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Actually, this one is also flattering for most skin tones, especially when worn with a full fringe. A rich, warm red-brown color will always look super chic when slicked down in a side-parted style. When the season is transiting from summer to autumn, the hair color also can have a transitional period. Many girls have experienced ombre hair color last summer and for those who haven’t taken their first step in this area, ombre hair style is highly recommended to you. Another feature shows a face with sections clearly detailing where you should highlight and where you should contour. Makeup must-know: Whatever shape eyes or skin tone you have, there's a blusher and brow style to suit! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Summer leaves us with sun bleached ends and dull looking hair.  When the colors around us deepen and change, we get the hint. Tinting back to a darker shade in the fall can be done all at once but a little at a time is a much gentler-on-the-hair approach that results in more natural and believable looking color.
Do you plan on darkening up through the winter and gradually lightening come spring and summer?
If you are a platinum-ish blonde and want to do something different with your hair, adding highlights of buttery warm colors like butterscotch and honey can look fantastic and perfectly, subtly warm and fall-ish without darkening your color.

Whatever you and your stylist decide on, rest assured that you are going to feel much better about life once your hair is season-appropriate because who wants to be the only person wearing beige to a color party? Subscribe to our newsletter!This entry was posted in Featured Post, General inspiration and tagged Coloring, fall hair, fall hair color, sarah jessica parker hair color, seasonal hair color by roxie.hunt.
To me, the only ones that looked like their features were drastically altered were the asian ladies and the yt lady in the last photo (I suspect that was more photoshop than makeup alone, though). Ice-cold platinum blondes are best with yellow-toned, cool complexions with not too much red in them. Wear your hair long and straight, divide them from the centre of your hair or make a blunt-cut bangs, you can get a cool enough finish.
If you are blessed with gorgeous natural brunette locks, the chestnut-brown color is a fashion-forward choice for this autumn. You can leave your hair open in a simple straight state or curl them to create a loose wave. If you are reluctant to dye your hair into a totally different color or follow the ombre color trend, you can choose adding some strands into your natural hair to make a highlight effect. You can have many choices and we have related articles about the ombre color if you want to know the brown and blonde ombre color, black ombre hair.
Here is what you should consider before you head in to the salon to consult your stylist about tinting back. Dark blondes and lighter brunettes can spice it up with warm ginger hues, cool coppers if you want a little more drama.

If your hair is very dark brown or black, consider a translucent demi-permanent color treatment ( Ask your stylist about Redken Shades) for a rich tone and super gloss to liven up your color post-summer. Experimenting and playing around with foundation are perfectly OK, but ladies, let’s make a plead to do better. When you wear this color, one thing you need to know is any root regrowth should be well hidden. It may not be as colorful as spring or summer, but you can add some colorful elements to your dress-up, make-up and hairstyle. If you answered yes to these questions, then using a slower approach and having your stylist use a demi-permanent color to add low lights is probably your best bet.
In this post, you can find both solid-color and ombre color for your hairstyle in this autumn. If you want to make your light blonde locks look good, you can make a weekly treatment mask or oil.

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