also have the option of mailing these individuals outside of the blog, supposing you ever want to set up a proper newsletter or email them about any offers you may have, as they have given you permission to contact them. In a nutshell, I’d always go with setting up an email list rather than simply working with a blog subscribe feature, even if at this stage all you want to do is let your readers receive your blog posts.
Note that you can only include ONE clickable link in Instagram, and that’s in your profile. You can only post to Instagram via your mobile; there are loads of plugins that allow you to display your Instagram feed on your website. I can’t overestimate the importance of keeping your WordPress site up to date as hacks are more and more common these days, and one way you can help keep your site secure is by keeping everything (WordPress version, plugins, and theme) entirely up to date.
Polylang is a useful plugin to use for multi-language sites, easier to use than either of the others mentioned. The post Make Your Website Part 15: Choosing colours and fonts for your website appeared first on Alannah Moore. Changing the accent colour and the fonts for the headings and the menu is an instant way of creating individuality (and reinforcing your branding).
In the early days of the web website designers were constrained by a limited range of colours, but today screens are much more reliable and sophisticated, so you can choose any colour you like.
At the other end of the scale, you might have control over the entire colour-scheme of your site, in which case you’ll need to give the matter serious thought. If you’re starting from scratch, here are some guidelines to help you pick a good colour scheme. First off, I strongly advise you to choose white or a very pale colour for the background colour of your site. You may choose a second colour, that contrasts to this, that you use for subheadings or other graphic elements such as divider lines, bullets, boxes, etc. In addition to these two accent colours you might need still another colour, but this one I would make a variation of one of the accent colours in order not to have too much going on visually (lighter or conceivably darker, depending, of course, on what you need it for). Colour picking tools are brilliantly useful as it means you can choose a colour directly from a logo, a photograph, or another image you want to feature prominently on your site. There are no absolute hard and fast rules as to which colours are best for which kind of site, although people do have certain expectations. A no-no is too many colours on a site, so do stick to the three basic colours guideline; another visual disaster we do sometimes come across is several primary colours used together. Exactly as with colours, your website building platform may give you greater or lesser scope for altering the fonts on your site.
Ideally, you’ll want your website fonts to match your business cards, if you already have these made up. Again as with colours, until recently website designers were restricted to a limited range of fonts that could be used on websites.
If you do want your site to look more quirky or individual, choose an unusual font that fits your look and feel and use this for your headings, and make your website graphics to match.
But in fact there are many non-serif fonts that are very easy to read and work well as main body text—a really nice, modern, clean one we often see these days is Open Sans. If you’ve chosen a non-serif font for your main body text, you may want to opt for a serif font for your headings, and the other way around.
But if you change the fonts in order to add a bit of individuality, you may find you need to bring the size of your body text or your headings up or down a notch or two so that they are easily readable with the new fonts. The essential is to make sure that your site has plenty of white space around the writing and that the text is large enough to read easily. I'm the author of the Amazon bestseller Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend, The Creative Person's Website Builder and Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend.
The post Make Your Website Part 14: Getting set up with WordPress appeared first on Alannah Moore. This post is intended to hold your hand, and save you a bit of time working out what to do, through the initial setup – although I can only go as far as what is generic to all setups, seeing as all the themes are different, and everyone reading this post will have a different idea of what they want to do with their website. So here goes, and I hope this post makes setting up your site with WordPress more straightforward for you. Another way of working, rather than toggling backwards and forwards using the dark grey strip, is to keep the live site in one tab of your browser window, and the admin area in another tab. Within the admin area, you’ll see a black, vertical navigation bar down the left hand side (as seen in the screenshot above). A final word – you must keep your WordPress site, plus installed themes and plugins, up to date in order to keep it secure.
The post Make Your Website Part 13: Choosing a website template appeared first on Alannah Moore. Others, in particular those created more recently, tend to be more customizable, with premium themes usually being more customizable than free ones. But if you’re creating your site using Wix, Shopify or in particular WordPress, the process can be confusing. The post Make Your Website Part 12: Planning your website Part 2 appeared first on Alannah Moore.
Welcome back to the Make Your Website series.  If you need to catch up on the previous installments, click here. Last time we talked about researching other sites in your niche and coming up with a clear of idea of how you want to site to look, and a list of pages you want on your site.
Now that you have the look and feel sorted out, perhaps have got some idea of the layout of the site, and have a list of the pages you want to create, you can plan what features you want to include. Some people prefer to write in a form rather than contact you by email—it’s quicker and you want to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. We’ll see how to connect your blog to your website, if you have an already existing blog, or you want to use a blogging system other than the blog set-up your platform provides, a little later in the series. Depending on your platform, you may be able to include a feature that allows customers to leave their own reviews. A blistering version of a€?Stagger Leea€? occurs seven tracks deep into Danielle Miragliaa€™s most recent album, Box of Troubles.
So it is that Danielle Miraglia puts her own stamp on a€?Stagger Lee.a€? Of course, ita€™s not her own composition, but surely a cornerstone of her repertoire. An interview with this refreshingly affable, down-to-earth performer reveals how she became the player and writer she is today. While her musical aspirations took a back seat during her college career, there was still some dabbling.
When Danielle left Emerson, she felt lost for a while, describing herself as a€?unfocused.a€? She wasna€™t able to translate a degree in writing into meaningful employment. Danielle had a fantasy about moving to Arizona and starting a whole new life out there, getting a fresh start. Her first songs, coming off the dissolution of a relationship were (again) a€?cheesy breakup songs,a€? she said. At that point, she was a€?writing a ton,a€? and within about six months she enlarged her repertoire to six decent songs and another six months to beginning her first recording. In addition to the strong, steady thumb beat on the bass strings, Danielle also uses a hollow foot stomp, sometimes amplified. I asked her about the guitars shea€™s favored and she mentioned that the Yamaha her boyfriend got her in high school was a nice beginnera€™s guitar (he took it back when they broke up a€” song opportunity!). Danielle feels that her first two CDs were of little consequence a€” a part of the learning process a€” and that her recording career started in earnest with the album, Nothing Romantic.
In a€?You dona€™t Know Nothin,a€™a€? a reaction to some right-wing radio talk shows, Danielle flashes metaphoric sharpness.
The a€?eight oa€™clock shadowa€? then displays his own ignorance, condemning abortion rights marchers on the bara€™s television.
Although I first got cold-cocked by a€?Stagger Leea€? and a€?Loud Talkera€? from Daniellea€™s latest CD, Box of Troubles, there are other standouts. Wea€™re ecstatic that wea€™ve caught up to this supremely intelligent and talented performer.
Danielle has had purists disagree with her about not following original styles note-for-note. I’ll go through the book chapter by chapter and let you know when there’s something different that you need to know about.  If you want to print this out, click here for a pdf version. Your best bet is to ask around for recommendations and then Google those hosting companies to check reviews. You can get a logo designed here without undergoing the whole competition element that was the original idea of 99Designs, and once you find a designer you like, you can get everything else you may need designed by them as well (business cards, other printed stuff, ebooks – whatever else you might need) at a really reasonable cost.
Picmonkey has some great textures and background (chalkboard for example) and you can create collages with round corners for each image if you want to.
You can also get fonts, which you can download to your computer and use via either Pixlr or PicMonkey, images especially created for social media posts, and design elements (buttons and other graphics) you can use to add some individual flavour to your site. The Yoast plugin has a different interface (you can see a screenshot below where I talk about Chapter 9), but the essence is the same – you choose a title and a description for all the pages of your site.
Google declared a little while ago that it no longer goes by these, so this is one step you can leave out. Otherwise you risk getting caught up in details and having overwhelm take over before your site is even live. Understated and arty, it’s perfect for artists and designers who want a very minimal look.
This theme has entirely stood the test of time and is still one of Organic Themes’ most popular themes, only now you have to pay to use it. Both of these are brilliant for marketing – of course, depending what you are doing or selling. One very powerful reason is that a blog gives you scope to add relevant material to your site and this gives it value in Google’s eyes, meaning your site will get a better ranking. This is actually a landing page service, that you can use to grow your list, launch products or advertise webinars. As I said, Instagram may not be for you, but if you do anything photogenic, you may be missing out if you don’t dive into it. What users normally do is post images referring to a particular blog post, recipe, product, or whatever it is, and say in the comments that there is a link to that information in the profile. This means that you can, in theory, choose a colour that matches or complements your logo, if you already have one. But those that do will let you pick a colour from a colour wheel, or input a hex code directly—I’ll show you shortly how to find out the hex colour for a particular colour. Blue, for example, is often seen as solid and trustworthy, which is why you quite often see it used for banks and traditional businesses such as accountancy. Pink is quite girly, and red is passionate and powerful, though it can be quite overpowering so I’d go easy with it on a website. This has recently changed, with the advent of Google Fonts and Typekit, which, without going into a massive amount of detail on how they work, have widened up the options hugely.
One will be for your headings, the other for your body text; if you use a third, it might be for your menu or your sidebar headings. But if you want something that stands out a little, or you fear your website will look too much like a template, this is an effective way to do it.
So it’s quite ok, normal even, if your logo uses a font entirely different from those used on the site. No-one, except you and anyone else who you allow to go inside your admin area, can see anything that happens here. This navigates you to all the different parts of the admin area, within which you can add pages, blog posts and images, put “widgets” in your sidebar, organise your menus, change your themes, add different users, etc. Go to “Settings” > “General” and add an optional subheading for your site, and change the time zone.
Go to “Settings” > “Discussion” and deselect the checkbox that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles” while you are building the pages of your website (because you won’t usually want people to be able to leave comments on your website pages).
Go to “Users” > “Your Profile” and decide how you are going to be named when you post on your blog. Add any other users you want to have access to the admin area, and decide what kind of changes they should be able to make. Create a menu (or menus), assign the menus to the right position on the page, and add the pages to the menu(s) (within the “Appearance” > “Menus” area).

Activate the Akismet plugin (setting up an API key which you then paste into the interface – just follow the instructions) to protect yourself from comment spam. It’s also essential that you set up a backup system for your WordPress site (such as UpdraftPlus), and save copies of your site to your computer or to Dropbox, as well as to your host (just in case anything ever happens to your host). Whatever you do with WordPress, youll be working within a theme that someone else has designed.
With these kinds of themes you can also change pretty much every element including the fonts and the colours.
Sometimes a beautiful theme has been designed that is a better fit for what you want to do than you could have dreamed up by yourself. Make sure the theme you are choosing is designed for the type of website you are about to create. Don’t be mislead by the dummy images the theme designers have used to show you how the site could look. I advised against diving in and constructing your site without having done this preliminary research because I know how easy it is to get caught up using a template that you think looks nice, but isn’t really suited to your needs.
It’s also a good way of showing several things that you may have to offer your visitors—different services or products. For example, if you run a B&B, a photo gallery is a great way of showing it off, plus your surroundings, food, local places, etc. Tom Bianchi, her husband and producer on this album, uses an electric violin, a blues harp and a sinuous lead electric guitar with a wah-wah pedal to sustain the cloud of doom that hangs over this historic piece. Her family lived in Everett until she was 8, then moved to nearby Revere, where she grew up.
As kids will, she and some friends tried to form a band, even though no one actually played an instrument. She took a couple of lessons from the aforementioned frienda€™s father who was going to teach her friends to play their instruments. Using an acoustic guitar, shea€™d get together with a friend back home to play and write songs. Her first stop was the open mic at The Kendall Cafe in Cambridge (now closed), just to a€?check it out.a€? She saw people who were very advanced and some raw beginners. However, a€?They had grit to them.a€? Although she cringes when she looks back on her early writing, she still feels that the songs werena€™t all that bad considering her level of development. She was a fan of the late Janis Joplin and would belt her songs out, Janis-style,without giving thought to vocal dynamics or microphone control. Additionally, she studied the Stefan Grossman transcriptions (written and audio) of the guitar of Mississippi John Hurt.
Shea€™s been told, a€?If youa€™re not doing it exactly the way they did it, youa€™re not doing it.a€? For Danielle, ita€™s all about enjoying it and getting into the a€?feela€? of it [we agree].
Although shea€™d seen performers like Chris Smither use this sort of device, she never intended to copy it. She later got an Ovation, then a Guild and then found her first love in a Gibson [lots of blues in those Gibsons]. Thata€™s about when we made her acquaintance (as well as taking note of her impact at the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference).
She uses a nimble Mississippi John Hurt-style fingerpicking pattern for this philosophical gem.
Tongue-in-cheek, she asks for a drum machine, and, in a reference to Robert Johnson, Tell me where the roads cross, Ia€™m ready to sell my soul. Ita€™s a plus that finding out how good a writer she is now reinforces our first impression of a highly energetic blues artist.
As well as good reviews, you want to look for an excellent uptime record, unlimited storage, the possibility to host unlimited domain names, unlimited databases, and unlimited bandwidth. You can see in the screenshot below some of the templates that are provided for you as starting-off points. You can’t use your own fonts with the free version of Canva, whereas with PicMonkey you can access all the fonts on your computer. There is no obligation to use these social media, of course not, but it could be that your niche suits them perfectly. I’ve written a blog post about all the good reasons for blogging on your site so if you need more convincing, hop over here and have a read. You really must look at what they offer – many of the tools are entirely free and are very widely used.
It isn’t free, but if list building is a serious aim of yours, you should look into it. Your free giveaway material needs to be really good as free giveaways are everywhere on the web these days – as you are of course well aware. Even businesses that don’t necessarily lend themselves to imagery have found they can create graphics using slogans and quotations which means they can be present and create a following there as well. They then change the link in the profile to the relevant direct link that goes to whatever it is that is talked about in the latest post. Should this ever happen to you, first ask your host for help, as they will give you advice, and may be able to restore the site to a previous version for you. We rarely see text on a black or extremely dark background these days, although this look has been in vogue in the past. Having made a change to your website, and saved your change, you can then navigate to the live site and see how the changes you have made look to the public. If at first you’re going to play around with some basic themes to get used to WordPress, you can choose from the free themes that come installed with WordPress (go to “Appearance” > “Themes”).
Select this again when you are ready to start posting on your blog, because you probably do want people to be able to leave comments at the bottom of your blog posts.
Two examples of WordPress themes that are extremely customizable are Divi (which I am currently using for this website) and Salient (a very nice theme I’ve used previously and often recommend).
Never simply assume you can change the colours of various built-in elements on the site (content boxes, buttons, dividing lines, etc). This is a brilliant shortcut and a life saver if you’re not confident about your design skills.
Some people are suspicious of filling in forms on the internet, and others prefer to write by email because then they have a record of the message they sent in their outbox (you may well feel the same way). This is usually in the form of a series of small icons at the top (and maybe also bottom) or the website, as on this site. Danielle had a Casio keyboard; a frienda€™s father played guitar, so it was assumed that hea€™d show others in the group how to play their instruments. There were writing courses of every kind, including journalism, childrena€™s writing and poetry. She figured, a€?OK, I can fit into this mixa€¦ I can pull this off.a€? She signed up to play the following week and found that others were very polite, offering encouragement. It wasna€™t until she got to the open mic of blues master Geoff Bartley at the Cantab Lounge that her mistakes were pointed out. The practice really evolved from using a foot stomp on stage to keep rhythm and provide percussion. It actually took another year for her to digest and learn what Geoff had taught her.A  a€?It was like I got all the food and then I processed it,a€? she told me.
This year’s theme: “Cotton Sacks and Freedom Quilt Narratives” substantiates the viability of the sweat equity investment made through labor and cultural contributions by Cotton Pickers and other Plantation Workers. There are now many, many more wonderful-looking free business themes available than there were when I wrote the book.
They allow you to put links on your website that launch a signup box, and these are extremely effective. When you’re logged into the site, you’ll see a dark grey strip at the top which allows you to toggle backwards and forwards, as shown below, between the admin area and the live website. She credits two older boys, her upstairs neighbors, in helping to add to her musical knowledge. She went back again and again and found a€?a whole new crew of friends.a€? They were a€?on the same wavelength,a€? she said.
On a gig where she needed to use a box for added height, she found herself rhythmically tapping on the box and liking the sound. Although she told me that her husband Tom hosts it now, shea€™s still listed as the host on The Burren website. Danielle developed a a€?roguea€? mixture of what Geoff taught her and the Grossman transcriptions. The following evening, Friday November 13, the “Cotton Pickers Ball” shall be held at 7:00pm, in da’ House of Khafre, located at 300 Main Street, Indianola.
So if you think you might need quite a bit of handholding, and might want to ask rather more far-reaching questions than those strictly concerning hosting, WP Engine might be the hosting company for you. More are being created daily and added to the collection, as WordPress has become a standard for all types of site, rather than being used primarily for blogs.
It’s essential that you have a backup to provide the freelancer with, with so do get your Updraft Plus set up.
You may also want to include a telephone number, mailing or office address, how to find you, etc.—if appropriate—up to you.
Danielle and another friend, Brenda, who Danielle said, a€?has a twisted sense of humor,a€? would write songs with ridiculous lyrics.
For Danielle, they included John Irving (for his humor as well as his dramatic flair), Tim Oa€™Brien (Vietnam War novelist, not the bluegrass performer), satirist David Sedaris and Lorrie Moore (a€?humorous and poignant short storiesa€? a€” Wikipedia). There was an epiphany of sorts in that they both realized life is too short to waste on doing things you have no love for. Later, she asked a friend to follow her design to make a hollow device like a footrest that she could attach to her stool. Also, she mentioned that it seemed less desperate than standing when playing in a noisy bar. For Danielle, they includedA  John Irving (for his humor as well as his dramatic flair), Tim Oa€™Brien (Vietnam War novelist, not the bluegrass performer), satirist David Sedaris and Lorrie Moore (a€?humorous and poignant short storiesa€? a€” Wikipedia). She finds it fundamentally impossible to repeat someone elsea€™s stylings note-for-note a€” shea€™ll develop her own version instead.
All are encouraged to attend both events in costume attire worn in the cotton fields, such as “overalls and straw hats, etc.”The 1st Annual Historical Narrative Competition enhances this year’s Symposium. However the world views her as a blues singer, shea€™s well-prepared for original songwriting. Danielle also studied from an instructional DVD of Mississippi John Hurta€™s guitar style by Happy Traum and John Sebastian that combined video and tablature transcription.
Mississippi Delta high school seniors and MVSU students will compete for a trophy and gift card provided by Khafre, Inc and Lost Pizza, Company. When she returned home, Danielle began attending open mics, kick-starting what would become her career.
I would be putting together help desk manuals, and then Ia€™d write a song about how miserable I was. The male of the species got off easy this time, but that doesna€™t mean she hasna€™t been watching. Then Ia€™d tell someone to re-boot their computer, which is usually the solution to every problem. All projects must be delivered to the MVSU Social Sciences office “T” by 5:00pm November 5th, (or call organizers to arrange for pick up). She tinkered around with some acoustic fingerstyle guitar while in high school, copying selected songs by Randy Rhodes and the band, Heart. Professor, Public Policy, MVSU; Dr Alpha Diarra, National Cotton Spokesman of Mali, West Africa. Local storyteller Helen Sims will pay tribute to “the Spirit of Mama Lula.” Hollandale folk artist Dorothy Hoskins will showcase recent multi-media work on Cotton Pickin’ and Sharecropping in the American South. The University is driven by its commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, service, and research--a commitment resulting in a learner-centered environment that prepares critical thinkers, exceptional communicators, and service-oriented, engaged, and productive citizens. MVSU is fundamentally committed to positively affecting the quality of life and creating extraordinary educational opportunities for the Mississippi Delta and beyond. KHAFRE, Inc. Honoring the legacy of  “grandmamma-nem” in a university setting gives artistic and academic license to the pursuit of gaining more scholarship and international acceptance, of the contributions and sweat equity made by the people who picked cotton throughout the American South,” said Professor C.Sade Turnipseed, Executive Director of Khafre, Inc.
As part of Khafre, Inc’s historic preservation efforts, a permanent marker will be placed on the MVSU campus in honor of cotton pickers from the Mississippi Delta, and those who worked the repurposed cotton plantation for higher learning, MVSU.The Symposium is free admission. Khafre, Inc is all about building monumental programs that allow reflection, reconnection, and renewal.
This year’s theme: “Cotton Sacks and Freedom Quilt Narratives” will stimulate a day of discussion about historic preservation, leading-edge research, innovative practices, and foundational values. The agency and resistance of these narratives will also reflect on the subtle and continuing impact of cotton on life in the Delta and throughout the South. The one-day event concludes with a good old fashion “black-tie” (or period-piece costume) “Cotton-Pickers’ Ball and Ancestral Celebration” at da’ House of Khafre located at 300 Main St. Julianne Malveaux; and, introduction by award-winning poet Chinaka Hodge the volume offers a balanced view of what our children face day-to-day, on the streets of America. Over two hundred years ago, the Akan Nation (West Africa) established the Adinkra Symbols to visually communicate a system of living for African people to observe and learn. Amazingly, just as with other inspired and spiritual writings, drawings, etc., the symbols are beautiful design concepts with meanings still relevant today. They bring clarity and resolve to the question, “What do we (the village) have to do to show support and love for each other and ultimately save ourselves and one another?” The experiences of today’s youth culture demonstrate a fundamental disconnect, to most people of previous generations.
The young writers selected for this publication masterfully describe the challenge in dealing with today’s world. Because, it offers tribute to the “original” mother and her instinctual knowing of the spiritual paths that her children (all children) must take to find their way out of harm's way. Revealed, in this collection of writings are a wonderful array of short stories, poems and proverbs that present a familial insight born by the great liberator of liberators, Harriet Tubman! By Writers of the 21st Century is an affiliate of Young Publishers Network (YPN) and Khafre, Inc a 501(c)(3) organization working in the Mississippi Delta to improve the welfare and healthy living environments of children in America and around the world.### Thank You Mr. Born in a cabin on a cotton plantation outside Berclair, Mississippi in 1925, his entire life, much like the lives of so many others from the Mississippi Delta, was spent in service to others. Unfortunately, for most of his contemporaries (colleagues, family of friends) they never received the accolades, appreciation, or respect for their life-long work as cotton-pickers in the American South.

David Matthews, MS Congressman Bennie Thompson, MS Senator Thad Cochran, National Parks Director Dr Jon Jarvis, Mr. Theodore Turnipseed, Sr., and millions of others understand the importance of sharing, and erecting a statue and National Park dedicated to the countless field workers of the American South. Though unrecognized and unappreciated, these people worked from sun up to sun down tilling, planting, chopping, picking and spinning cotton, in the blazing hot sun … This and many other horrifying conditions of the historic Mississippi Delta evoked the music we call “the Blues.”On May 21, 2014, during the last year of his life Mr. King accepted our call to become the “Honorary Chair” of Khafre, Inc, a Mississippi-based 501(3) not-for-profit organization. Maya Angelou as the Honorary Chair of the Cotton Pickers of America and the Sharecroppers Interpretive Center project. The plan is to build a thirty-foot high monument on twenty acres of cotton land along Highway 61, just outside the historic Black town Mound Bayou, MS.
This is a historically rare opportunity to transform many lives in the Delta and engage conversations about race and social inequities in America.
Sade Turnipseed is the Executive Director of Khafre, Inc and teaches American History at Mississippi Valley State University, in Itta Bena, the birthplace of Mr. This year’s theme: “Cotton Sacks and Freedom Quilts Narratives” will stimulate a day of discussion about historic preservation, leading-edge research, innovative practices, and foundational values. No one has ever “officially” said “thank you” to the people in the American South, who literally tilled the way to the economic greatness for many countries and regions around the world. Somewhere along the way the respect and honor for their hard-earned sweat-equity investment in the wealth of others was lost and buried in the bloodstained, tear-soaked soils of the American South. Something “monumental,” needs to happen…like a National Park named the “Cotton Pickers of America Monument and Sharecroppers Interpretive Center” along the Blues Highway 61. Once the Monument is installed, the organizers’ plan is to turn it over to the federal government for the protection and honor that only this country can provide. It shall serve as a permanent reminder and ever-present sign of respect for those whose hope for a brighter day wore thin, while working from kin to kain’t (can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night).The world must be reminded of the work ethic held by the people in the South…in most instances it was an honorable legacy … the tragedy is they were never properly compensated, nor thanked. King, (aka: The King of the Blues) will join the effort to build a National Monument in the Mississippi Delta. King understands, as do all members of the Khafre, Inc family, that a healing will come through recognition and a true recounting of the history of cotton and its impact in the South.In September, 2009, Khafre, Inc, based in Indianola, Mississippi, embarked upon a journey designed to thank the sons and daughters of the South who helped, albeit it without accolades, fanfare, or even recognition, build the cotton empire that fueled the American economy for nearly two centuries. The impetus for the project: Cotton Pickers of America and Sharecroppers Interpretative Center (hereafter referred to as the Cotton Pickers Monument Complex) is the need to thank those who toiled in the Delta soil for generations without the pay, appreciation, or the dignity they deserved. The Cotton Pickers Monument Complex would not only help heal wounds that have festered for decades, but would also help to empower the generations of family members who have been negatively impacted by this unfortunate era in American history. This is truly a historic endeavor that has the rare opportunity of actually transforming lives, communities, and the conversations about race in America and throughout the world.           These deeply held convictions of education and empowerment are keys to improving the quality of life for all within the Delta. They have helped to catapult Khafre into numerous projects, which are all connected to the vision and mission of this value-driven and movement-oriented organization that is designed to provide historical, health related, and cultural education and outreach to the communities of the Mississippi Delta. Khafre has already helped young people successfully publish literature, prepare for careers in the television and radio broadcast industry, produce staged events and engage in healthy behaviors through diet and exercise, all with the assistance of grant dollars and strategic partnerships.The crowning work of Khafre remains the Cotton Pickers Monument Complex, a dream, which is coming closer to fruition, day by day, because of the unprecedented support of Mr. We have also received Congressional acknowledgment and endorsement from United States Congressmen, Bennie Thompson and Danny Davis, official endorsements from United States Senators, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, and expressed support from Dr John Jarvis, National Parks Director. Carroll Van West and Rebecca Conard from Middle Tennessee State University’s History Department, along with the ongoing partnership with Mississippi Valley State University, has proven a significant benefit to our overall project.
We are now ready to raise the $26 million dollars to make the Cotton Pickers Monument complex a reality.
We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming your partnership in the building of this long overdue and much needed monument.It is time!Most sincerely,C. The goal is to obtain as much first-hand information as possible relating to the development of America’s Cotton Kingdom (aka the Delta).In the aftermaths of completing the academic study for a Doctorate in Public History at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Professor C. Turnipseed’s theory that perceptions of sharecropping, tenant farming, etc, will be altered in ways that are beneficial to the legacy of the American South when the memory of elders are shared.
The monument site is envisioned to become a National Park; and thereby “the place” for memory and community sharing in the Mississippi Delta, for educational, economic development, and international tourism purposes. King and former honorary chair Dr Maya Angelou who are determined to improve the legacy and social-economic status of Mississippi Delta residents.
The purpose of the organization is to provide educational, lifestyle and cultural programs, build monuments and memorials to honor, celebrate, and recognize the rich and complex history of the Mississippi Delta and to positively impact the quality of life of those living in the Delta, especially the disproportionately poor African American community.
There is no documented official acknowledgment of the people who tilled the path to America’s greatness.
Somewhere along the way buried in the tear-soaked soils of the American South, the respect and honor for their hard-earned investment was lost. The Cotton Pickers of America Monument, Sharecroppers Interpretive Center, and Cotton Kingdom Trail make the case for building a National Park that offers a small token of appreciation for their tireless uncompensated work.
Sade Turnipseed is the founder of Khafre, Inc., which has developed the Cotton Pickers of America Monument, the Sharecroppers Interpretive Center, and the Cotton Kingdom Historical Trail, among many other projects.
King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center in Indianola and the former cultural arts director for the Mississippi Action for Community Education--MACE (producers of the MS Delta Blues and Heritage Festival) in Greenville. Turnipseed is the recipient of several community service and arts advocacy awards, and she was an independent candidate for mayor of the city of Indianola in 2013.
For the past eight years Turnipseed was the host of “Delta Renaissance,” a cultural arts talk show focusing on the arts, education, and political issues in the Mississippi Delta.
Winter Building Wednesday, June 18: Former Secretary of State Dick Molpus talks about his experience during the Philadelphia civil rights murders of 1964.
Wednesday, July 2: Filmmaker Wilma Mosley-Clopton will show and discuss her new film, "Did Johnny Come Marching Home?" about people of African descent who fought to free themselves in the Civil War.
Wednesday, September 25: Author Robert Blade will talk about his book, "Tupelo Man," a biography of George McLean.
I whole-heartedly agree with the editor that the African American community has proven to the world an uncanny, though unreciprocated, ability to be forgiving of past deeds of injustice, brutality and cruelty at the voting polls, and socially in their community service groups, churches and everyday lives. This point should not be lost on the fact that many of those injustices happened here, in Indianola, Mississippi, to some amazingly strong and resilient individuals like Fannie Lou Hamer and all those who came before her. But, I can’t help but wonder why the White community isn’t reciprocating and showing the same confidence and trust in racial relations?As Smith indicates, the incumbent received “between 32 and 37% of the votes in the three wards with large Black majorities, despite going up against two black opponents, with strong followings. That’s impressive for a white candidate in a city and region with a history of racially divided politics.” I agree.
When we examine the voter polls in the wards that are predominately African American, reflected is a general evenness for all candidates, be they Black or White. The same, however, cannot be said about the two wards that reflect the primarily White community. I submit to you the following:In wards I, and II, which are the two wards with the largest white population of voters, we see results that reflect an uncompromising resistance to acceptance and change.
With an overall total of 952 votes cast: 732 went to the White candidate and 220 for the two Blacks, combined)…check that!
Surely, it cannot be left up to one segment of the community, and not the other.I truly wish Smith had stressed this very critical point, instead of throwing shade on the outcome of a campaign I have yet to wage. And for the record, as a citizen, it is my right to be afforded the opportunity to run a fair and unbiased race for mayor, without subtle suggestions that it is a waste of my time, as inferred in his editorial. But, then again maybe he knows more than I about how citizens of wards I and II will ultimately vote. And to also trust that the leaders of this community will look out for their best interest, politically, economically and socially. After all we live in a community that is 84% African American with a poverty rate that is fast approaching 40% and a public school system that is in deplorable condition, both physically and academically, even under the watchful eye of the government, yet there is no outrage…from either the White side, or the Black side of town.
And, I have never believed it was necessary to wait until political season to demonstrate my commitment to the people in my community. If, by chance I am truly embraced by all members of all wards of this city, I believe people will witness an amazing transformation in a relatively short period of time.
It’s “almost” like magic…I predict things will begin to unfold in a substantive way like the neighborhoods will brighten, crime decreases and the impoverished mindset disappears. And I am passionate enough to find the tools to help remedy the concerns that create stagnation and distrust.
Please remember, we are a people who come from a very long tradition of women who made a way out of no way.My overall ambition and hope for this city is to develop a strategic plan that enables a steady stream of culturally enriched projects that insures economic development for the future growth and safety in this city. So programs that not only engage everyone, but present real opportunities for career enhancements and social activities are critical. King Museum that I visualized and administered) Thanks Carver Randle, Sr for that wonderful quote. I just wish he read my bio, or googled me, before publishing doubts about my abilities for success.
For the past three years, I have been sitting relatively quietly completing the doctorate in history. Now, I am ready to shake up this town with some bold ideas and ever increasing standards for excellence.
I look forward to being a significant force in this community, by helping the White community too recognize the benefits of building relationships that they can trust in leadership positions.
We MUST work together to improve our community—by encouraging EVERYONE to clean on our streets, bayou, parks, etc. We have some huge unmet challenges here in Indianola, and how YOU decide to vote On December 10, 2013, is vital to our success. Also, please be sure to come to this year's event in your overalls, or cotton pickin' clothes. The event is the impetus that gave rise to the “Remigration Home from Chicago to Mississippi” cultural movement organized by music promoters Gus Redmond and Robert Terrell. Legendary blues and gospel performers Otis Clay, Syl Johnson and Marshal Thompson (founder and lead singer of the ChiLites); along with promoter Gus Redmond will lead the way back home to Mississippi in an effort to support the Cotton Pickers of America Monument and Sharecroppers Interpretive Center project in the historical Cotton Kingdom AKA the Mississippi Delta. Though the Ball is a “Black Tie Affair” Overalls or other “cotton pickin” attire are encouraged and expected.“I am so pleased that we have partnered with Khafre to host an event of this magnitude,” said Dr. The discussions and historical presentations will reflect cutting-edge research, innovative practices and foundational values.
Additionally, two noted scholars from Mali’s Cotton Manufacturing and Distribution will present via Skype.MVSU participants in the program include Dr.
John Jones, interim provost.As part of the celebration, Khafre plans to erect a permanent marker on the site in honor of cotton pickers from the Mississippi Delta and in commemoration of the significance of this historical event. This will be a day of stimulating discussion about historic preservation, leading-edge research, innovative practices, and foundational values. The two-day event concludes with a good-old-fashion “black-tie” (or period-piece costume) “Cotton-Pickers’ Ball,” on October 18, 2013.
This year Khafre, Inc in conjunction with Mississippi Valley State University shall organize the USA’s premier interdisciplinary professional meeting on cotton, sharecropping, and its cultural significance. The deadline is September 6, 2013.Plan to join us in Itta Bena, Mississippi!This is your chance to catch up with old friends and colleagues at The Valley, make important new contacts, discuss the latest in cultural management, stay current with research findings in the historic preservation field, and connect with people who share your core values. We invite all community-based experts in any field to become a part of the challenge to address issues of: unemployment, entrepreneurship, illiteracy, poor self-esteem, teen pregnancy, obesity, hopelessness, communication skills, journalism and creative writing, etc.
Situated on the bayou waterfront at 103 and 105 Main Street, in historic downtown Indianola, da' House is the place where folks come together in the spirit of unity and love for Mississippi Delta culture, particularly its blues, spirituals and teacakes! On the historical Wall of Fame are signatures by musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Norway, Belguim, China, Japan, France, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire and Mississippi, of course.
Beginning Friday, June 1, 2012, at 7 pm, the folks at da' House will be carrying on in grand teacake style, until Sunday June 3rd, around midnight. Celebrating da love that is shared all around the world for da Delta music, art and culture. The 2nd Anniversary Celebration is dedicated to Deltas own David Honeyboy Edward, David Lee Durham, David Thompson and Mississippi Slim. These legendary bluesmen have recently joined the ancestors and will be honored by several local artists and civic leaders: Mickey Rogers, Dr.
These artists and many others will perform on da historical Front Porch stage where the legendary bluesman Sam Chatmons music room door is gracefully hinged. The door, the traditional quilts, the African art, the sweet smell of Soul Food and the Delta cotton provide a rural sophistication and ambiance that is reminicient of the culture and folk art once owned and coveted by grandmamma-nem. Indeed, it is "The home for artful giving, music and songs," as Chicago-based Blues promoter Lynn Orman Weiss described da' House on her most recent visit to the Delta.
And, since da' House is located at the epicenter of the Cotton Kingdom, visitors can expect that authentic soothing, and often times healing, Mississippi Delta experience to be dosed up in abundantly royal fashion, every time they come to da' House! Co-owners Robert Terrell and C.Sade Turnipseed extend a personal and heartfelt invitation for everyone to come on out to da House and help celebrate two-years of Delta art, music and culture. She is also the first African-American female president to lead a Mississippi public university.
Since assuming her position on January 1, 2009, she has launched The Valley Renaissance, the institutions five-year strategic plan, which is pictorially depicted by the African Adinkra symbol of a Sankofa a bird that flies with his head facingbackwards as he advances forward without getting off track.
Grammy-winning blues musician David "Honeyboy" Edwards, believed to be the oldest surviving Delta bluesman and whose roots stretched back to blues legend Robert Johnson, died early Monday, Aug.
Maya Angelou agreed to graciously lend her name to the Cotton Pickers of America Monument and Sharecroppers Interpretive Center project that is in development, in the Mississippi Delta. C.Sade Turnipseed, Founder of the Monument project and Executive Director of Khafre, Inc, recently made the announcement in a community meeting held at da House of Khafre, in Indianola. Our teams collective effort honors the sacrifices made by millions of Americans and purposefully gives dignity back to the legacy of those who spent their entire lives working, tirelessly to build this country.Dr. Smith Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University, joins a long and growing list of American citizens, who have also expressed the desire to support this project and demonstrate their respect and gratitude to every man, woman and child that picked cotton and were never thanked, nor properly compensated as enslaved workers or as sharecroppers, throughout the American south.The Khafre, Inc team is composed of a governing Board of Directors, a Steering Committee, a Board of Advisors and several political and community leaders that include faculty members from the History Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).
The governing Board selected world-renowned monument designer, Ed Dwight, to develop the thirty-foot statue and sculptural park. It offers educational workshops, seminars and conferences for the entire community that celebrate Mississippis culture and its contributions to world history, including music, cuisine, writing, andotherartistic expressions.
Turnipseed is also the host of Delta Renaissance, the number one cultural arts television talk show in the Delta, which airs weekly on WABG-TV, WABG-Radio and Delta Fox-10 television networks.Plans are also underway to incorporate the completed work into the National Parks Services, to insure prosperity and proper maintenance of the Monument.
To help the Cotton Pickers of America Monument and Sharecroppers Interpretive Center be included as part of the National Parks System, please sign the online petition. To have name(s) of family members included in the Monument, download a Legacy Brick application; both petition and application are available on the Khafre, Inc. Sato returns to the Front Porch Stage solo, on Sunday March 6th, at 6pm, to kick off the Cultural Competency workshop series.
These are on-going cultural appreciation classes presented for the first time in the Delta, by Khafre, Inc (a Mississippi-based non-profit organization).Sato, who was born and raised in Japan, will introduce to American audiences his interpretation of Mississippi Delta Blues and perform on one of his traditional instruments called a Samisen.

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