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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! 1 Our tooth brushing station is a convenient area for patients to brush and floss before, during, or after appointments.
3 Our reception room, separate on-deck seating area and computerized sign-in system helps with patient flow.
4 Our new patient exam room is equipped with computers, a sound system, and multiple visual aids and appliances to enhance each patient's understanding of his or her specific diagnosis and course of orthodontic treatment. 8 Our reception room features a drink bar with fresh-brewed coffee, a variety of teas, bottled water and juices.

9 We are very proud of our involvement in the community including sponsoring many local sports teams and school programs. The sensor on this digital x-ray machine is extremely sensitive, allowing for optimal resolution of images with minimal radiation exposure.
The 14 foot ceilings and large windows in many areas throughout the office create a bright, open and relaxing atmosphere.
Parents are always welcome in the clinic area, and are encouraged to ask questions and be involved in their child's treatment.
We always have a movie playing on-deck, have several Nintendo gameboys and an excellent selection of magazines to entertain friends and family members while they wait.

Our x-ray machine is networked throughout our office and images appear instantly on any computer. All family members are also eligible to participate in our office contests.">Clinical AreaOur reception room, separate on-deck seating area and computerized sign-in system helps with patient flow. All patients are generally seen in the same open clinic area; however, if desired, semi-private areas are available.

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